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There are THREE level of weapons/items

level 1 = white equipment, level 2 = orange equipment, level 3 yellow equipment.

you will need 2 particular level 1 white equipment to make 1 level 2 orange equipment, 2 orange equipment to make 1 yellow equipment. and it is all by chance.

To craft a rare weapon, there is an NPC located next to the weapon shop, example:

Selecting “synthesise an item will give you the crafting screen to make your rare/unique weps:

Place the items (2NPC bows in this case to make a rare) in the relevant slots:

Hope for the best as it spins on success and fail.

You are able to craft, or more like combining, weapons by npcs, it require you two particular weapon. For example you want to make an orange bow:

requirement to craft: bow + hunting bow ( I am making these up atm)

require of weapon: str : 1 str: 7

agi : 6 agi: 13

no int int : 2

lvl : 1 lvl : 8

effect of weapon: agi+2 agi +5

long range damage +1% short range damage + 1%

then you get OOO bow, and the requirement and effect will also changes.

OOO bow

requirement to use: str:8 agi:19 int:2

effect of weapon: agi +7, long range damage +1% , short range damage + 1%

for the bow, it has its own lvl requirement, so nothing to talk about

As you can see, the new orange bow “inherited” the two original white bow’s stat and requirements.

I am not sure about the requirement is added or what, because I always just get rid of the stat requirement first, then combine( I will tell you about it later on:P). but the effect is just taking everything the two bow already have, and put is togather.

The formula for combining items usually goes as follows:

General + General Magic + Rare item = x (finished product)

**Potions are ranked as follows: Junior,Intermediate, Advanced, Superlative & then Elixir**

In the synthesis shown above, you can see the player used two daggers and a magical item to create a better weapon as shown in the last box.

*Must combine the same type of weapon, dagger + dagger = possible, dagger + bow = impossible.*

Armor Synthesis

To make your rare or unique armor set, youll be looking at spending alot more on armor, or collecting drops from mobs ^^ (Something to use low lvl drops for as they sell for barely anything at NPC.

Go to synthesis NPC for armor:

Choose to synthesis for a rare/unique piece of armor:

There will only be the choice to create armor as defined by your race (no heavy armor etc for elfs…)

Then, hit and hope

As with weapons, rares use 2 NPC items to make, uniques require 2 rares to make.
Special thanks to lego for this article!

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