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runes of magic leveling guide

Hello Fellow ROMers

Forum regs know how often new players (or new forum viewers) ask for build advice.

The problem with "LF X/Y build" posts is that many don’t understand that "build" doesn’t apply to ROM in the way it does in other games.

In other RPGs and MMOs (where most of us come from) you generally have attribute points, skill points of a finite number to spend on your character, so you have to make the most of them. Thus many new players come to the forums seeking "build guides" in this traditional sense.

ROM opperates differently in a few respects.

1. Talent Points(TP) is essentially infinite for our purposes. Once you reach max level (no longer gain XP) you continue to gain TP from quests and kills. As such eventually all skills can be maxed!

2. Attributes (Stats) in ROM are not "invested in" in the traditional sense. Each level you will gain a static boost to certain stats. Your secondary class also provides a boost to your currently selected primary in the form of 10% of their base stats being applied to the primary.

ie. S/R – Rogue has 100 of each attribute as it’s base. The Scout therefore recieves a bonus of 10 to each attribute.

The way folks modify stats is through gear modification and selection (the core of what this game is about).

"So what am I really looking for then?"

1. What skills are useful, and should be priorities in leveling:

Skills generally do not scale well with levels. Rank 0 is very powerful relative to rank 1. With each TP invested, skills get more and more expensive, and their relative power does not scale accordingly.

As such early on it will be hard to "max" (keep @ same level) more than perhaps 3-4 skills.

For this reason "rules of thumb" apply.

Many players keep 3-4 core skills within about 5 levels of their character.
The next most important skills are often kept within 10-15 levels.
Least important skills are either not leveled until much later, or lag 20+ levels behind.

What you need to glean from "guides" and class/build specific posts are how important skills are for your character, and prioritize your TP investment.

2. What stats are most important:

Even within the same class, there can be times that certain stats are simply better for build X over build Y. Thus an understanding of what stats do is very desirable. Take a look at the guide in my sig, or for this information.

Once you have a handle on what benefits they offer, the decision is largely self evident. For more specific stat advice seek help from class "experts" in their respective forums.

3. Elite skills:

The make or break aspect of many builds. Much like regular skills, some are worth investing in, others are not, and some come pre-maxed and require no investment. 

Again, read and ask specific questions if unsure. Some elites are considered "must haves" and others garbage. Don’t let the term "elite" fool you into thinking they should be maxed. Do your research.

4. Skill rotations:

This is key to learning your class. Also learning skill rotations will help you learn which skills are used most often, and thus should be kept high until you’re able to max them.

5. the 50+ problem:

You’ll quickly notice that after 50 the cost to upgrade skills becomes massive. You’ll also notice you have massive amounts of TP to spend. The temptation is to continue as usual.

IMHO it is best to level all useful (not necessarily every skill, by 50 you should know the difference) to 50 before going any further.

This is especially true for casters who can effectively leave most "casted" skills at very low levels and still be relevant with a good weapon (because of how casted spells are calculated).

This will also give you time to reflect on the usefulness of skills, and focus your attention post 50 on the skills that will carry you into end game.

Extra advice

(a) Skill Reset @ 30 – don’t waste this stone too early. Yes you’re 30 and starving for TP, it gets better and this is a vulable item to use later if you discover you’ve invested 50 levels in a skill you don’t really need. Or if you decide to re-roll and want to recoup all your TP.

(b) Maximize TP bonus’ – these are availble in the form of Potions, Housing Furniture, and sometimes "events" such as double TP weekends. It’s tempting to maximize XP, but the more TP you gain relative to XP will maximize your potential.

(c) DO YOUR DAILY QUESTS – this is just sound advice in general. But many players find a "hump" around 28, 39, 44 and 55. This is often because they failed to diligently do their daily quests.

The number of actual quests in this game is not sufficient to level 2 sides to max level, you must make use of daily quests – and the tokens are absolute must haves for several reasons.

Final Notes

I hope that reading this guide steers you in the right direction, endables you to ask more pointed/relevant questions about your chosen class/build, and maybe even tought you something in the process.

Credits go to Nemecis.