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During the crafting, there will be 2 more slots besides for the equipment. And as you can see, the topic is about “Orbs (or something like that o_O”, it must for ORB!!

Orb is something you can get from mobs, low chances though.

what orb is, basically is just a stat boost thing you for the crafting items, there are a bunch of different orbs, with different stat of course, you can add on to your weapon, ONLY DURING WEAPON CRAFTING

For example you put in a “Rohan’s SPEAR” atk + 6~9%( yes, random again) your bow would have an extra effect of atk + what ever you get %.

Same as always, the SECOND TYPE of orbs…

the Ancient orbs!!! sounds fancy eh? yes, does it have better effect? NO! XD

it is ancient!!! is old!! it is rotted!! it add less effect… so if you get an “ancient HERA’s SPEAR” the stat would probably go from 1~5%.

You can easily identify them, because ancient orbs are yellow, and normal ones are blue.

Orange weapon only get to use ONE orb when crafting and yellow weapon get to use TWO orb when crafting.

If you got a pair of sharp eye, you would probably wondering Two slot but only one orb? so what is the other one for?

it is for an item, don’t know what it is call, that allows you to keep the equipment when the crafting fails. Yes… if you fail to combine the equipment, you lose the stuff you put up there… But I don’t think that item will save the orb though.
Thanks to Blackstorm for this article!

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