Esteire’s Sevencore Emotes List

Here’s a list of emotes since y’all asked =) Note, not all of these are implemented yet. But this is the whole eventual list. /satisfied /laugh /lol /hooray /sad /cry /angry /shoo /annoy /scold /regret /disappointed /nervous /embarrassed /dejected /shy /ashamed /sorry /deny /shocked /surprised /scared /amazed /confused /yawn /thinking /discouraged /clap /praise /worship /salute /hi /welcome /bow /introduce /bye /agree /no /question /dunno /doubt /strong /roar /threat /victory /cherish /insult /taunt /please /beg /surrender /apologize /attack /follow /hold /kiss /confess /direct /lookaround /talk /cough /dance /shout /listen /calm /hot /cold /observe /hungry /thirsty /eat /drink /here /foldarms /raise /dance1 /dance2 /dance3 /sexy:/sexydance /smoke

Teirusu’s Sevencore Crafting Materials Map Guide

Heya! I like a lot the craft/collecting system, so days ago I made my first craft map. This map was made just for me, so...

Rohirrim’s Sevencore Gunner Dual Guns Guide

Hi, my name is Bane! Through this guide I’ll try to explain you how to build your own Gunner – weapon: Dual Guns style....

Tradut’s Sevencore Saving HP & MP Pots Guide

Hey everyone …. this tricks exactly for WARRIOR , not only single blade ^^ This time i wanna to share my tricks , about...

Shinra’s Sevencore Tips and Advice Guide

Making Ingot Bronze = Tin + Copper Steel = Iron + Silver Iron ore drops Iron, Silver, Gold & Platinum(Rare) Improvement Stone Improvement stones can be used to upgrade...

fatbottoms’ Sevencore Epic Weapon Materials List

We would like to encourage and help others who want to make an epic weapon so we are providing a list of materials and...

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