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Secondary Skills List (All Classes)

This is a short guide to all of the secondary skills the classes give you and their base starting stats. This should give you an idea of what a class can bring to your primary class (and as I’ve found, equally important is what it CAN’T bring to it).

Slash, Level 1, 25 rage, Range 50, Instant
Causes 90.0% of main hand weapon’s damage to the target with an additional chance to add bleed effect. (Extra effect is only produced when an axe is equipped).

Enraged, Level 4, Instant, 20 sec cooldown
Immediately increase rage by 15.0 points. (Must be used before battle)

Whirlwind, Level 8, 50 rage, Instant, 30 sec cooldown
Whirlwinds in place, causing 78.4% of main hand weapon’s damage to targets within range.

Berserk, Level 12, 25 rage, Instant, 60 sec cooldown
Increases party’s attack power by 4.0% and decreases defense power by 4.0% for 30.0 seconds.

Equip Axe, Level 16
Can equip 1-H axes.

Defensive Formation, Level 20, 25 rage, Instant, 2 min cooldown
Increases defense of all teammate by 4.0% and decreases offense by 4.0% for 60.0 seconds.

Brute Strength, Level 24
Increases strength by 9.0 points.

Shadowface, Level 1, 30 energy, Range 50, Instant
Causes 40.8% of main hand weapon’s damage to the target with an additional bleed effect that causes 6.0 of damage every 2 seconds for a total of 6.0 seconds. (Extra effect is produced only when a dagger is equipped on the main hand.)

Throw, Level 4, Requires 1 projectile, Range 150, Instant, 4.0 sec cooldown
Throws a projectile weapon at the target, causing 150.0% of projectile’s damage.

Blind Stab, Level 8, Requires 35 energy, Range 50, Instant, 15.0 sec cooldown
Causes 16.0 of the main hand weapon’s damage to the target with an additional blind effect for 15.0 seconds. (Must be in front of the target) [Weird tooltip...does not say 16.0%, but says "of the main hand weapon's damage" which makes it misleading. I believe it is 16 flat damage, will confirm later]

Projectile Training, Level 12
Can equip projectiles.

Off Hand Training, Level 16
1-H weapons can be held in off hand.

Agile, Level 20
Permanently increases dodge rate by 1.9%.

Ambidextrous, Level 24
Increases common attack speed by 1.9%.

Shadow Step, Level 28, 20 energy, Range 100, Instant
Instantly move behind the target.

Bow Training, Level 1
Can equip bows and crossbows

Shot, Level 1, Requires 1 ammunition, Range 220, Instant, 4 sec cooldown
Fires 1 shot at target causing 48.0% of the range weapon’s damage.

Vampire Arrows, Level 4, 20 concentration, Range 200, Instant, 15 sec cooldown
Causes 19.2 points of damage to target and will deal an additional -0.0 points of damage every 2 seconds for 10.0 seconds.

Joint Blow, Level 8, 30 concentration, Range 50, Instant
Causes 13.1 points of physical damage to target and reduces target’s speed by 40% for 3.9 seconds.

Blood Arrow, Level 12, Instant
Within 60 seconds, your health is reduced by 1.9% every 2 seconds and the physical attack of your ranged weapons are increased by 9.5%.

Throat Attack, Level 16, 30 concentration, Range 50, Instant, 12 sec cooldown
Causes 35.4 physical damage to the target and stops spell casting.

Wrist Attack, Level 20, 35 concentration, Range 50, Instant, 30 sec cooldown
Decreases the damage caused by target by 19.0% for 5.0 seconds.

Swiftness, Level 24
Agility increased by 9.0 points.

Speed Shooting Mastery, Level 28
Increases shooting speed of bows and crossbows by 9.5%.

Fireball, Level 4, 30 mana, Range 225, Instant, 6 sec cooldown
Casts a fireball, causing 22.0 fire damage to the target.

Lightning, Level 8, 20 mana, Range 150, Instant, 20 sec cooldown
Summons lightning, causing 28.9 wind damage to the target with an additional stun effect for 2.8 seconds.

Wisdom, Level 12
Intellect is permanently increased by 9.0 points.

Intensification, Level 16, 10 mana, Instant, 20 sec cooldown
Damage of the next offensive spell will increase by 40.5 points. Effect lasts for 30.0 seconds.

Silence, Level 20, 50 mana, Range 150, Instant, 24 sec cooldown
Silences the target for 3.9 seconds.

Fire Ward, Level 24, 120 mana, Instant
Increases party’s fire resistance by 4.8 points for 10 minutes.

Instant Heal, Level 1, 25 mana, Range 250, 1 sec cast
An instant spell that restores 50.0 points of target’s HP. [Tested this, it is in fact 1 sec cast, tooltip is misleading]

Rising Tide, Level 1, 12 mana, Range 217, 2 sec cast
Summon a torrent to cause 40.0 water damage to the target.

Regenerate, Level 4, 35 mana, Range 180, Instant
Regenerate 16.4 of target’s HP every 2 seconds for 20.0 seconds.

Holy Aura, Level 8, 60 mana, Instant, 2 min cooldown
All damage received will be reduced to 0 for 5.0 seconds.

Magic Barrier, Level 12, 120 mana, Instant
Within 600.0, all party member’s magical defense will increase by 9.0%. [I assume it means 600.0 seconds, ie. 10 minute buff]

Blessing of Rain, Level 16, 120 mana, Instant
Increases team’s water resistance by 4.0 points for 600.0 seconds.

Holy Strike, Level 1, 15 mana, Range 50, Instant
Causes 25.0% of the main hand weapon’s damage to target and adds Light Seal that lasts 10 seconds. (Each level will increase aggro)

Punishment, Level 1, 20 mana, Range 50, Instant, 8 sec cooldown
Causes 16.4 holy damage and activate Light Seals on the target. Each Light Seal causes 23.0 physical damage.

Disarmament, Level 4, 20 mana, Range 50, Instant
Causes 39.2% of the main hand weapon’s damage to the target and reduces target’s armor value by 3.0% for 10.0 seconds. Can be stacked 4 times.

Shield of Atonement, Level 8, 6 mana, Range 90, Instant, 30 sec cooldown
Attacks target with a shield, causing 24.6 physical damage. Also prevents enemies from using physical and common attacks for 3 seconds. (Shield must be equipped.)

Enhanced Armor, Level 12, 20 mana, Instant
Increases armor stats by 4.0% for 120.0 seconds.

Defense Skill, Level 16
Increases block rate by 9.5%.

Resilience, Level 20
Increases stamina by 9.0 points.

Devotion, Level 24
Increases maximum mana by 15.0 points.

Credits go to hoffmeyr

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