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Here’s a comprehensive guide to pets and merging.

1. Intro
2. Basics
3. Stats
4. Experience
5. Training
6. Aptitude
7. Closing

1. Introduction

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2. Basics

How do I merge my pets? Simple! Look at the following window

The agent pet will be the pet RECEIVING. The re-agent pet will be the pet GIVING. The agent pet will be boosted while the re-agent pet will be destroyed. Very important! Left stays, right dies!!

Pets cannot be currently summoned to have them merged. Recall all pets in order to begin the merging process.

Pets can only be merged with another pet of the same element or a none-type. So if you have a Dark pet, you can only merge it with another Dark pet or a None pet. A None pet can only be merged with another None type pet.

Pets can only be merged with a pet of its same level or lower. Meaning, the re-agent pet must be equal or less than the level of the agent pet.

When you are ready to merge, press the button in the middle to merge the pets. The button named ‘Pair Merging’ involves the use of a Cash Shop item that we do not have yet.

A pet can only be merged w/ 3 other pets a day!!

2a. Example

Agent Pet (Level 12 Bear)

Re-agent Pet (Level 10 Crow)

Merge Result

3. Stats

So the all important question, how do I boost my pet’s stats. Whenever you accept a pet egg into your interface, its base stats are randomly generated closely following the growth attributes of the egg. These stats play an important role in how stats are transferred in a merge. Stats are transferred REGARDLESS of pet level. Here’s the formula:

Stat gain = (Re-agent pet stat – Agent pet stat) * 0.45
Stat gain only applies if (Re-agent pet stat > Agent pet stat)

If you look in the example, the bear has the following stats:
12 / 9 / 1 / 5 / 6

The crow has the following stats:
13 / 12.42 / 6.24 / 3.79 / 2.64

The positive difference between the two is:
1 / 3.42 / 5.24 / 0 / 0

Multiply the above by 0.45:
0.45 / 1.539 / 2.358 / 0 / 0

Round up to nearest hundreth decimal place:
0.45 / 1.54 / 2.36 / 0 / 0
Which is the result we see in the merge image.

4. Experience

Everyone keeps asking, "How do I level my pet?" One way is by merging. This portion IS DEPENDENT on the two pet levels. Here’s the formula:

XP Gain = (1000) / (Agent pet level – Re-agent pet level + 1)
Same level -> 1000 XP
1 level diff -> 500 XP
2 level diff -> 333 XP

In the example, we have a level 10 crow merging into a level 12 bear. So,
XP Gain = (1000) / (12 – 10 + 1)
XP Gain = (1000) / (2 + 1)
XP Gain = (1000) / (3)
XP Gain = 333 XP
We can verify this number in the merge screen.

5. Training

Regardless of level or rarity, when you merge a pet, all of the re-agent pet’s training will go into the agent pet’s training. New pet eggs come with the following:

Non-Rune pet egg = 50 Training
Rune pet egg = 100 Training

New Training = Current Agent pet training + Reagent pet training

I just created the Bear in the screens so you can see that he has 50 training. The Crow I had been training for a little bit longer and had 1850 training on it. So,

New Training = 50 + 1850
New Training = 1900

6. Aptitude

Aptitude of a pet will be transferred REGARDLESS of level. The reagent pet’s aptitude must be higher than that of the agent’s aptitude for there to be an increase. Here’s the formula:

Aptitude gain = (Reagent Aptitude – Agent Aptitude) / 4
The following condition must be true: Reagent Aptitude > Agent Aptitude

In the example, the crow has 73.94 while the bear has 68.
Aptitude gain = (73.94 – 68) / 4
Aptitude gain = (5.94) / 4
Aptitude gain = 1.485 (round down)
Aptitude gain = 1.48
Can be verified in merge screen.

Credits go to failkaito.

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