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runes of magic warrior/knight guide

So you’ve rolled a Warrior/Knight, or perhaps you are considering what class to choose as your secondary. Here are some great reasons to pick knight:

  • Enhanced Armor. This skill gives 5.0% +1%/rank additional physical defense for 5min. (0s CD). With this skill, your chain armor will normally hit the defense cap against trash mobs, besides instances, up until Dust Devil Canyon, or perhaps even Ravenfell, if you have decent gear.
  • Defense Technique+Blocking Stance: With these two skills, (BS is a 20/20 elite skill), you can raise your parry to about 15% against mobs of the same level, making for yet more damage reduction, because even if you have hit the defense cap, parry still reduces damage.
  • Disarmament: This knight general skill reduces the enemy’s armor by up to 12%, making for a much easier time in leveling, and in taking down those pesky bosses and elites.
  • Knight class gives you some spammable assault skills that use mana only, so you can still deal damage even if you run out of rage. Or, more likely, can’t build it up fast enough.
  • Devotion+Resilience: One of the key factors in secondary classes, is a lot of time the primary class always runs into mana trouble when using the secondary’s general skills, especially if your primary class doesn’t normally use mana, (only if the secondary is knight/mage/priest, obviously). Devotion adds quite a large amount of mana to your mana pool, which helps out both sides of your character. Resilience adds a passive boost to your stamina, and gives you several hundred extra hp and defense- and the more stamina you have, the more of a boost it will add.

That said, there are still other reasons to pick W/K: You can off-tank, or even primary tank rather well. Your K side can level easier due to its 20/20 elite, which gives it the ability to wield 2H axes and wield them with increased damage.

Now, we’ll lay out the general build for a W/K.

I would recommend using a 2H bladed weapon. It doesn’t matter whether it is a sword or an axe, though if you keep your classes close, you might want to use axe, so you only have to use one weapon for both classes. The rage cost is noted before the skill. P means it’s a passive skill, G that it is a general skill, and thus can be used on your knight side, and E, that it is an elite skill. CD means cooldown. All W/K elites use mana, if they use anything, and all K/W elites use rage if they use anything.

Top Priority Skills, (max before anything else):

(P) Two-Handed Weapon Mastery: Increases damage by 75% when using 2H weapons. And its passive. Why wouldn’t you max this?


(P) One-Handed Weapon Mastery: Increases damage by 80% when using 1H weapons. And it’s passive. If you are a 1h W/K, max this instead of the 2h Weapon Mastery.

(E) Blocking Stance: Raises parry by slightly less than Defense Technique. Combined with DT, however, it makes for a good parry rate.

(G, 25) Slash: Standard Warrior damage dealer, also a general skill, and a 0s CD.

(15) Tactical Attack: Standard combo when using Slash. 5s CD. **Requires a 2h weapon.**

High Priority Skills, (put extra TP into these first):

(50) Mooncleave: Level 22 AoE that does the greatest amount of sheer damage of any of our AoEs. **Requires a 2h weapon.**

(15) Thunder: Finisher for a Probing Attack->Open Flank combo, (used after those two). Thunder does the most dmg of any skill per point of rage that we have. In addition, it stuns its target for a good length of time, (6s at level 50, to give you an idea). 15s CD. **Requires a 1h weapon.**

(35) Blasting Cyclone: Level 40 AoE that does less damage than Mooncleave, but also knocks humanoid opponents down, as well as costing 15 less rage. In addition, it interrupts any spells being cast, even if the character is not humanoid. 12s CD.

(G, P) Brute Strength: With the changes in patch 3.0.3, this adds approximately 6%+60 strength at level 55- a very nice boost indeed.

(0) Aggressiveness: Enhances speed of rage increase for 30 seconds. Useful in PvP and PvE for building up enough rage to use your attacks, one can always use more ways to get rage. Capped at level 50.

(E, P) Concentrated Precision: 40/40 elite that passively adds accuracy, (~45 at level 50). Even though one could wish that it would add a bit more accuracy, it is still a good skill to have.

(20) Probing Attack: 4s CD. This skill can be a good damage dealer when coupled with Open Flank. In fact, the difference in damage dealt between using the PA+OF combo vs the Slash+TA combo gets less and less the higher geared you get. The only reason why Slash and TA are recommended over PA+OF is because of the bleed from Slash. At higher levels and better geared, using a 2H Hammer, PA+OF, is essentially the same DPS as a 2H Axe/Sword, Slash+TA. Regardless, it’s nice to have this and Open Flank leveled once you have extra TP, so you can still deal out rage-based damage while TA is on cooldown.

(10) Open Flank: 0s CD. This attack can only be used if the target is vulnerable, which is caused by Probing Attack. Its rage cost is low, and its damage is approaches 500% weapon DPS at max level.

(0- Must be below 50% HP) Survival Instinct: Patch 3.0.3 made this a very good skill to have. It is now able to activated when you are below 50% hp. It gives a 55% defense boost, a 18% dodge boost, and +1000 to parry rate at level 50 for 30s. 5min CD.

(0) Surprise Attack: 20 ranks are necessary for Shout. Note- Only knocks humanoid opponents down, despite its description. Yes, this includes players. It does, however, interrupt spells on all opponents whose spells can be interrupted. Does 238% DPS as of chapter 4, so it’s worth upgrading. 12s CD.

(E) Throw Shield: **NOTE- This skill requires that you equip a shield** This is the 15/15 elite skill, and if you want to create a macro so that you swap between equipping a shield and equipping a 2H weapon, this skill might be worth having on the hotbar. It throws your shield at the opponent, so it is a ranged pull. So you can pull a mob to you, then swap back to a 2H Weapon, and kill it. In instances, this would be nice. There is now reason to upgrade this skill, as of chapter 4 it does 377.6% + 0.10 x shield’s defense at max level, instead of just 0.10 x shield’s defense. This is a huge boost. 6s CD.

(E) Shield Bash: **NOTE- This skill requires that you equip a shield** Strike the target with your shield, causing 259.6% + 0.10 x shield’s defense. A significant upgrade as compared to pre-chapter 4.

Circumstantial Skills, (These skills generally cease being upgraded at a certain level, due to rising TP costs. The recommended level is noted to the right of the skill).

(30) Terror (+30): A 10s terror effect is very useful when one is surprised in PvP. A note on this skill, it initiates an auto-attack, so either use a defense skill immediately afterwards, and try to stay away from the target, or use it at range. Of course, if you are surprised, take the former course. I could see an argument for this skill being maxed, it would be 14s at rank 50. I just think it’s a low priority to max, 10s should be plenty of time. 45s CD.

(G, 50) Whirlwind (+30): A high rage cost, (50), and a high CD, (30s), with not enough damage to compensate makes this one of the least popular W skills. It is, however, one of our 3 AoEs, is a general skill, and can deal moderate AoE damage. It is rather useful on the knight side, especially after the 25/25 elite, and that is why extra TP in here is recommended.

(0) Feint (+30): 2s CD. This skill is useful, but only against high dex characters that dodge a lot. You must use it after a dodge, (within 2s I believe), and it will inflict damage on the opponent. However, this skill can also be dodged, making its usefulness debatable against high-dex characters. As of patch 3.0.3, this skill also adds 20% accuracy for a short while after using it. You decide how much TP you should stick in here, somewhere between 20 and 30, and only if you have the extra TP.

(G, 25) Defensive Formation: Okay, this skill is back to being viable again. It is once again a %-based skill, that gives you a certain amount of % to extra pdef, for the same % loss in patk and matk. As well, it is now single-target only, meaning you won’t mess up the rest of the party’s DPS. It should allow a W/x to tank for a short while with a taunt/Def Form, even if they’re not W/K. Note that this skill stacks with Enhanced Armor on your Knight side, so you can reach a large amount of pdef without much basic pdef from your armor, as compared to other classes.

(G, 25) Berserk: This one is very simple. Use it when PvPing against magic-based opponents or when you are a DPS. Don’t use it when you’re tanking, or against melee-based opponents in PvP. It drops 36% pdef for a 36% gain in pattk at level 50, (which is its max level). One more note- If you use Berserk when Def. Formation is up, (which would be kind of silly, it essentially cancels out some of DF, assuming they are the same rank), it cancels DF and just uses Berserk. The same applies if you use DF when Berserk is up. This skill is capped at level 50.

Other Important Skills (These skills are important to a W/K, but cannot, or should not, be upgraded.)

(30) Shout: A 3s stun, (with a 2min CD), hardly gives you time to launch a Slash, assuming you had 55 rage or more when you used Shout. This skill is basically a mere interrupt when you notice someone or something casting a spell you don’t like.

(E, 0) Ignore Pain: This 25/25 elite skill defines a W/K in PvP against those pesky mages, and comes in handy against rogues as well. It makes a Warrior immune to all stuns, slows, incapacitations, (yes, even that pesky numbing dagger), and other forms of rendering one helpless. A Warrior under the effect of Ignore Pain can charge a mage without worrying about being rooted by Lightning or stunned by Discharge. The downside? It only lasts 10s, and has a 2 min CD.

(G, 0) Enrage: Adds 20 rage. 40s cooldown. This skill is essential to any warrior, and is a general skill, so it helps when leveling your knight side as well.

(E, P) Heroic Surprise Attack: Adds rage to your Surprise Attack. This is the 35/35 elite, it is not upgradable, and it makes Surprise Attack give you 10 rage when SA is used. Once you get this skill, you can pull off the following combo- Surprise Attack- Enrage- Slash, without having to use the auto attack feature. If you have Aggressiveness up before you use Surprise Attack, you can add on Tactical Attack to the end of the combo.

(0) Frenzy: Adds a nice boost to damage, attack, and attack speed for 15s. Rather long CD, (5min) but useful in boss fights for the extra DPS- just make sure not to out-DPS your tank, if you aren’t him.

(0) Taunt: Taunts one enemy to attack you for 5s. No need to upgrade this, its useful for pulling a boss off a mage- unless you main tank a lot. Then you might want to upgrade this skill, as you could use it to force the boss to continue to attack you even if you don’t have aggro for nearly 20 seconds. 45s CD.

(0) Group Taunt: Taunts all enemies within range to attack you for 4s. Be very careful using this skill, as you can die easily. Still useful for pulling groups of mobs off your casters and healers- as well as gaining rage if you’re not tanking, (combine with Aggressiveness). Again, consider upgrading if you main tank a lot, as this is especially helpful to a W/K tank, since we have no aggro-gaining AoEs. 5min CD.

(E, P) Resist: The 50/50 elite, this skill lets you take even less damage when using Blocking Stance, (about 8% dmg reduction at max level).

Use a 2H Axe after the 20/20 elite for leveling purposes. Before this, use any weapon you like, just remember, with no points in shield skills, you might find it hard to level with a 1H+Shield configuration. A bladed weapon gets the bleed damage from slash, and a hammer does more base damage.

Top Priority:

(G) Enhanced Armor: Raises physical defense by 5%+1%/rank. What’s not to like?

(E, P) Two-Handed Axe Training: 20/20 elite that passively increases 2H Axe damage as well as allowing your knight side to wield a 2H Axe. Same question as above.

(G, P) Defense Technique: A skill that passively raises one’s parry rate. Do I have to ask it again? What’s not to like?

(E, 10) Authoritative Deterrence: The 50/50 elite, this skill is essentially a heavily upgraded taunt for your knight side. It forces a target to face and attack you for 10 seconds, and at the same time it increases your physical and magical defense for the first two blows/spells that hit you. At level 50, it would increase both physical and magic defense by 35%. And it only costs 10 rage! 60s CD.

High Priority:

(G) Holy Strike: This skill increases aggro, and thus helps you to hold aggro when you are tanking on your knight side or your warrior side. Unless you are constantly tanking instances, I’d suggest waiting till level 50 to put a lot of TP into this skill. **Warning- Spamming this skill will suck mana like crazy**

(G) Disarmament: A knight general skill that you can spam on your Warrior side that also decreases physical defense, (by up to 12%), as well as dealing more damage than holy strike. **Warning- Spamming this skill will suck mana like crazy**

(G) Devotion: Passively raises maximum mana pool, AND is a general skill, so it increases mana for your Warrior side as well. Should eventually be maxed.

(G) Punishment: Okay, so, as of the last patch, this skill now does damage based on how many *light* seals, (placed on your enemy using the Holy Strike skill), are on your target, +10, 20, or 30 *percent* of *your* stamina as well, (with 1, 2 or 3 light seals on the target, respectively). Once you are geared up, this skill could do an insane amount of damage, and is now well-worth putting extra TP into, especially since it is a general skill and can be used on your Warrior side. Also, this skill will add 1% more stamina damage for every three ranks put into it. So Punishment rank 4 would give you +11, +22, +33% damage respectively, depending on how many light seals are on the target.

(G) Resilience: As of patch 3.0.3, this adds 6.0%+60 stamina at level 55- again a very nice boost to your overall health and defense, especially if you are building like a tank. This is a general skill, so your W side takes advantage of it.

Circumstantial Skills:

Charge (+30): Rank 30 is necessary for Shackles of Light rank 3. You need rank 20 for SoL rank 2, but this skill is not received till lvl 32. So, yes, you need to level this to 20 before you reach lvl 32 on your knight side, but it is not critical to level it up before then. SoL rank 3 is a lvl 42 skill, so you need to have Charge at rank 30 before then, or have enough TP to upgrade it to 30 when you reach lvl 42. This skill can eventually be maxed, because unlike Surprise Attack, upgrading Charge adds to your stun time, (6s at level 50).

Resolution (+20): Useful for PvP purposes. Adds a nice amount of extra maximum HP and is a full heal. Costs a lot of mana, last 1min, and has a 3min CD. Note- As of patch 3.0.3 this costs a *lot* of mana. No longer recommended in any prolonged fight.

Threaten (+20): This skill is useful for nice jump in threat generation, (also known as aggro), when you are on your knight side. As well, it now does quite a bit of damage. If you want to tank at all on your K side, I’d get some ranks in this skill. (**Note**- No longer certain that this skill is at all necessary for tanking. Holy Strike seems to hold aggro easily enough, and the K side is already TP-starved.)

Mana Return (+30): This skill is now pretty useful. At level 50, it would give you 990 mana back. On the TP-starved knight side, this is not considered a priority skill, but when you get extra TP, it might be worthwhile to put them into Mana Return.

(E, 20) Quick Reflexes: The 30/30 elite, this is like the K/W’s version of Blocking Stance. It raises parry by ~1900 at max level, but unfortunately it only lasts for 20s. You decide how much TP to stick in here- it’d be a decent skill to use to mitigate some damage when you know the boss is about to hit you really hard, for example.

Other Important Skills:

Shackles of Light rank 1, 2 and 3: These skills are very useful for PvP purposes. They cannot be upgraded, but they can root 1, 2, and 3 enemies, respectively, for 5s, and the enemies being held can be attacked without breaking the root. This can be used to hold someone in place to kill them, or be able to run away.

Holy Shield: Makes you immune for 5s, but ONLY for physical damage. So it won’t work in PvP against a Mage or a Priest’s attack.

Holy Seal: Always keep this buff and Enhanced Armor on, when on your knight side, if you use Threaten or Mana Return. You need melee hits with this skill in order to plant holy seals on your target, which is required to trigger Threaten or Mana Return.

(E, P) Deadly Whirlwind: This is the 25/25 elite for K/W. It reduces Whirlwind’s CD by 20s, making it a 10s CD, reduces its rage cost to 40, and adds a deadly wound effect, which reduces healing effectiveness on the target by 30%. Very useful if you are PvPing on your knight side against any class with Priest as their primary or secondary. Also nice for tanking a boss that can heal themselves, (Forsaken Abbey’s last boss comes to mind).

(E, 10) Fearless: The 35/35 elite makes you immune to fear for 5 seconds. For all the trouble they make you go to to get this, (running NoM 25-30 times), you’d think it’d be a bit better. You could use it against Warriors in PvP, since it does remove fear, but you’re a W/K, not a K/W. You shouldn’t be PvPing on your knight side. 60s CD.

(E, 30) Master of Parry: The 40/40 elite increase your parry rate by 300 for ten seconds. However, it disappears after two successful parries, even if it hasn’t been ten seconds. Not so good of a skill for using 30 rage, but still useful in a pinch. 90s CD.

Shock: Useful for the 3 second stun when soloing, but you should not upgrade this at all, as upgrading it only increases its damage, not the length of the stun.

NSI Skills:

(E, P) Survival Instinct: Not the same as the Warrior skill of the same name. The 45/45 elite gives you a chance to increase physical defense and dexterity when you are hit and you have the buff Shield of Valor or Shield of Discipline on. So for a 2H build, this skill is essentially worthless.

Hall of Dead Heroes: This skill simply makes no sense to me. It makes it so that if you die, your party members will receive a buff for a short while. So if you plan on dying a lot as a tank, then upgrade this skill. Otherwise, don’t waste your TP.

Hatred Strike: Unless you intend to spend a lot of time tanking on your K side, ignore this skill.

Any skill that requires you to equip a shield to use it should be ignored for the moment.

Things to Know
Blasting Cyclone and Surprise Attack share their 12s CD, for some reason unknown to all but the minds of the RoM devs, who doubtless didn’t want us to have two knockdowns in a row.

Ignore Pain can be breached by the S/R 20/20 elite skill, Blinding Powder. 

Ignore Pain does not work against mobs. So, unfortunately, one cannot use it while running away to avoid being slowed by being attacked in the back.

Your K side can, and should, use a 2H axe. Why waste TP on your 20/20 elite otherwise?

While leveling your knight, make use of Whirlwind after you get your 25/25 elite. It now costs 40 rage, has a 10s CD instead of 30s, as well as adding a deadly wounds effect that is most useful for PvP purposes, (reduces healing efficiency by 30%). Spamming Whirlwind and Slash on your knight side can let you deal out some major rage-based damage, which is very useful for anything you need to kill.

Blasting Cyclone does indeed interrupt spells, even on beings other than humanoids, even though it doesn’t knock them down, (same as SA).

If you see in advance that you are going to want to use Terror, (such as against a Mage/Priest in PvP), then do not use Slash shortly beforehand: the bleed effect will break the Terror effect.

Once you get to end-game, you will want to stack strength and stamina on your equipment. Stamina gives us 2.3pdef/1 stam, and 5hp/1stam. Strength gives us 2 phys. attack/1 str and 1hp/5str. Ideally, you will be a character with high hp and moderately high damage output.

Once you get up to around level 20 and until level 30 or so, you can run Forsaken Abbey to pick up the Iron Coffin set, a 3-piece set of chain shoulders, chest, and leg-guards that give you a really nice boost to stam and phys. defense. You can keep this set till level 40 with no real drawbacks, and even past that, (since you have enhanced armor, and will probably be hitting the defense cap against mobs till Ravenfell anyway), if you so desire. It’s a great set to have, and generally can be found on the Auction House for around 20k/piece.

Item-Set Skills

From the Dalanis Vendor- Tourniquet: Heals 250hp/sec for 20s. 90s CD.

From the Dalanis Vendor- Energy Restore- Restores ten points of rage, focus, and energy per second. (Generally nets me about 40 rage). 45s CD.

From the Dalanis Vendor- Spirit Herb Essence- Consumes one Spirit Herb to restore 2500 hp.

From Hall of Survivors- Undefeatable King- Activating this skill grants you an additional skill- the King’s Fearlessness. KF allows you to be immune to all stuns/roots/helpless for 3s. There is a CD of 10s, and the state lasts for 30s. 3min CD on Undefeatable King.

From Hall of the Demon Lord- Weapon Guard- Decreases *all* incoming AoE damage by 20%. Passive.

From Warnorken Arena- Punishment- This skill costs 25 rage to use, and requires the target to be vulnerable. Deals 540% DPS, and causes the target to attack 50% slower for 15s.

From Raksha Temple- Sword of Imprisonment- This skill costs 20 rage to use, and has a 0s CD. It causes 360% DPS with a high crit rate, (an additional +40%, I believe). Very useful- more so for a tanking W/K because of their better rage generation.

PvP Tips:
This is the part of the guide that I feel least comfortable in writing. Still, I’m going to give it a shot. The strategies I use do seem to work, but I hesitate to get involved in the current flame war regarding PvP and whether/how bad its broken/how mages are OP, which is what all of those threads seem to come down to. I’m going to stick to the best way to defeat the other classes as they are now and try to keep flaming/whining to a minimum if you respond to this part, (i.e. No reasoning such as “That won’t work because mages are OP,” will have anything happen to it except that it will be ignored. Reasons such as “That won’t work because X will just use skill Y is encouraged and appreciated.”)

One final note- if you’re going to PvP, do your best to get the Fury Chain set skill- it works along the same lines as Ignore Pain. You activate it, and then you enter King’s Fearlessness state. You get another skill, (alt+1 to use), which makes you immune to stun/root/helpless for 3s with a 10s CD. The King’s Fearlessness state lasts for 30s, so you can use the alt+1 skill 3-4 times during it. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t, and if you also get the PvP gloves from the Honor Guard in Obsidian Castle, you’ll be pretty much unable to be stopped, save for prolonged PvP battles.

Vs Knights:
These guys are essentially a rather more serious tank than you. Ignore Pain is very useful against knights, due to their insistence on hiding behind their shields and smacking you silly, and only emerging to drive their point home with a sword after you are disoriented.

Open with Surprise Attack, knocking them to the floor, then use Enrage and/or Aggressiveness, followed by Slash, (if you have the 35/35 elite, you should be able to do this without using an auto-attack. If you do not, I suggest using Ignore Pain before using Slash, or he will put you out of commission with some sort of shield-bashing skill). Then use Ignore Pain, followed by Tactical Attack for the massive damage. Stack your 4 disarmaments, use Slash, TA, and rinse and repeat. Obviously make sure you have EA and BS on before engaging the enemy.

Vs Warriors:
Use the same strategy as you would against a knight. I previously said Ignore Pain does not need to be used, and I got my butt kicked in a PvP against a W/P, because he used Terror on me, and then healed himself. I forgot about Terror, Ignore Pain does block it. So Ignore Pain is also useful against Warriors, but mostly just against the W/P and/or W/M combos, to keep them from healing/running away and rooting you. Stacking Disarms is useful against chain-wearing warriors, it gets less useful the less pdef your opponent has.

Vs Scouts:
Hehe. So this has changed a bit since I last wrote the description. Scouts are going to tear you apart if you don’t get up close and personal very, very quickly. Once you’re in, then stay close. Do not let him get to range. Ignore Pain will keep Joint Blow from affecting you, so use it early on. If you can’t kill him in 10s, then you’re probably going to die. They just do way too much damage against players, at the moment.

Vs Mages or Priests or Mage/Priests:
Since half the server on Grimdal is a M/P, that combo will be dealt with in this guide. 

Against Mages, it should be obvious, Ignore Pain gives you the ability to kill them. You had better do it quickly, before it wears off. Should it do so, here is an interesting tip that I rarely see people do: Use the terrain against them. Mages love to attack from range. If they can’t see you, they can’t hit you. Make sure they remain targeted, and then, once they come back in range, jump out and use Surprise Attack. The Mage/Priest, indeed, any /P combo is annoying, because they can heal all that damage you just dished out. The only way I currently have of consistently killing them, {and this takes awhile to do, the last duel I had on my knight side, (ofc, with no TA on my K side), took 10min to complete, no joke. Kudos to Shiara, I believe it was, for the great fight}, is building up to 80 rage, then using Ignore Pain, followed by Aggressiveness, (this before they get in range of their spells), and follow this up with Enrage and Surprise Attack back-to-back. (Normally, you use Surprise Attack first, in this scenario, do not do so, as you will not have enough time for your final two attacks, BC and Slash, which are generally needed to kill your opponent.) Finally, unload on them with Slash-TA-Slash-Shout-TA-Blasting Cyclone-Slash, (yes I realize this adds up to more than 100 rage, you’ll have to use some white attacks in there as well. As well, you might not be able to use BC, as there is a 12s CD for it after you use Surprise Attack. If that is the case, use Slash instead, and you’ll just have to hope you’ve done enough damage to kill them by this point). Shout should be used right before the Ignore Pain wears off, the TA while Shout is in effect, and the Blasting Cyclone+Slash combo will generally be used after the Mage has got off a Lightning, but before he has got out of range. (BC will knock him down, which should give you enough time to hit him with one more attack, and possibly two. If you get another attack, use TA, obviously).

Another good tip against Mages is to use Terror after they run away, leaving you rooted in place, and before they get off a heal. This gives your Surprise Attack time to cool down, and their root time to wear off, letting you get close and launch one or two more attacks before they can root and run away again.

Stacking Disarms is not nearly as important against cloth-wearers, but is still useful for the damage.

Again, get those other PvP skills- the Fury set and the PvP gloves- it will allow you to kill mages a lot easier.

Vs Rogues:
Rogues are the final opponent one might face in Taborea. These sneaky little bastards like to hide in the shadows. 

Ignore Pain is very useful against these guys as well, due to their numerous incapacitating attacks. Essentially, you will always be fighting against a rogue before you realize you are doing so. Once you realize it, use Terror on them, followed by EA, just to keep yourself from auto-attacking. If you can’t do it fast enough, use Shout first, then get some distance, and then use Terror. Use EA and BS, then run up to him, (if Terror is still on, do NOT use SA). Use Slash, or just hit him with a Disarm, (this will break the Terror), then immediately use Blasting Cyclone to knock him to the ground. 

Follow this up with a Slash, then a Shout, if you haven’t already used it. When he is getting up is the prime time to use Ignore Pain, then follow him around and kill him. Make sure you stay close, or he will vanish in broad daylight in front of your eyes, (I know, it makes no sense, and should be fixed. Funny how my one shot is at rogues, not mages, eh?), and take him out using the same combo you would use against other potential pkers, (Slash-TA, Mooncleave and Blasting Cyclone come in handy here).

A note- Rogues are slippery characters with high dex, and thus they love to, and they will, dodge a lot. If you PvP a lot, consider raising Feint higher than suggested. It definitely helps against high-dex characters and mobs. (Especially against the Nimble Swordsman mob in Weeping Coast). Not nearly as much against rogues as against NPCs, because Feint can also be dodged- but still, it’s a good addition to your PvP arsenal. As well, use your AoEs as much as possible against rogues, because though they can miss, they cannot be dodged.

Credits go to Rashira34.