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shaiya guardian class build

Guardian/Defender PvE Guide

Note: this guide is for PvE AoE-Party guide, will not discuss about solo grinding nor PvP.


Full Rec, nothing else.

Dungeon Tanking Capacity

Without healer
Normal Mode – Green
Hard Mode – Yellow
Ultimate Mode – LOW Orange

With a healer
Normal Mode – Yellow or LOW Orange
Hard Mode – HIGH Orange
Ultimate Mode – HIGH Orange or Red (it is not very ideal to tank red mobs.)

"some mobs are harder because of the different monster’s skills, it will be alot harder to tank mobs that has AoE Skills, Magic Skills, or Poison/DoTs."


Body Training – Max, Def is good.
Sharpen Weapon Power Up – NONE, it won’t make you stronger.
Heavy Weapon Power Up – NONE, same as above.
Relax Body – Max, Regen heals more than Potions if the bless is 50%+.
Back Pack Upgrade – Max.
Interpretation – NONE, no you cannot talk to the monsters.
Sharpen Weapon Mastery – Max, makes you cast your skills faster. (Axe/Sword)
Heavy Weapon Mastery – Max, same as above (Hammers)


Hard Skin – Max, HP and Def are good.
Concentration – Max, Arouse Blow needs to hit to take effect.
Bash – NONE, don’t show off your 50 crit damage.
Taunt – Max, Primary Skill.
Heavy Swat – NONE, mobs doesn’t use Stealth and escape.
Self Dispel – Max, can remove some DoTs at lv2 and lv3 removes all debuffs.
Self Aid – Optional, heal is good but this one is not that good.


Protection Charge – NONE, won’t work on bosses coz they are stun immune. but for PvP lv1 is good enough.
Curse Raid – Max, good way to pull mobs.
Panic – Max, very high threat.
Sacrifice – Optional, you can save members.
Arouse Blow – Max if you are LOW on REC, but if you do have HIGH REC normal attack will just do the same
Ground Boom – lv.2 or Max, slows enemies attack speed means less damage taken.
Endurance – lv1, 500 SP is enough.
Darkness Blow – lv.2 or Max, prevents mobs on attacking.
Stop Blow – lv.2 or Max, snare the mobs and jump out of melee range.
Silent Blow – lv.2 or Max, good against spell casting mobs like KH and FL1
Snare – lv.2 or Max, same as Ground Boom.
Net – lv.2 or Max, like all the AoE skills above, both the Debuff and the Attack Damage creates aggro.


Tactical Formation – Max, Def is good.
Potential Avoid – None, no it will not save you.
Untouchable – Max, this is the one that will save you.
Secure Guard – Max, can save you also.
Life Drain – Optional, heal is good but this one is not that good.
Demon Hushing – Optional, have some fun from time to time.
Physical Reflect – Max, it’s like another Immunity skill, return damage works on mobs now.
Immortal Calling – Max, can save you and your party members.
Divine Protection – I don’t know… you decide ^^


This build is very party dependent. since you can barely kill a mob you will need other classes to kill. you will also need a healer to increase your tanking capabilities.

1) It is your job to pull the mobs.
2) It is your job to tank the mobs.
3) It is your job to protect your party members.
4) It is your job to lead the party.


Pull and Tank – During your low levels, faster way to pull is to run around the room and gather all the mobs and then tank it by using Taunt skill to maintain aggro. at higher levels you can use skills like Panic to pull single mobs and lv2-3 Curse Raid to pull multiple mobs.

Taking Aggro – mobs doesn’t always attack you, sometimes you miss them and they will go after your party members. Arouse Blow is the highest threat generating target skill you will have, but it is melee range. Panic is also generates very high threat and it has an excellent range.
Saving Party Members – this is one of the hardest job you will have, some people on your party members may attack to early and aggravate 2 or more mobs. lv3 Curse Raid generates enough threat to get the aggro back from the mobs, you might have to spam it more than once to take in effect. lv2-3 Stop Blow is also helpful on this situation, this will root the mobs in place and generates aggro as well. lv2-3 Darkness is really good especially when your party members are in near death situation, this skill will prevent the mobs from attacking and also generates aggro. Immortal Calling will save the whole party when in danger.
Saving Yourself – Untouchable, Immortal Calling, Secure Guard, Divine Protection, and Physical Reflector will give you damage immunity or reduction in a short period of time.

You can also save yourself by using the AoE Debuff Skills.
lv2-3 Stop Blow – you can prevent most of the mobs from attacking you by using it then move 3m (melee range) away from the mobs. will also give time for the healer to catch up with the heals.

lv2-3 Darkness Blow – this prevents most of the mobs from attacking you, healer will be able to catch up with the heals.

lv2-3 Silent Blow – you can prevent mobs from releasing their devastating spells. eg: Ifrits in KH cast their AoEs when their HP is below 50%. what you do is you use the Silent Blow before their HP goes below 50% this will prevent 75% of the mobs from casting the AoEs.

lv2-3 Ground Boom and Snare – combining these 2 skills has tremendous effect against the mobs, the mob’s attack speed decreases dramatically, you will notice that the mobs will attack once every 3-4 seconds when the debuffs are in effect.

Self Dispel is an awesome skill. you can prevent DoTs/Poison from killing you.

Self Aid and Life Drain are little ways to save yourself.

PVP : Guardians/Defenders are not really good for pvp lv1-15 and 20-30.
they are mostly likely to be best when on late lv50s when you get all your AoEs at lv3 and Demon Hushing.
Credits go to yakzu for putting this together!