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Game FAQ

1: What kind of game is ROHAN?

Answer: ROHAN is a free Massive Multiplayer Online RPG that has no area restrictions, with this said it means that ANYONE is able to play.

2: What kind of internet connection is required to play ROHAN?

Answer: any internet connection is able to connect ingame, however for optimal gaming experience it is recommended to have a DSL line that has at least 2Mbit connection.

3: What are the classes one can choose of in ROHAN?

Answer: There are 6 classes in total each class has its own information forum; Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dhan, Dekan, Dark Elf

**SIDE NOTE** You can choose Gender

4: Is ROHAN a PVE (Player versus Environment) or a PVP (Player versus Player) oriented game?

Answer: From the feedback that is given on the forum this game is PVP based, however this is more related to the Guild and group activies then solo fighting.

5: If ROHAN is a PVP game is PK (Player Killing) possible?

Answer: Yes PKing is possible however there is a moral code amongst gamers not to engage in any PK activities unless provoked, ofcourse there are those who disregard this rule and PK for the fun of it. Show them no mercy and report them to the black (future project) list in the future.

6: Does ROHAN allow party gaming?

Answer: Yes parties are one of the things that ROHAN really encourages.

7: Are there party bonus skills?

Answer: As far as we know there are none.

8: Are there level restrictions for forming a party?

Answer: No there are not restrictions in the level difference however if someone is more then 14 lvls higher then you you will recieve a penalty in experience and will only get about 1/6 of the normal amount.

9: What is the maximum amount of people that are alowed in a party?

Answer: 6 is the maximum for a party

10: How much people may a guild contain?

Answer: A guild may contain up to 1023 players ( Thanks to SilverStar for confirming this )

11: What are the requirement to create a guild?

Answer: You need to be level 30, and the fee to create a guild is 2 million cron

12: What is the use of a guild?

Answer: Guilds can participate in battles where you can gain control over parts in the World of ROHAN that allows the guild to collect taxes.

13: How do I upgrade skills?

Answer: Skills can be upgraded by the skill points you receive each level, each level you gain 1 skill point. skills can be maxed up till 5 levels with normal skill points ( exceptions exist ) after that the player can upgrade his skills to lvl 6 with a Skill stone, and the player can also upgrade to lvl 7 with a Cash shop Skill stone.

14: Is the level 7 skill permanent?

Answer: Up to this point that is uncertain, some say yes, some say that you need to use a Cash shop item to get to level 7 and then use a regular SKill stone to make it a permanent lvl 7.

15: You mentioned Cash shop, what items can we expect?

Answer: At this time we are still guessing a bit because we wont know for sure until the CS actually arives. we do however think that the following items will be in the cash shop: Exp scroll, Skill Stones, Pets.

16: what kind of bonus stats do you get when you level?

Answer: Each level you will receive 4 points, at lvl 51 you will get 6 and at Lvl 71 you get 8 Stat Points. You can distribute your status points on the following atributes: Strenght, Wisdom, Intelligence, Agility, Dexterity, Vitality.

STR (Strength)

* +3 Melee Attack.

* +1 Physical Defense.

* +2~3 Weight Capacity.

VIT (Vitality)

* +2 Physical Defense.

* +2~3 Weight Capacity.

* +20 Health (HP).

* +1 Health Recovery.

INT (Intelligence)

* +3 Magic Attack.

* +1 Magic Defense.

* +1~2 Weight Capacity.

DEX (Dexterity)

* +3 Ranged Attack.

* +1 Accuracy.

* +2~3 Weight Capacity.

MEN (Mentality) or PSY (Psyche)

* +2 Magic Defense.

* -3 Weight Capacity.

* +10 Mana (MP).

* +1 Mana Recovery.

* Bonus to elemental resistances

AGI (Agility)

* +1 Evasion.

* -5~6 Weight Capacity.

Note* No stat affect attack speed or critical rate, but some skills/buffs and item modifiers do.

17: When using a potion will there be a cooldown time for me to re use a new potion?

Answer: yes these are the cooldown times:

HP and MP cooldown times = 60 seconds.

Elixirs = 60 seconds.

Poison Cure = 60 seconds

Emergency HP Pots = 2 seconds

18: Can I be interupted while casting/performing a skill?

Answer: As far as we know: no.

19: Are all starting location the same?

Answer: No there are various starting locations, as a addition to that it is said that if you cross in to a town that is not your original town you can be attacked by the guards.

*additional info: There will be a tutorial zone where all people can go to freely.

20: Are there dungeons in this game?

Answer: Yes there are dungeons, these dungeons contain monsters and boss monsters that have better experience and better drops.

21: Are there mounts in game?

Answer: Yes there are mounts for every race more info about mounts can be found at this topic.

22: Once you reach a new sub class can I still use my skills from the previous class?

Answer: Yes you can.

23: Are there crafting skill ingame?

Answer: The players themselves do not have crafting skills, at a upgrade NPC you can submit 2 of the same category items IE: swords and combine them in to a new item.

24: Can I add extra bonus statusses on these new items?

Answer: Yes you can if you have orbs, there are 2 types of orbs, normal ones and ancient orbs where ancient orbs are worse then regulare orbs.

25: What are the benefits for participating in a Guild?

Answer: The following benefits are gained from being in a guild: Guild Skills, Guild Storage, GUild battles and a Guild ranking system that gives the teaming guild members small bonusses in Cron and EXP

Guilds also provide the opportunity to participate in guild wars, and town battles (if they meet the requirements [20 members above level 30]). Guilds have a chance to obtain skill points that they can put toward their Guild Skills, that only Guild members can use. They also have a chance to obtain Champion Armor upon the successful acquisition of a Town. The Champion Armor gives +1000 hp, +50 magic defense, +50 physical defense.

26: Do Archers need to restock their arrows?, Are the skills from Archer continues?

Answer: Elf Archer arrows are consumeable so you would need to restock once your stock reaches 0, their skill however are not continues.

27: What’s the LEAST amount of letters a player can use when creating a name for their character in Rohan?

Answer: The least amount of letters per character is 4.

28: What are the rules for the skill tree?

Answer: I tested this in the Japanese version and the following rules apply: Skills are to be unlocked when you reach X level and you need to unlock at least 1 point for the skill tree to advance to the next skill

29: How much letters are required for a name?

Answer: In the Japanese version you are required to use a minimum of 4 letters

30: How can I distinquish rare items from common items?

Answer: The following is set for ingame items:

Normal : White/standard background

Rare : green

Unique: orange

Epic (ancient) : Blue

31: Is there any kind of penalty from being killed by a mob? loss of exp?

Answer: Yes, when you die you will be penaltied with a EXP decreasment. if you die to many times, you can delevel.

32: What about when you get PKed? Do you lose exp or equipment? (What if you get killed by a Dhan in their PK exp mode?)

Answer: You lose exp also, but I don’t know if you drop anything from your inventory or not. You do not drop equipment.

33: How does the equipment upgrading system work?

Answer:you make with the regular (I would almost say common) weaps/armors rares, with rares the unique.

common + common = RARE

rare + rare = Unique

However you can’t just insert a random item, typical armor parts or weapons are required for the finaly form.

34: If we are able to play, how can players meet eachother ingame as all players start in different area’s.

Answer: If you do the tutorial zone you will get teleportation stones that allow you to teleport to a harbor, this harbor is accessable for all players including Dhan. The teleport button is located at the right side of you screen. hover over the icons to see which button does what.

35: Do Dekans and Dhans get EXP from PKing

Answer: Yes, they get EXP for killing other characters.

36: How do you get a good solid party if the world map is so big?

Answer: ROHAN has a unique partying system which is called Party Matching,this button is located also on the right of your screen it is marked a P with a red background. if you click this it will open a window and it will automaticly go to the rank that is your level, here you can register yourself and leave a message, if a party wants you they can summon you from your location, be sure to have summon rings otherwise you can not be summoned. you are allowed to invite higher or lowered level characters.

37: In this game is it Dhan and Dekan versus the rest of the races?

Answer: I do not know the background stories on these 2 races, but there are no specific things saying that the above stated question is true. however it may be said that these 2 races are more often used for player killing (PK). they do however not form any restrictions in creating a party, also these classes can enter all regions of the world withouth being assaulted by the nation guard. the other 4 races WILL be assaulted by the Dekan or Dhans nation Guards. ( I can confirm this myself thanks Nudie for summoning me directly on a guard )

38: If there is a party it looks like there is a decreasement in EXP how come this is possible?

Answer: When partying, experience gets cut by a certain %, this is done because the underlying though of this is that you level faster if you both kill. A note worthy comment is that when soloing, the M.Kill system works, in a party it does not. to my knowledge the solo M.Kill system gives you a multiplier of EXP for the mob that triggers it. if you have followed the tutorial zone you know where to look for the M.Kill amount.

39: Where can I see how much EXP I gained?

Answer: Top left of your screen indicates allmost all information relevant to your character.

on the top you will see your total EXP, when you are leveling you will notice that a grey bar is filling up, each full grey bar represents 10% of your EXP, if you manage to get 10 full bars you will level.

You will not however see any exp rates in the battle logs.

40: Can I stack the skill points that I made through levels 1 till 50 and use them after I chose my follow up subclass?

Answer: Yes you can stack skill points to use them in the next subclass of your character.

41: Can I reset my skill or stat points?

Answer: Only a Dark Elf and Dhan ( confirm? ) have a skill that alows them to reset their skill tree, however that does not allow to reset stat points from your character. There have also been speculations that there will be Cash shop items that can reset these points. upto now the rumors have been: Full Skill Reset, Full Stat Reset, Semi Stat Reset ( semi meaning 1 of the 6 atribute locations making this a total of 6 items )

**How to Un-Install ROHAN**

If you are unable to uninstall via your add/remove program menu then look to where ever you have your Rohan installed, look for this file in that folder. GoUninstUSA.exe This file will uninstall the game.

The default install folder is C:\Rohan.

If the above did not work please try this solution:

1) Google Revo Uninstaller

2) Download, install Revo (small download, free program)

3) Find Rohan USA

4) Select Uninstall from the top list

5) You may receive an error that’s fine, the error means it can’t take the program files off your computer. You can do that yourself, what you need is registry and hidden files deleted that you shouldn’t mess with on your own. Click Next until it offers to delete registry files from the program, etc.

6) Select All button

7) Delete

8) Confirm

9) Now Rohan is effectively off your computer though the files are still there. Go to your Programs list or wherever you installed Rohan, delete the folder.

How to Change your password

If you want to change your password follow this: Link
Credits go to Xaipher

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