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shaiya defender builds

Since I’ve received many questions about explanation on builds, I am releasing part of my upcoming Defender/Guardian guide a little early. The guide itself is still far from complete, but this section here I’m decently satisfied with.

Once I finish my guide, I’ll ask a mod to lock or delete this thead. Hope this helps

Standard Builds

The first question you should ask is “How much defense is enough defense?”

The answer is 1,000. If you ever reach 1,000 defense, you will have enough to suit any purpose you have in PvE, from regular grinding to tanking bosses. No AI enemy in the game will ever require you to have more than 1,000 defense. Rather convenient if you ask me, having such a beautiful round number as an optimal amount of defense to shoot for by the end of the game. Keep in mind that Rec is your not your first priority until 1,000 defense. It is your only priority. Add nothing else until you have achieved this.

Your next question should be “How much HP is enough HP?”

HP is a stat that you can never have too much of. After a certain point, defense is useless because enemies will only hit you for a few damage anyway, but HP will continue to add survivability the higher it gets. Once you have 1,000 defense, feel free to continue to pump up HP by using Life Lapis. As a minimum, you should have no less than 10,000 HP when you reach the end of the game.

Another good question is “How much resist should I have?”

If you use the correct Dual Lapis, you should have optimal resist without having to add Wis. An optimal amount of resist to have would be about 400 and if you’ve lapsed correctly, you should be able to achieve that without Wis. At any rate, putting Wis into your base build will not be necessary for a standard build. Magic damage is less of an issue to tanks and is therefore not a major priority until higher levels when Dual Lapis becomes available.

The last question you should have about your stats in relation to tanking is “What about Dex? Would evasion help?”

Dex is a luxury stat for tanks. It helps, but it is not an alternative to defense. You need Rec to hold aggro and for HP. Feel free to invest in Dex after you have achieved your other optimal stats, but not before. For UM tanks, Dex is a convenient choice to add into your base build because with 9 stats per level, you can afford to have a little diversity.

These are your optimal stats to shoot for in a standard tank build. This is not to say that if you do not reach these, you’re not good enough. These optimal levels are simply the guideline of when to stop adding a certain stat. You can fulfill most purposes in the game with lower stats.

Moving on, now that you know the optimal stats, it’s time to discuss stat distribution per level.

NM: 5 Rec per level. This is the minimum per level in any mode should you ever hope to achieve that 1,000 defense. In NM, you can afford little to no diversity and you need all the Rec you can get to be a good tank. Any Wis you add will only lower your tanking potential and add a negligible amount of resist anyway.

HM: 7 Rec per level. This will ensure that you reach your optimal defense. At later levels, you may have the freedom to roam a little with Wis or Dex, but that would only be an option with a good budget. For the most part, HM should still be dedicated to reaching that optimal defense of 1,000.

UM: 7 Rec 2 Dex per level. 7 Rec per level is enough. By the time you have the financial resources of a UM character, you can afford to reach 1,000 defense easily with that. Add a Dex base to top off your build for added evasion and accuracy at later levels.

Adding Wis in your base build is a common inquiry. The truth of the matter is that adding Wis into your build for grinding just isn’t worth it. The amount of mobs that use magic attacks is relatively small. 1-2 Wis per level will also be very little resist in the end, not enough to make it worth it. For grinding, Wis is simply a wasted stat. All you accomplish by adding Wis is diminishing your ability to tank. For endgame boss farming purposes, Wis is optional for an uber build, but not a standard build. For standard builds, Dual Lapis with resist will be as much as you’ll need for endgame boss farming. In the meantime, the proper counter to the seldom magic damage you receive is HP. Having high HP is cheaper, is needed in your build anyway, and will do just fine until Dual Lapis becomes available.

By using these builds and supplementing yourself with the proper lapis, you will have achieved the optimal standard tank build and be useful in almost any corner of the game from PvE to PvP.

Battle Builds

The first thing you should know about a battle build is that it is not a hybrid build. You can not be both a tank and a battle build until higher levels. Even then, you can only tank for yourself. You won’t have the defense to be able to hold mobs against your party. A battle build is a solo build, or party with a healer. If a Mage/Pagan sees you soloing and says “party?”, you say “no thanks, I’m a battle build”. Until you’re UM with a very good budget, you won’t be able to be both a party tank and a solo battle build. Even then, you’ll likely be quite weak for killing bosses unless you focus on one or the other. Being an effective hybrid build would be an extremely expensive build and only an option at endgame for UMs. Remember, nothing is stopping casters from finding a tank with more Rec.

That being said, for a battle build in any mode, you should add no Rec at all. Defenders/Guardians already receive 1 Rec per level automatically and have higher passive HP pools than any other class. To top it off, you have invincibility buffs and status debuffs that will ensure that you will never need to add Rec to protect yourself in a standard battle build.

In addition to that, you won’t need as much Dex as your Fighter/Warrior counterpart at higher levels. For regular grinding, you’ll need just as much, but once your AoE skills are maxed out, they diminish the need of Dex. You should still have the same Dex base as a Warrior/Fighter, but you can get away with lapsing less. For regular grinding, 100-150 is enough, but towards the endgame, you’ll want to push that to about 200. However, that is a matter of preference. If you’re not satisfied with 200 Dex, add some more.

With that in mind, your heavy focus is Str. For UM, your focus should be split between Str and Luc. Having a HM Str/Luc build would be very expensive to make feasible, but if you have the money, you can add Luc to your build in later levels. Luck simply isn’t an option for NM. You do not get the stat points in NM to compliment your crits with attack power.

The important thing to know about Luc is that without Str, it is completely useless for a Defender/Guardian. Without attack power to compliment your crits, you’ll have better overall damage just by putting all of your points into Str instead. Luc is also useless unless in large quantities for this same reason. With the skill Bash Lv3, 175 Luc will give you a 50% crit rate. This is the absolute minimum for an effective Luc build. Any less than that and a Str build would result in more damage. Most would prefer to have around 400 Luc. That, with Bash Lv3, is a 95% crit chance. As a personal recommendation, I would stay away from Luc altogether in any mode until you have achieved 600 Str and than shoot for about 300-350 Luc (remember, UM only).

Whichever you end up doing, Str or Str/Luc, the goal is to get as much Str as possible. You need no less than 600 for an effective Str/Luc build, but after that, the sky is the limit. Once you have enough Dex and Luc, dump every remaining point you have into Str. You should reach for at least 600 Str in any mode by endgame. In NM, focus on that Str as a top priority. In HM, you add more Dex into your build. In UM, you can add Luc on top of that. In essence, a successful NM battle build is a heavy Str build, a successful HM is a Str/Dex build, and a successful UM is a Str/Dex/Luc build.

For more discussion on battle builds, refer to this post by Aesteria.

On to stat point distributions per level.

NM: 3 Str 2 Dex per level. This is the standard NM physical damage build for any class. It will offer you the best damage. Any more Str and you miss too often. Any more Dex and you’re not hitting hard enough. Shoot for your optimal Str of 600 before worrying about other stats.

HM: 5 Str 2 Dex per level. Since you already had enough accuracy in NM, all you have to do in HM is pump up your Str even higher. You also get more AoE skills that do not rely on Dex, so do not worry about having more Dex than your NM counterpart. 2 per level is enough.

UM: 7 Str 2 Dex or 3 Str 2 Dex 4 Luc per level. You may find that only 3 Str per level is not enough attack power for your liking. 7 Str 2 Dex will make faster grinding, but 3 Str 2 Dex 4 Luc is better in the end when you can afford the proper lapis to complete your build. You may want to choose 7 Str to start and than restat to 3 Str 4 Luc later. Remember not to attempt a Luc build with less than 600 Str.

And that’s the deal with standard battle builds. By achieve the numbers I have displayed, you’ll do quite fine on your own and be a recognizable force in PvP. At lower levels, the sheer damage of Fighters/Warriors will always win out but by the time you get the 1-60 zone, you’ve got so many tricks up your sleeves that no other class is harder to take down, even with no Rec at all.

The Dex Build

After you’ve reached your optimum stats in all categories, you have three choices. First, you can keep building in those stats and be extremely powerful. This is a good idea as it either makes your survivability better for major bosses or makes you unstoppable in PvP. Second, you can do a tank/DPS hybrid build where you can both take it and dish it out. This one is not advised because it is ridiculously expensive and easier to just become much stronger in one field. Lastly, for tank builds, you can try the Dex tank build.

As a tank, you are tough, but not indestructible. There are three things that are an extreme hazard to you because no amount of defense will ever protect you from them.

DoTs: A DoT typically does not take away damage based on your defense. Some DoTs take away a certain percentage of your HP each round, some take away a fixed number per round. In both cases, even a million defense offers no protection from this. If a DoT is designed to take away 50% of your HP in 12 seconds, it will do precisely that.

Fixed damage: A fixed damage skill is a skill that inflicts the abnormal condition dying in a single shot. Think of it like a DoT skill with a duration of zero seconds. At any rate, fixed damage skills are also either based on percentage or a fixed number and will completely bypass your defense. Some fixed damage skills will take away 10% of your total HP in a single shot, some more than that even. Having insane amounts of defense won’t help you any.

Stuns: If you’re stunned, you can’t debuff, you can’t run, you can’t Taunt, and you can’t pull mobs off of your party. Even if you do have enough defense to withstand the damage you take when you’re stunned, your party can’t. Getting stunned and not being dispelled quickly can cause a full party wipeout.

As said, these three things cannot be remedied by defense. They also cannot be remedied by resist. The one thing that can help against these is Dex. With sufficient Dex, you can dodge these nasty effects and come one step closer to being an indestructible tank.

As said before, Dex is a luxury stat and cannot be a replacement for Rec. With that in mind, the Dex build is actually a Rec/Dex hybrid build. You still need the Rec to be able to tank effectively. Once you’ve reached the optimal standard defense, start dumping your points into Dex. By the time you have about 300 Dex, you’ll notice a huge difference. The Dex build also helps with accuracy in using some skills and for regular attacks, which are important for endgame bosses.

Going Beyond the Numbers

For tank builds, I outlined optimal stats. To refresh your memory, I told you to stop at 1,000 defense, to have no less than 10,000 HP, and to shoot for an optimal resist of 400. These stats will make you a good tank, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop there. If you can achieve 1,000 defense and push your HP all the way to 15,000, than you have made yourself more effective for tanking bosses. This same thing goes for your other tank stats. If you’re designing your tank for endgame bosses, you can push past 1,000 defense if you want. 1,000 defense is enough, but 1,200 will allow you to have fewer healers. That applies to resist too. The more you have, the fewer heals you need. If this sounds interesting to you, don’t feel limited by the standard build I gave. Feel free to push your stats to the max and increase your tanking potential. Also note that this discussion on builds has little to do with things such as CT bosses. Those aren’t realistic goals for new Defenders/Guardians, so it would be pointless to outline a build for that purpose.

For battle builds, I outlined actual numbers. The build I gave was simply the standard battle tank build. Although I would recommend to never stray from having between 175 and 400 Luc, your Str and Dex stats may be played around with and tweaked to your liking. 500 Dex? Why not? Or, you can drop your Dex and pump your Str up even higher and utilize your AoE debuffs for damage. It’s really up to you. Use the standard battle build as a guideline and choose for yourself what you want your character to do. As said, the sky is the limit. It’s your character. Don’t let me limit you with my perceptions.

Credits go to Avyn.