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runes of magic rogue warrior build

This guide is for maximizing an R/W’s DPS potential on long boss battles for endgame instances, this guide also assumes you have all your skills and all your elites at least up to 45/45. Most of this info can be used from lvl 1 onwards but it isn’t written as a leveling guide so pick and choose what works for you.

Your armor is yours to choose, just remember that the only stats that really matter are HP(sta), Defense(sta) and Physical Attack(dex or str). IF you want to be able to play both R/W and W/R and you can only afford to make one set of great gear then you should consider statting out sta and str, this will work for both sides at the cost of dodge(dex) for your rogue and defense(leather) for your warrior, but it can be better then 2 sets of half assed gear.

1 dex = 1.3 PAtt
1 str = 1.2 PAtt

1x 1h Axe (not main hand or off hand)
1x 1h Dagger (not main hand or off hand)
these have to be able to be in either hand as the true DPS potenial only comes out when you start to do hand swapping for your skills

list of skills, and my thoughts on them, didn’t list all of them because i feel explaining hide to a rogue is wasting everyones time. When I played a R/W i never bothered using Blind Spot or Sneak Attack as I scripted my entire attack sequence in a lua function and I had no way for it to efficiently tell if i was behind my target. that being said i still think they are a waste of energy for long fights where energy is in short supply. Shadowstab, Blind Spot and Sneak Attack all share the same bleed effect and will not stack so i choose to use the most energy efficient skill for my rogue bleed.

E/s = Energy per second, we have a 15 energy regen per 2 seconds so this is to make sure we don’t use to much and run out. This isn’t perfect math as some skills will be up at the same time and you can only do one per second, but it is a good simple way to look into your energy allocation.

Shadowstab – 20 Energy / 8 sec bleed = 2.5 E/s to keep the Rogue Bleed going
Blind Spot – 25 Energy / 6 sec bleed = 4.17 E/s to keep the Rogue Bleed going
Sneak Attack – 30 Energy / 6 sec bleed = 5 E/s can only be used before combat and is almost impossible to get off in a party
Low Blow – 30 Energy / 10 sec DoT = 3 E/s to keep Grievous Wound going
Wound Attack – 35 Energy / 6 sec CD = 5.83 E/s to use every time it is up

so with only using energy for Shadowstab, Low Blow, and Wound Attack you are using 11.33 E/s out of your 7.5 E/s regen capabilities, factor in the fact that you are not going to be using your skills perfectly on time(human reaction and reDoTing needed at the same time) and then 50/50 elite that will regen energy on shadow stab usage and you can keep this rotation going endlessly with Slash/Poisonous Infection attacks inbetween

Main Attack Skills:
Low Blow: 30 Energy – Axe Main Hand – 3 E/s to keep Grievous Wound going
Wound Attack: 35 Energy – Axe Main Hand – 5.83 E/s to use every time it is up
Shadowstab: 20 Energy – Dagger Main Hand – 2.5 E/s to keep the Rogue Bleed going
Slash: 25 Rage – Axe Main Hand – main attack that uses Rage, will be used quite a bit, never ending Warrior Bleed
Enraged: to be used when no other skill can be used

Boss Only Attack Skills: (or any mob that will last at least 15 seconds before death)
Poison: Poison Bottle – buff before fight, poison bottles only stack 20 high so i never bother using this unless for boss fights (for the next 2 skills) or Numb Dagger usage
Poisonous Infection: 20 Rage – Axe Main Hand – use whenever availible to keep a 4th DoT going and best damage other then Wound Attack
Decay: 30 Energy – Axe Main Hand – note: crit rate is 10-110 (getbuffed is wrong at time of post), mixed feelings about this skill, this build is to energy dependant so it is hard to find the spare energy for this skill, I would only use it if Wound Attack was on cooldown and i had more then 65 Energy

Boss Buffs:use all 4 at same time to go into Boss DPS mode
Informer: 60 sec, 1st – this cancels the buff if another rogue already has it up so try to coordinate with your other rogues so you don’t cancel each other out
Fervent Attack: 30 sec, 2nd – more DPS less Defense, be careful which bosses you use this on and don’t take aggro or you’ll most likely die
Berserk: 30 sec, 3rd – 25 Rage – same as Fervent Attack
Assassins Rage: 15 sec, 4th – do i need to bother commenting

Conditional Attack Skills:
Numbing Dagger: useless until endgame, invaluable for HotO and beyond
Throw: Projectile – Main Pulling Skill, elite that adds slow effect, Works wonders if tank needs to kite
Whirlwind: 30 Rage – Axe Main Hand – AoE – you will general have extra rage so this is great on big trash pulls

Oh *** Skills:
Sprint: Can be cast on others, namely the priest that is trying to avoid a full wipe
Evasion: Your primary oh shit skill
Defensive Formation: 25 Rage – Party wide oh shit skill, if you do not play your warrior side then you can invest much more tp into this then normal warriors

One-Hand Axe Mastery: most of your attacks should use Axe main hand so this is very important, also 55% at lvl 50, this is hands down the best mastery skill in the game
Dagger Mastery: more dagger damage, not as important as axe mastery
Off Hand Master: don’t bother with til all attack skills are atleast 50
Nimble Hands: faster white damage attacks means faster rage generation, more skill spamming
Agility: don’t bother with til all attack skills are atleast 50, this adds minimal dodge, and you shouldn’t need much extra
Brute Strength: every little bit helps, and uses warrior tp so go nuts

Limited Usefulness Skills:
Blind Stab: 20 Energy – Waste of energy and crap damage, Only useful if your tank is taking to much damage and this can help them dodge more hits and even then don’t bother leveling
Death’s Touch: 20 Rage – Useful for PvP or any mob that can heal themselves, it uses rage to boot which you can spare a bit easier then energy, only becomes useful at skill lvl 40+
Poison Spray: 15 Rage – this skill consumes the Poisonious Infection DoT and does one shot damage to nearby enemies (5 targets max, i believe), it might sound like you are spreading the Dot, but it is just one shot damage to all mobs at the cost of the original DoT, so you can only use it once every 15 secs. Most useful situation is in NoM against the Dino Bosses for killing the adds or similar bosses. to much setup to be useful against trash

Hand Swapping:
To be most effective in your DPS you need to have the correct weapon in your main hand to deal the most DPS


this will pickup your offhand and place it in your mainhand, your main hand automaticly goes into the slot of the replacement(offhand). replacing your mainhand weapon from your bag will reset your energy and rage to 0 but swapping hands will not.

This section is to help you play as R/W intelligently if you choose to click each of your skills yourself and not use conditional attack scripts. I highly suggest getting nkXtdmacro addon(curse has it disabled atm, trying to get that resolved, I just attached it to this thread), as this will allow you to make all your ingame macros have the same icon and cooldown effects as normal skill, just by naming the macro the same name as a skill

You should place this bit of macro code either at the beginning of the first skill of your chain or as a stand alone macro that you click once to load up the data every time you start the game. This will let the game know the name of your weapons for comparison and hand swapping. always update this and rerun it if you ever replace one of your weapons

/run axename = "the name of your axe goes here in quotes without the plus(ie +1)"  /run daggername = "the name of your dagger goes here in quotes without the plus(ie +1)"

now for any skill that matters which weapon is in your main hand use a similar script as this example. you will have a macro for each of your attack skills. If you do it this way then the only macro that will need tweaking for new weapons is the first one, all the others will just work.

Name of macro = Shadowstab  /run _,_,mainhandname = GetInventoryItemDurable("player", 15)  /run if mainhandname ~= daggername then PickupEquipmentItem(16) PickupEquipmentItem(15) end  /wait .1  /cast Shadowstab

the title and the skill name should match exactly and replace daggername with axename for axe mainhand skills. If the game trys to throw away your weapons then you’ll need to increase the wait to maybe .2, this being said there will be a delay from the time of click to the skill usage by a slight amount so you will have to click your skills a little early to not waste time and slow your DPS.

Credits go to Mavoc.