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M.kill stands for monster kill. You get an insane experience boost when you kill the last monster on your kill counter. So since you get great experience on that last mob you kill you can really rack up some nice exp bonus if you kill a boss or a higher level mob on that last kill!

When you are on your last monster on the counter it will start to flash so you can miss it. Here is the amount of experience that you get for each counter.

1-19 the 20th kill gets you 7x exp bonus

21-39 the 40th kill gets you 10x exp bonus

41-59 the 60th kill gets you 13x exp bonus

61-79 the 80th kill gets you 16x exp bonus

81-99 the 100th kill gets you 19x exp bonus

After that 100th kill your counter will reset and you will start all over to 1-19 counter. So make sure you are killing that high level mob or boss on that last Kill!

If you are in a party your M.Kill counter works the same way however the amount of monsters that you have to slay increases a little. Its not a big deal if the whole party is killing it should be faster than soloing. That is if you have a party that is not always afk lol.

A great tip for getting the most out of the M.Kill in a party is to have a group of 3-4 people with a HEALER and go kill mobs 10-15 levels above you. You will level at a an accelerated rate. So go out there and kill some mobs! Happy Grinding….

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