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If you want to see my toon in action I’ve uploaded some videos I took of myself to my guilds Youtube page. Pages is located here –>

**Please note** - I get a lot of questions in game. Questions ranging from topics about the class that are answered in this thread, to questions about random quests. The best thing to do is to drop your questions in the forums. Please try to remember that I’m not a GM or staff or anything like that. I’m a player just like everyone else. And when I’m in game I’m running end-game content and playing with my friends and guildies. Thanks for understanding. 


I would say that these skills are your highest priority to max, or keep as close to maxed as possible:

Blind Spot
Wound Attack
Low Blow
Enhanced Armor
Dagger Mastery
Sneak Attack
Holy Strike (ONLY if you plan on doing any Tanking/Off-Tanking)

To a lesser degree, but also important skills:

Defense Technique
Lion’s Protection (25 Elite)
Off Hand Master
Nimble Hands. 
Fervent Attack
Power of the Lion (40 Elite)

Non Attack Based Skills to Level (I’ll start with the order of which I maxed):

Treasure Hunter
Holy Light Protection
Numbing Dagger
Combo Throw/Throw.

Make sure Combo Throw/Throw is the very last thing you put any TP into at all. Even maxed out, with Premed, the damage it does is negligible. It’s a skill that would be good for pulling, and that only. 

Attack Combos:

The best and most damage I find that can be done, with an opening combo is:
Premed > Sneak Attack > Blind Spot > Low Blow > Wound Attack. 
If anything survives that attack combo, then procede to spam Disarmament, (stack 4 Disarm debufs on target) while your energy regenerates. If the target is STILL alive (would have to be an elite or boss) then I like to go: Blind Spot > Shadowstab > Low Blow > Wound Attack.
But you can also remove Blind Spot and just use SS > LB > WA. Probably easier until you master using Blind Spot in combat. Once you master that trick, I would suggest using Blind Spot in combat, especially if you have the level 50 elite, as it’ll add to your DPS. 

Using Blind Spot in combat:
Is easy. There are two ways to do this. You can just hold forward on your keyboard, running basically through the target while spamming Blind Spot quickly. Or you can just run forward, and hop over the target, also spamming BS. Either work…find which one works best for you. 


Daggers in both hands. 
Upper Body – Leather
Lower Body – Leather
Head – Leather
Belt – Leather
Hands – Leather
Shoulders – Cloth
Feet – Cloth

The reason you want to use cloth for your shoulder, and foot armor, is becaue the + bonus from using Jewels gives stamina. Having your gear at +3 (or higher using CS Jewels) gives you a stamina bonus, that provides as much, or more physical defense, than what is provided by having leather armor. So opt for the cloth, and make sure everything is at +2 or +3. Of course aim for +5 or +6 if you’re using NPC Jewels. The rest of your leather gear will give a dexterity or Stamina Bonus. Leather belts, and pants give a stamina bonus. 
Opt for leather shoulder armor if you’re using a set though. For example, I’m currently using the Black Victory armor set, and have leather shoulders to take advantage of the set bonus. 

For end game (level 55) your main hand dagger should be tier 7 or higher, and your off hand dagger should be transmuted with stats. 


level 1-16

I’d recommend picking up the 3 pieces to the Glory of Logar set to start off. Required level for the full set is 12, but you can wear the upper armor at level 7. These pieces are all quest rewards, starting with the "Things That Go Bump In The Night" quest. 

level 16-23

The Silverspring Hope set, is also available as quest rewards. The entire set can be worn at level 16.

level 23-35

The Top-Secret Records set is another set available from quest rewards. Eaily attainable, and some nice yellow stats and set bonuses. 

From level 35 on, I’d recommend you start transmuting. You should have enough gold, and can make gold by farming materials. Get some gold, and start transmuting with some 2 and 3 stat NPC fusion stones. Transmute onto 105+ durability white items. A lot of quests give out some half decent clean yellow stats such as the Necropolis Ghost Leather Jacket, avilable through the Recover the Needle quest. 

Also you can always buy +35 stam and Dex from higher level players for very cheap. You’re just buying the stat and you can send them your NPC fusion stone.

Level 50 – 55

Cyclops set is nice, now that it comes with a ghost HP stat. Set bonus is nicer DPS wise on the Cyclops set as well, but only for the full set. Only the 10% Dex increase is worth while. +25 Physical Attack isn’t even noticeable. Same with the off hand damage increase. Black Victory is easier to get, and always comes clean. So based on that, I’m picking Black Victory as the 50-55 set to use. Farming an entire Cyclops set is FAR too time consuming for a set that you’re going to be ditching in 5 levels. If you luck you and score the Cyclops Chest piece by chance, than go ahead and farm the rest of the set. The chest piece is the rarest. I’ve been playing since Beta and I’ve NEVER seen it drop once. So keep that in mind. 

Also, stat this set. Time to start using Puris if you haven’t already. This is the set you’re going to use when you first jump into HotO. So you want it to be decent. 

Endgame – Level 55

By this point you should have already been inside HotO, or are ready to get inside now. This instance is as good a place for stats as it is an Armor set. I don’t think you need a full set, because the set bonus for the complete set is good but not great. And your ultimate goal should be the Giant Fist set from Hall of Survivors, so having to replace a full armor set is not fun. 

If you’re following the guide, and using Black Victory pieces, I recommend keeping the shoulders and the Gloves, and using the Dark Shark Breast Plate and boots or helmet. You’ll get the 2 piece set bonus, and a nice boost in HP and most importantly Dex and Pdef. The level 55 sets have FAR better physical defense. 

With the Black Victory 2 piece and 2 piece Dark Shark your set bonus will be:
+40 Stamina
+52 Dexterity. 

You can pick up a "Source of Life Helmet" from the AH or turn in the quest to get it. Use a Dark Shark, or even use a Black Victory for your head piece. It’s up to you. Dark Shark will give you the most benefit, and is the easiest to get too. It drops VERY often. You can even complete the set if you get decent enough shoulders. Just remember that you should aim to replace it. Use Heart of the Ocean as your place to gear up for Hall of Survivors and beyond. The rest of the end game content is significantly more challanging than HotO. And you’ll need to gear accordingly. Your level 50 gear/weapons just won’t cut it there. So re-think everything. Aim to double your attributes. If you ahve 10k HP, your goal should be 20k. If you have 6k patk, you should aim for 12k…etc.

After you’ve gotten some stats, and some Armor from HotO your goal should be the Giant Fist set from HoS. The Attrocity set from Zurhi is nice too, but the databases aren’t updated (last time I checked) and the dodge rate was swapped for off-hand damage. Based on that, I think I like the Giant Fist set better. Furthermore, even a full Dark Shark set is a bit sub standard for Zurhi and above. So an HoS set is nearly a must. If the Attrocity set is better, it’s marginal. And certainly not so good that it’s worth farming a Giant Fist set, and then replacing. Giant Fist should be your end-game goal right now, and what you plan on using going into the next expansion. 

Giant Fist set comes with innate stats as well as the ghost HP, and standard refining bonus. Shoulders give stam, boots give dex, and gloves give patk. I’m going for Giant Fist Shoulders, chest, gloves, boots, and Strange Bug Helmet, and Pants. 

Daggers – End Game Only

Peril Buster Dagger which drops from 1st boss in DL is the best in game, followed by the Venom Fang Dagger and Naga Dagger which drop from Experiment No 81 in DoD. Next best would be the Emerald Dagger that drops off 3rd boss ZS. 

After those, it would appear that the crafted dagger from the Lair of the Demon Dragon, the Flame Dragons Black Wing Tooth is equal to the Aesi Dagger and Copy Soul from HoS. Aesi having the same base damage as the Copy Soul. Copy Soul has a crit rate innate, so I’d go with that over the Aesi. The craftable dagger is too much work for the limited benefit, and the Copy Soul drops quite often, so the superior dagger out of the 3 imo. 

Red Thorn Poison Blade, and Bughook Backstab both drop in Origin and they are a bit better than the Torch Blade that drops from Medusa in Heart of the Ocean. 


In terms of which should be stacked, I’ve gone for a build with:
1. Dex
2. Stamina
3. Physical Attack

Try to have a nice balance between stamina and dex. Don’t go all out stamina. If you have all stamina, and not much dex, you won’t be very useful in a party. Dex adds to your physical attack, and also your dodge rate. So it’s helpful as a Tank, because a dodging Tank that’s doing heavy DPS makes for mob nightmares. The more dex you have, the more you dodge, and the harder you hit. So make sure you have dex stats on all your gear. 
Since we’re tankier, and dont hit as hard as the R/S’s of the world, adding some physical attack is good as well. You can usually find a lot of that in yellow stats.

*edit #3* With clean mods only dropping in every instance, and natural game progression, plus the addition of the Dungeon of Dilanis, I’m going to change this up a bit. 

Pre Heart of the Ocean stats to use:

Fright VI (+30 stam +30 dex)
Barb VI (+30 str +75 phys atk)
Fang V (+20 dex, +50 phys atk) – Gives less Dex than Dex X, but more Phys atk than even +40 Dex
Auth V (+20 stam, +50 defense) – doesn’t give as much HP as Stam X, but gives more defense. 
Epidemic X (+40 dex)
Physique X (+40 stam)
Stam XI (+45 stam)
Dex XI (+45 dex)

Pre Hall of Survivors stat set:

Cruel VII (+41 dex + 94 phys atk)
Razor VII (+41 str + 94 phys atk)
Slaughter VII (+41 str + 123 defense)
Ravage VII (+41 dex + 41 str)
Eruption VII (+41 stam + 84 phys atk)
Fright VII (+41 stam + 41 dex)
*(Fang VI, Cruel VI, Epidemic XI, Physique XI or Suppression VII can all be used as alternates)*

Pre Demon Stronghold/Zurhidon Stronghold stat set:

Cruel VII
Eruption VII
Diamond of the Lost (Cruel 7.5) – (+47 dex + 104 phys atk)
Power of the Lost (Razor 7.5) – (+47 str + 104 phys atk)
Rage of the Lost (Slaughter 7.5) – (+47 str + 221 defense)
Day of the Lost (Eruption 7.5) – (+47 stam + 104 phys atk)
Light of the Lost (Fright 7.5) – (+47 stam + 47 dex)

Also there is:
Moon of the Lost – (+47 Dex +103 HP)
Scale of the Lost – (+47 Dex/+47 Str)
Both are decent alternatives and filler stats. 

Ideally the stat set you should be ultimately aiming for:

Diamond of the Lost
Diamond of Fear
Diamond of Imprisonment
Day of Fear (or Day of the Lost, since Day of Fear isn’t too common)
Day of Imprisonment
Light of Imprisonment

This build will give you 4/6 Dex stats, 5/6 patk stats, and 3/6 stam stats. You’ll be build for dps and main tanking/off tanking. Maximizing the best areas for a Rogue. 

Any questions post em in here. Any other R/K’s feel free to throw in your 2 cents, as this guide is just based on my own opinions from my own experiences. I hope this was helpful. 

Getting a lot of PM’s with a lot of the same questions, so I’ll put together a little FAQ.. 

Q: Is this guide good for any other Rogue/? combination?
A: No. This is a Rogue/Knight specific guide. 

Q: What about the Blake’s Honor Suit set from TT?
A: Not worth the effort. Drops too often with 2 dirties and low durability, and the set bonus is not so good. Sets I would stay away from: Aisha set, Anselve set, Blake Honor set. Too much work for minimal pay off. Set bonuses are not that good, and they take too long to farm. The Aisha/Anselve sets sometimes come with THREE dirty stats. 

Q: Demon Rune set? What about those?
A: Decent set bonus. But they take a long time to farm the points, and you’d be better served spending that time farming HotO for stats. 

Q: What about the Cyclops set?
A: My opinion…great set, but better pre-end game and for level 50-55. At level 55 the set bonuses are better, and the pdef is SO much better. The Cyclops set is only good for the full set bonus. Some pieces are rare drops, and you’d have to use a purifying stone to clean the crappy stats like Speed, that come on it. And in the end you’re sacrificing a lot in the way of defense. All in the name of 10% more Dex? Just doesn’t seem worth it to me. The off hand damage increase is barely noticeable, and +25 physical attack is laughable. 

Q: What daggers are you using? How much HP/Physical Attack do you have? 
A: Currently I’m using a T9 Peril Buster Dagger main hand, and a clean T6 statted Emerald Dagger off hand. I have 34k HP, and 29.4k physical attack unbuffed.

Credits go to Premium.

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