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shaiya lapis guide


Hi and welcome to my Lapisa Guide from Shaiya Episode 4. Lapisa is one of the main things that ep4 has for us and is just like lapis but is used for enhancing weapons and gear. I will talk about how to farm lapisa and such and link it on. It is quiet a proccess but reading this will make things much easier.

Check out the list of Enhancement items here:
Check out more info on the wikia here:

What is Lapisa?

What is Lapisa? Well from what I’ve heard it is some stone which enhances the power of your weapons and defense of your gear. Not to be confused from Lapis which links into slots, Lapisa can be linked onto any gear or weapon aslong as it can be able to be enhanced.

Here is the table of bonuses depending on the enhancement level:
[1] – [3] : +7 atk
[4] – [6] : +10 atk
[7] – [9] : +13 atk
[10] – [12] : +16 atk
[13] – [15] : +19 atk
[16] – [18] : +22 atk
[19] – [20] : +25 atk

Armour Lapisa gives: +5 Damage absorption per Enhancement level *Credit to RittzBits*
Though for armour its just +5 all the way…


Well here is the process to link it on.

1. Gather the weapon of your choice, the correct Lapisa and the enhancement item which is written in the description.
*Credit to RittzBitz*

Need to know what Enhancement items you require?

2. Once you have the items stated go to any Blacksmith.

3. Instead of Link Lapis or what ever. Click on the bottom right button which writes "Enhance" or whatever.

4. From this screen:

Drag the Lapisa, the ingredient and the weapon or gear of choice into their places.

Enhancement prices:

5. This is where I found out something!
Click foward if you want to, I had 4mil in my inventory before doing this and after linking it because I wanted to try this after it was just released I lost about 2mil! I mean ZOMG!!! I found out the hard way and now I want you guys to know that you must know what you are doing.

Last time I enhanced which was when I made this thread along time ago I only used 1 enhancement item (not the weapon, not the lapisa but the silver powder, etc) and I ended up paying 2mil for the enhancement prices.

Yesterday I enhanced an armour which I used about 12 of the ingredients which then cost me 1mil. I’m not sure if using more really lowers the price but acording to this, enhancing armour is way cheaper.

I’ll update more on this when I get rich again.

Also it DESTROYS your item if it fails.

Afterwards this is what I got after 1 successfull link:

With Weapon Lapisa:

With Armour Lapisa:

Yellow stats: Basic stats from ep3.

Orange stats: Added stats from ep4. Ussually in high amounts when a weapon is farmed in ep4. Though you could add these from a weapon that doesn’t have any orange stats at all.
Take note of buying Enhanced items with the [x] next to the name.

Drop Locations, Enhanced Item Values and Success rates

Well when I first logged on I killed some mobs in map3 managed to get Lapisa and yeah. I also heard other people getting some in 20-30. I’m pretty sure you can get it in all maps.

Refering to my item that was Enhanced, I think every Enhancment increases the price of IRIS street sale. I mean using 2mil to make it more powerfull, you got to increase the price by like 1-1.3mil per [x]. This is just my oppinion, though hopefully people do use this price because then I know people read my guide

Acording from the information of what I have found, sucession rates get lower each time an item is enhanced sucessfully. Rates of enhancing are very high in the first few levels then gradually get lower. I suggest using normal lapisa for the first 1-5 enhancement levels but to be safe, I would recommend using them until 1-3.

Finally a sucess rates table:
This link above has a more detailed and accurate table. Please refer to that for your percentages…

Acording to a post, it said that GM Vector or something confirmed that after [9] the % of sucess goes below 1%. This is not known if this is 100% correct but for now we will take in that information. All this has been done from experiments numerous times.

Power Lapisa *NEW*

Yup! Theres a new AP item and that its the exact same thing as Weapon Lapisa only that it won’t break your item . Use this if you want to pay more for saving your Goddessess and Legends or buy the normal Lapisa to take the gamble.

Defense Lapisa *NEW*

All right. So you guys checked the AP item mall? Yup the new Defense Lapisa just like the Armour Lapisa are just the same thing! Only that it costs 400 AP and that if it fails it doesn’t break your item!


Weapon Lapisa: 6-12Mil
Armour Lapisa: 6-13Mil

Power Lapisa: 25-32Mil
Defense Lapisa: 25-35Mil

Note: These prices may vary from server to server. All these prices are from people selling it in IRIS, APLULINE. NONE ARE MADE UP BY ME.

Support me =D

Hi. If you guys really liked this I would like some comments good or bad. I rushed this to make this the first guide out there but I think it still looks good. If you need questions comment, I mean all this info is not all finished because I only experimented on weapon Lapisa. Feel free to comment or PM me in game

Credits go to TacticalJR.