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runes of magic class builds

So you want to PvP, so a DPS class i’m assuming? Well, that throws Knight, Druid, Priest, and Warden right out the window then, shortening our list.

Let’s start with Rogue; A shadowy, assassin-type class, much like warcraft. Leather gear, crit, damage, fast daggers and quick reflexes are what the Rogue is all about.

R/K: This particular Rogue is a very balanced build; Good, steady dps from the Rogue side, and added defense and HP from the Knight secondary to offset the Rogue’s natural squishiness. There are no real flaws in elites(patk raise, hp raise, etc), and the /k offers more than one skill to spam when energy is down. Great for tanking/off-tanking if geared enough.

R/S: This crit-happy Rogue is certainly the most classical one, and an easy build at that. /S lets you equip bows and xbows on the rogue side, while offering a few ranged skills(not enough to make you a ranged dps, per say, but good for solo’ing) on the side. As i mentioned before, this build revolves around crits and burst damage, sacrificing defense for damage.

R/M: This is your standard Rogue with an extra heaping of CC. This is certainly a skill-oriented build, with trap-laying elites lol. Some mdmg fireball and CC from the mage, including a Silence for those pesky casters. A good physical DPS build for PvP with Caster-silencing abilities.

R/W: Dual-weilding axes, stackable bleeds. Nuff’ said lol.

R/P: A Rogue with self-heals and a single magic(ranged) skill. Passive buffs include water resistance(PvP Priests), and magic resistance(Casters!!)

R/Wd: is a good Rogue with awesome elites. Many of them are hard-hitting, increase crit damage, auto self-heal upon taking damage, and one the reduces mdmg on you.

R/D: no
(Props to Midknight for the mage info)

The Mage is a ranged magic-based class. CC’s, AoE’s, and nukes are a trademark. 

M/K: most important benefits are the passive buffs and EA from Knight General skills. They can mitigate the Mage’s characteristic squishiness to a degree. The arsenal of Light element spells can also add some variety to the usual Mage repertoire. The way it works now, Intensification + SoL makes a good combo. However, there’s nothing in particular that drastically affects the power of your AoE; just defensive benefits to protect you when you AoE and boosted mana pool.

M/S: A potent PvP combo with burst single-target damage. Keep in mind that Fire Rose only stacks the skill damage, not the mDam contribution. Basically burst damage, CC, and an enchanted shot for damage capability even when silenced.

M/W: No

M/R: While dual-wield opens up more options in terms of maximizing your DPS at any particular gear choice, the main benefit of this is the cast-time reduction of Shadow Shroud. Rogue general skills are a mixed lot, dodge benefit isn’t bad, per say, but just of situational usefulness. It basically has its ups and downs.

M/Wd: The only combo that can take decent advantage of Stone Scale Blade due to Earth Scepter. Also gets useful critical potential from Earth Markings, and EGWB is a potent spell because you get to double-dip mDam with elemental bonuses for both hits.

M/D: A tad more independent than M/P, this combo focuses more on offensive potential than healing. Druid general skills are less useful than Priest generals, but the first 2 Elites, Perception and Magic Target are very useful, especially late-game. Also has a double-hit spell in Magma Blade, though only the Fire portion has Mastery bonus.

M/P: See, Above, but more heals over dps.

Thanks to FencerSukuzi and Midknight for Scout info

Scouts are physical ranged dps. Essentially a ranged Rogue. Fast shots, steady dps.

S/K: A sustainable scout. They’re heavily armored machine guns– never stop firing and can take a beating. A great end-game tanking class. You can start building up nice aggro at a distance and Scout is already a high DPS class to begin with. Knight General Skills greatly assist to fill in Scout’s few weaknesses.

S/R: Another crit-happy Scout, they shoot sh!t fast lol. Extra speed, dodge, and offhand from the Rogue benifit greatly. 

S/M: Plays just like all scouts do, but with the added benefit of both an aggro wipe AND an aggro dump, Lightning and Silence from Mage general skills, and an AoE with root chance to supplement single-target capacity. Basically, a Scout with an side order of CC.

S/P: get a ranged defensive dispel, a mana regeneration cooldown, a slight buff to Snipe ,a powerful group cooldown increasing attack and casting speed, and a buff to it causing it to heal the Scout. They also get an aggro-lead, a few self-heals, and extra mdef resistance from /p general.

S/W: turn rage into powerful temporary buffs, increasing their dexterity, gain a permanent buff to HP, a buff to, a buff increasing concentration regeneration, and increasing the physical damage done to a target. Also, the abilities to wear axes can be benificial in melee combat.

S/Wd: Eclectic elite skills, almost all of which adding a new, powerful skill to your arsenal. Coupled with a Vanish-type move, hard hitting spells, and two new DoT’s, this Scout is a force to be reckoned with.

S/D: Imo, better skills than the S/P, adding some of the same skills, a buff to crit, a slew of remove-root/stun moes, and the ability of self-healing on the side.

The Warrior is a beefy dps. Trading dodge, speed, and squishiness for heavy hits, slow big axes, and bulky chain armor. 

W/D: Has some decent elites, a few new skills, but many are buffs or enhancements to existng abilities.

W/K: This combination complements the Warrior’s tanking abilities, giving them a ranged pulling ability, a potentially consistent blocking buff, a potent PVP-oriented cooldown, (Immune to helpless/stun/root for ten seconds) a potent damage/threat building skill, and additional rage generation. 

W/M: The W/M complements the Warrior’s playstyle by taking advantage of a mana pool that often sees little use. It supplies a high-damaging weapon skill that buffs and stacks up to three times of magic damage done (30%), a strong melee-range elemental-damage strike, a Damage reduction ability, a ranged nuke, and the ability to imbue the Warrior’s weapon to cause wind damage with every normal attack. Overall, the warrior/mage combo provides other useful abilities like Silence and a snare spell. (Lighting and augments the warrior’s lack of range attacks with Thunder Sword which can be devastating when fully upgraded.) Later on at higher levels, this combo begins to rely heavily on the magical aspect of its secondary as most of the later elite skills are based on magic damage, making the Intellect stat more important. While the combination can be seen as a hybrid class, ideally the player should choose between going either melee or magic focused as going balanced with both will only limit the abilities in the end. 

W/P: Fairly eclectic. It features a desperation cooldown, an interrupting ability, a buff to Magic Barrier skill, an ability to convert health directly into rage, and a high damage attack used when the target is Weakened as per Soft Spot. Not many other benifits from /p except self-heals and mdmg resistance buffs.

W/R: The Warrior/Rogue elite skills, like the Warrior/Priest, don’t affect a character’s playstyle that much. One skill changes the functionality of Shadowstab’s bleed effect (Shadowstab Perfection); another increases the warrior’s base movement speed (Speed Up). Blood Dance gives characters another powerful attack that costs HP while Frenzied Attack acts as powerful but risky damage-increasing cooldown. Keen Attack is another combo skill, usable when the target is Vulnerable (as per Probing Attack), striking twice for a large amount of damage. 

W/S: The Warrior/Scout combination favors two-handed weapons in close range and adds more skills to the Scout’s ranged skills. Warrior/Scouts gain a powerful close-range strike, a ranged stun, a buff to the Moon Cleave skill, a ranged strike that complement Warrior rage generation, and a ranged strike that does the same but is based off of weapon DPS. 

W/Wd: This is a good PvP-oriented build, with many new skills from /Wd, and PvP anti-silence/helpless/stun/fear/root thing that raises crit rate, and buffs to crit damage.


I’m going to to go ahead and include Knight, Priest, Druid, and Warden, as, well all servers need their tanks, healers, and scapegoats.

The Knight is a tank. Massive hp, massive pdef, bulky plate armor and shields are their specialty.
Knight cannot be Druid or Warden secondary.

K/M: The Knight/Mage combination focuses on passive damage and protection, giving them a Light-damaging aura, a Damage over Time skill, a slowing component to Whirlwind Shield, reflective armor, the power to take damage to mana instead of health, and a powerful buff to Mana Return. K/M’s get an extra fireball, silence, and CC from Mage General.

K/P: The K/P combination focuses on their ability to deal light damage and protect group members, giving them a damage over time effect, a powerful strike usable when the DoT is on the target, a tool to reduce aggro generation, the ability to prevent mobility hampering effects on any target, and a powerful buff to Shield of Valor. They also get a buff to resolution, and self heals, extra mdef, and water resistance from /P. K/P’s benifit from massive hp, and massive pdef/mdef.

K/R: K/R emphasizes the ability to crit, increasing Holy Strike’s chance to crit by 40%, a powerful strike only usable after critical hits, an increase to Blind Stab’s duration, a consistent buff increasing the ability to crit, and a powerful weapon-based AoE skill. K/R’s benifit from lots of crit, weapon speed, dodge, and patk.

K/S: The Knight/Scout combination focuses on the knight’s tanking skills, giving them a ranged taunt, a buff to Holy Strike, a monster type specific root, a ranged area of effect taunt, and an additional chance to reduce damage dealt when using Heavenly Arrow. K/S benifit’s from extra kiting, the ability to use the bow slot as an extra stat holder, and some /s CC’s.

K/W: This combination focuses more on area of effect and damage skills, giving them an increase in Whirlwind Shield’s damage, the ability to equip two-handed axes at increased effect, a buff to Whirlwind, a cooldown increasing parry chance, and a cooldown granting temporary immunity to fear.


The Priest is a general good healer. Lol, the class explains itself.
Priest cannot have Druid or Warden as a secondary.

P/K: Priest/Knights focus on the healing/utility aspect of group play, changing Grace of Life to also grant MP, making Urgent Heal also heal the caster, giving a cast time reducing cooldown, adding a powerful buff that increases effectiveness at healing while reducing effectiveness at damaging, and another buff that grants temporary fear immunity to a target 

P/M: The p/m combination is fairly eclectic, combining crowd control, the ability to remove curses, a mana restoration group buff, a mana restoration cooldown, and a buff to Lightning that places a debuff increasing wind and water damage done to a target if the target is afflicted with Bone Chill when struck. P/M’s also benifit from a skill called Icewind Blade, a powerful single-strike damage hit.

P/R: The Priest/Rogue combination focuses on granting offensive abilities, like a Dark damage over time ability, a medium-cooldown Dark damage nuke, applying Nimble Hands to spellcasting, an offensive dispel, and a long-cooldown DoT with a stun component. It also has two awesome elites, one increasing Crit for the whole party, and one that restores mana when using a certain skill.

P/S: This fun combo has a fairly eclectic elite skill set, giving them a magic attack buff, a ranged Throat Attack, changing Wave Armor so that it buffs defense, allowing Rising Tide to scale off ranged weapon damage, and an area of effect heal with a regeneration effect. Overall great healers. +1

P/W: This fun(? hehe) combination focuses around enhancing the Priest’s melee capabilities through Battle Monk Stance, giving them three powerful strikes; Explosion of Fighting Spirit, Fighting Spirit Combination, the powerful Ascending Dragon Strike, and an ability that doubles the power of the next physical attack. They also gain a very hard hitting skill that has a base damage of 300% weapon dps at +0, and scales almost 20 per level.


Druids are specialist healers, with their secondary defining how they heal.
Druids cannot have Knight or Priest as their secondary.

D/M: The Druid/Mage actually sports DPS rather than healing. A hybrid healer/dps combo, this one is neither excelling in either, but has a balanced mixed of dps and healing.

D/R: The Druid/Rogue leans more towards DPS, focusing on Dark damage, crit, DoT’s, and powerful single-strikes.

D/S: The D/S is generally termed as the ~best~ druid healer, focusing on pure healing. Specialists in single-target, these healers can ake any class a tank.

D/Wd: Probably next in line for Druid healing, thrown in with some damage skills.

D/W: A really wierd healing combo, with really, depending on how you stat, can be a healer or DPS. DPS is similar to the P/W, healing is more like a mobile Group HEal.

Props to Midknight again for this;
"Warden is quite unbalanced. It is a pet user class and suffers from the age-old summoner trope of the pet being god mode in the beginning, but not being able to keep up with content and thus falling flat on its face by end-game. So Wd/S will work quite well for leveling and questing purposes, but eventually you’ll need to switch to S/Wd for instances and end-game overworld. Wd/S gets primary benefit from their elite Chiron summon, a pet no other Warden gets. S/Wd is a very, very solid Scout build. Recent [Shot] issues aside, it is one of few combos with a majority of useful Elites. Only Charged Power is useless. All in all, a solid combo if you have a good mind for strategy and long-range damage."

Nearly ~all~ warden mains are similar in gameplay/style as the vast 75% of all their elites focus around the pet. The Warden currently scales horribly into endgame.

~Thanks to Midknight, FencerSuzuki, TheROMWiki, and several other sources in the making of this guide.~

Credits go to sharinganuser.