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Located in southeastern Rohan Continent, Kai’non was built by Half Elves conceived between Elves, who migrated from the mainland, and Humans.

Half Elves, unable to feel a sense of belonging in either group, and having failed at assimilation in the city erected by Humans, assembled in the south of the continent and formed an independent settlement. Upon settling, all Half Elves strewn throughout the continent gradually began to converge upon Kai’non, and with population steadily growing, it grew to a size comparable to that of cities of other races. Due to the nomadic disposition of Half Elves, no city walls or notable architecture were constructed. Being firm individualists, they do not welcome external aid, and without a fixation on settling in a single site, they pitch tent-like shelters.



When you are in the game you can click the option for town map and you will be able to see the npc’s and their locations, less running around that way :)
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