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shaiya dread armor quest

Normal mode toons (and above) can wear this armor, but the quests will only be available to HM+ toons.

Light Dread Set Guide

Level 29 Gauntlets(1)
Item to obtain: Poemas Mandolin*
Location of Item: Island in Sairefons Lake (south of Arktuis Vill)
Drops from: Julia Dillun

Level 30 Boots (2)
Item to obtain: Monkey Skull
Location of Item: Sealakel Village (south of Arktuis Vill)
Drops from: Swordtail Sealakel Fighter

Level 31 Lower Armor (3)
Item to obtain: Empty Trunk
Location of Item: Due south of Arktuis Vill (along the road)
Drops from: Orc Robber

Level 32 Upper Armor (4)
Item to obtain: Lens Bow*
Location of Item: Sealakel Village (south of Arktuis Vill)
Drops from: Priest Dempnum

*These two drops are difficult to get as it takes awhile for them to drop and they are usually other players hanging around that need to get the drop also (Thanks to sfossil!)

Before you can even start these quests, you must complete the quest (Failed Experiment) you receive from Creath Question (B) (left of entrance to Fedion Dungeon) and Catherine Parker (A) (tree at fork in road to Fedion)

Priest – Loxe

Mage – Loxe

Fighter/Defender – Mirage

Ranger/Archer – Unicorn

**Thanks to Aes (for the Ranger/Mage armor SS) and [GS]WheresLupers (for the Fighter/Def armor SS – and also confirmation of this information)

Credits go to GreenieEm.