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Decrease Your Item Level Requirements

For every equipment that exist in the game, there will be TWO type of requirement. The requirement are levels and stats, and you might not have those godly stat, or you are focusing on just adding your stat on agi, int or what ever, you might not have that much stat for the requirement. So go to the npc for lowering stats.

-The stat…

as the game goes on, the requirement for equipment will of course.. increase, and it will probably be like… 60 maybe.

so… when you are going to get rid of the stat requirement, you have some options,

1. decrease xxx stat by 1

2. decrease xxx stat by 2

3. decrease xxx stat by 3

4. get rid of xxx stat once and for all.

and still… it is all by chances… the one hand bandit.. the slot machine.. just like any other stuff that involve chances…

Once again, then the spinner for success or fail shows up. Hope for the best.

-The level…

Well… if you are rich enough, you might just be able to use lvl 88 godly yellow bow at the level of 1~!! so it must have something to do with the level lowing.

Same as the stat lowering, it is by chance, slot machine.. few option:

1. decrease level by 1

2. decrease level by 2

3. decrease level by 3 .. and that’s all

but one thing that is different than the stat is…

When you fail to lower the level, the requirement goes back up!! but it will not exceed the original level though.


Special thanks to lego for this article!

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