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Elf Priest Class Build (Light PvP/Pure Group PvE)

If you like be a support type of character then this class and build is for you. This build is not pure group PvE but it get the job done without any complaints from your party. Hard be killed with this build but you will live off your Magic Barrier and pray that you don’t get debuffed when your recast of it is under cool down.

Stat Build: I only put points in 2 areas of that stats. Most are put into Psyche but not all like most builds. I put a decent amount into intelligence to so that you have light pvp ability. This build has more than enough points in psyche to use Magic Barrier effectively and not worry about ever running out of mana in most cases. Intelligence was added so that you could maximize your use of Poison and maximize the potential of spells that are dependant on pysche and intelligence. However these psyche/intelligence skills are not in the build and is intended to be added later when you find skill stones off mobs or buy them in the cash shop.

PvE: The only time you should ever solo is when you are doing quests and that is if you can’t find a party. The rest of the time its good to just live off constantly party matching for high level mob grinds or dungeon parties. Its not too terribly hard, all you have to do is click the heal button here and there, and occasionally group heal. You will be pmed like mad to join parties and you can get into some great boss farming parties and get some really great gears or items for synthesis.

PvP: If you want better 1v1 pvp then go with the templar as priest is not that great at it. You can be tough to kill with you Magic Barrier and some damage reduction spells but you won’t be able to deal enough DoT damage and DPS to kill many people unless they screwed their build up. Priests are very important in grup pvp to keep thos tanks and damage dealers alive. The main focus in group pvp is to keep people alive ::)

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Elf Healer Tree)

1. Heal-Level 5: Heals the target by 600% of Intelligence and 600% of Wisdom.
2. MP Recovery
-Level 4: Increases the MP recovery speed of the target by 50% for 12 minutes.
3. Cure Confusion
-Level 1: Cures the target of confusion.
4. Divine Aura
-Level 1: Party only skill. When monsters become hostile, instantly resets the aggro value of the caster.
5. Cure Silence
-Level 1: Cures target of Silence.
6. Holy Light
-Level 2: Attack spell with damage equal to 460% of Wisdom.
7. Magic Buff
-Level 5: Increases the magical attack power of the target by 25% for 30 minutes.
8. Group Heal
-Level 5: Heals the entire party by 700% of Wisdom and 200% of Intelligence.
9. Reveal Hidden
-Level 1: Hidden players and monsters in a radius of 12 will be revealed for 30 seconds.
10. Magic Barrier
-Level 5: Absorbs physical damage 12 times the caster’s Wisdom, lasts 60 seconds if not all damage is absorbed.
11. Teleport
-Level 1: Instantly teleports 7 meters in the direction that the caster selects.
12. Ressurection
-Level 1: Resurrects target of up to level 20 with 10% of HP.
13. Poison
-Level 5: Deals 10 ticks of damage over time by 100% of Intelligence and 50% of Wisdom over 30 seconds.
14. Kill Time
-Level 1: Causes the next skill cast to not have a recast time. Effective duration 15 minutes if unused.

The recommended spell upgrades:
(Elf Priest Tree)

1. Blue Fountain-Level 5: Increases the total MP of the target by 25% for 30 minutes.
2. Reincarnation
-Level 5: Resurrects target of up to level 100 with 75% HP and MP. Restores 70% of the experience lost.
3. Mighty
-Level 5: Increases all stats of the target by 15% for 30 minutes.
4. Dispel
-Level 1: Removes barriers on the target.
5. Group Wisdom Buff
-Level 5: Increases the Wisdom of the entire party by 15% for 30 minutes.
6. Cleanse
-Level 1: Randomly removes 2 buffs from an enemy or 2 debuffs from a friendly target.
7. Blass Staff
-Level 5: Increases the staff damage of the target by 15% for 30 minutes.
8. Holy Attack
-Level 5: Attack spell with damage equal to 850% of Wisdom.
9. Holy Resistence
-Level 5: Increases all resistances of the entire party by 25%.
10. Vacuum
-Level 1: Prevents the target from using general attacks for 10 seconds. Cannot be used on monsters.
11. Group Instant Heal
-Level 5: Quickly heals the entire party by 700% of Wisdom.
12. Vitality Buff
-Level 5: Increases the Vitality of the entire party by 15%.
13. Perfect Healing
-Level 1: Recovers 100% of the target’s HP.
14. Soul Meditation
-Level 1: For 30 seconds, MP is not consumed when skills are used.
15. Mind Web
-Level 5: Prevents the target enemy and 8 enemies within 15 meters of it from moving for 12 seconds.
16. Divine Protection
-Level 5: The damage taken by all party members is reduced by 50% for 30 seconds.

Credits go to
Feel free to post this as a guide anywhere you want but plz keep link active and give me credit.

2 Responses to Elf Priest Class Build (Light PvP/Pure Group PvE)

  • Hello, i got a question…some of the skills in the picture gives you a description totaly diferent to the icon for example #6 talk about Holy Light while the icon in the picture is showing Divine Bean so my question is wich one is the correct one to build? The One in the picture or the one in the description?…thank you very much! best regards!

  • I have my own build, although it is kinda salvaged from this one. i took 2 int 1 vit and 1 phy. i found tht i was really lacking mana since i continually cast Holy Light and Magic Barrier and Roots. I also want enough mana to heal, so i took 1 psyche per level. Is it possible to make this elf into a tanker or an off tank?

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