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The human race of Rohan Continent naturally converged around Einhoren, endowed with pleasant climate and abundant natural resources, and forged a settlement.

With the passing of time, Einhoren gradually takes shape as the Human capital. The grand temple for worshipping Roha, and the training facility for paladins, the central army, are located in the capital, and critical national decisions are reached upon discussion between the grand prophet and the king. Einhoren is bisected into two large regions: the village, a residential district for commoners, and the royal palace quarter for the royalty and aristocracy which can be reached only by traversing a bridge erected in the village. Both zones are surrounded by a high city wall designed to ward off invasion.


When you are in the game you can click the option for town map and you will be able to see the npc’s and their locations, less running around that way :)
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