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Fishing Guide
Fishing" in the event of regional Admission to the fishing spot, in the hunt to win various food items to hook a fish.

Fishing waters, each species in the fishing waters of the city manager to FishingNPC, anyone can enter.
Fishing rod is necessary for the NPC fishing spot can be purchased from the good rod allows the exchange of expensive items that can establish a fish hook will be high.

What is the point of fishing?
Fishing a minigame you can play to rest from grinding and get some really good and even rare items.

Types of Rods/Fish

Where do I fish?
You can perform fishing in dedicated areas accessible through a certain NPC like this one:

2. Where do I get a fishing rod?

As far as I remember you get a Willow Fishing Pole in the tutorial, that’s obviously the most basic of fishing rods. The better the rod the higher is your chance to get a ‘good catch’. There are several different fishing rods in-game (5 to be precise) + some Item Mall ones (I don’t know how many, Closed Beta testers get one for free) here’s a list of the rods I”ve seen:

The NPC that sells them is located in the fishing zone/map and that’s how he looks like:

And this is a Cash Shop rod, apparently a lot of Cash Shop items are time limited >..>

NOTE: Personally I didn’t notice any fishing difference between the cheapest and the Cash Shop rod o_o Seriously I was getting same results. Ok let’s carry on.

3. Um…what now?

So, by now you should have a Fishing Rod, and be at the fishing spot. i’ll explain now how exactly do you fish.

a) Get close to the water, you need be turned towards the water.

b) Open your Inventory and double click your Rod, a window like this should pop up:

I’ll explain the bars in a sec, let’s move for now.

c)Bait! I bet you now wonder "what am I supposed to put there". Well, this is the confusing part, fish in Rohan feed on…Armors,Weapons and Accessories xD Yes, put any piece of equipment in the "Bait" box and press ‘Start"

d)"The Big Green Bar"? You’ll see the green bar going down, it’s the "oh shit! wrong item" bar. If you use something you wasn’t supposed to use as bait you can cancel it by pressing "Pause" before the green bar goes all the way to the bottom.

I mean this green bar, just to make this clear. ^

e) Ok, so the green bar went down and the bar on the left started moving! What now? The marker will go up and down really fast and the little piece of the green bar will also move vertically. To catch a fish you need to press [ SPACE BAR ] but it DOES matter where you do it. If you press space outside the "little green bar" you’ll get a normal fish from which you most likely will acquire something completely useless (Potions,Etc items) . now, you need to focus on stopping the marker in the "little green bar". That’s the premium fish area. Premium fish can get you some really neat stuff (Rares,Pieces of Equipment with bonus stats and even better stuff, you just need to be a lucky bastard). By now you probably noticed the the "big green bar bar" is going down. it’s the time you have left before this fishing attempt ends.

NOTE: From what I noticed you CAN’T fail in fishing, you always get a fish no matter what.

f) So you finally got your first fish but what now O_o. The fish have types going from RED to NO COLOR (not sure about this, need someone to confirm). The higher the type the better items you might get. The types go like this:




Each type contain 7 (need confirmation on this) Ranks ex. Rank:0, Rank:1 etc. I believe that the higher the value the better items you can get.

NOTE: The bait quality matters, if you’re gonna fish with NPC items you’ll mostly get low ranked fish but if you’ll use some better equips(with bonus stats or rares) you’ll have a much bigger probability of getting a high ranked fish.

It looks like this:

Now, simply double click th fish in your inventory and a window like this will pop up.

This is a random lottery with not equal chances on each slot, it works a bit like the roulette in the casino, the pointer can go back and forth, not only in one direction. I’ll explain each reward slot now going from Top (12 o’clock):

12 o’clock: Random No idea xD
1;30 o’clock: Random Weapon (Normal, Rare, not sure about other types)
3 o’clock: Random Enchant Stone? (didn’t get this yet so I’m not sure)
4;30 o’clock: Random Armor
6 o’clock: Random etc item (Monster claws, blood etc, just some shit)
7;30 o’clock: Random potion
9 o’clock: Random Random Slot? (not sure)
10;30 o’clock: Random Shield

Extra Fish Tips by golladan
The Rainbow Trout is a special fish that you have a very low chance of getting. It has no level because the only thing it can give are option stones or skill stones.

The item at 12 o’clock are option stones.

Each item belongs to a rank. Ranks can go up to 44. Maybe higher. When you use an item for fishing, that rank will be used as base.

If you catch the lowest level fish(the one that will show the rank in Red), you will get an item that is 1 rank lower than the one you put in. Basically, you’ll get an item that is worst.
The next 4 fishes will give you an item of the same rank. You might even get the same item you put in, but with different(maybe better, maybe worse) magical stats.
The next 2 fishes will show the rank as Green, and will give you an item that is 1 rank higher than whatever you put in. You’ll get a better item.
Then the next fish will show the rank as Yellow, and will give you an item that is 2 ranks higher than whatever you put in. You’ll get an even better item.
The very last fish, like I said before, is a special rank-less fish that will only give option or skill stones.

Also, most ranks can end up just giving you potions(and potions can’t be used for fishing), so you might end up loosing your item you could say.

Lately, I’ve noticed alot of people selling fishes for you to try your luck.
*Warning* Before buying fishes from other people, check what Rank the fish says. Rank 0 Fishes will ALWAYS give the brown items that have absolutely no use other than selling to NPCs for very little money. Rank 1 Fishes will only give the lowest level weapons and armors(beginner weapons and leather armor). Elven equipment and stuff around that level doesn’t start appearing until Rank 4 or 5.
Fishing Guide Credits go to Kentaro!

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