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I’m making this guide because I am fed-up with staff wielding, cloth wearing W/M’s. Now, I do not and will never claim to be the best W/M or anything for that matter. However, I’ve been with this class for awhile so I have plenty of experience with this class. Lets begin… ^^

What everyone gets confused on in this game is the dual-classes. You can have 3 scouts in a party and each can operate differently. It was never my intent to play a class that used Int+Str but my W/M build does.
This is what im workin with;

I’ve noticed that this class is not really for high pve dps. Just looking at the elite skills for this class a few of them dont work in a pve senario at all. (e.g. Sense of Danger and Wind Bastion)

Ok, the attack spells [Thunder Sword], [Lighting's Touch] and the weapon enchant’s [Eletrical Attack], [Lava Weapon] thier dmg is magic based thus Int/m.attk is a must. However, the Warrior is before the Mage since your secodary class is supposed to complement the play style of the primary thus Str takes precedence. This is so for one reason and the only reason really needed the warrior primary skill [2-H Weapon Mastery] does not work at all for staffs. My suggestion, swords are made for us. 

Most Warriors use Axes and most Knights use Hammers but, swords have the most balance between P.dmg and M.dmg and they usually display less dmg but have faster attack speeds then axes or hammers so do decent "skill dmg" because almost all of the W/M’s p.dmging skills are dps based. 

Now, the Stating priority shud be Str-1st, Stam -2nd and then Int/m.attk and Dex in runes and Ravage VII’s. Your lv35 and lv45 elite skills [Eletrical Attack] and [Power Control] are very nice and allows the W/M to forego Dexterity stating for more accuracy. Instead, every place where most warriors put Dex stats I place Int/m.attack stats e.g. Illumine. I if i need more accuracy still I use Triumph and Rouse runes and I hit everytime. ^^

If u look back at the Elite Skills sheet and look at the 1st skill on the list you will find the greatest skill the W/M class is given [Eletrical Rage]. Now I really apprciate this skill it turns your rage into magic power with a little dps on the side.^^ 

So, the reason stating Int/M.attk is important yet you dont wanna go overboard is because you need some m.attk for [Eletrical Rage] or rather the buff [High Voltage] to multiply but [High Voltage] when stacked x3 will grant you enuf for the other attack skills to hit effectivly. This is all the advice I have for now I myself am still trying to figure out some more things. However I must say an all magic build with this class once you get silenced = splat, trust me on this. And that reminds me for your mage side always max-out the mage general skills [Silence] + [Lightining] PLZ! ^^ 

p.s.Wear chain and it throws people off when I use [Taunt] in a duel. ^^

Credits go to Neorengoku.

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