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Upon being spawned from Armenes, the Dekans, widely scattered, tried to acclimate themselves to the strange environment.

Assembled under charismatic Ferdinante Don Endriago, Dekans began converging upon Armenes in preparation for self-protection. Rev’Deca is the capital they collectively built. Constructed on water’s surface, the royal palace of the current king Ferdinante Don Endriago is located deep in the city, and shops and major facilities are built circling with the massive central fountain. A single gate serving as the sole passage to the outside and the city walls erected in the city outskirts plainly reflect their isolationist tendencies. Stone statues and adornments in the shape of dragons can be found readily on the streets.



When you are in the game you can click the option for town map and you will be able to see the npc’s and their locations, less running around that way :)
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