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This guide will offer a brief introduction to the Honor PVP / Mercenary System!

– The PvP Honor interface can be accessed via the ‘PvP Honor’ button located where the old ‘Hit List’ icon was previously located:

Within this menu you should see the following:

The breakdown of this menu is as follows:

1. Hit List
– Killed & Killed By list: Displays all players who you killed or were killed by.
– Recharge vengeance recall: Recharge your vengeance recall.
– Honor PVP Rank: Displays statistics on your Honor PVP rank; PVP, Monster hunting, connection time, overall ranking, etc.
– Possible: Shows remaining possibles.
– Release Murderer: Timer indicating when your possibles will go up.
– See Offer: Shows accumulated and guaranteed prizes. Please view the ? button on the Honor PVP interface for a breakdown on prize distribution.

2. Mercenary wage:
– Mercenary quests in progress: List of all mercenary quests you are undertaking.
– My Mercenary: Shows all your hired mercenaries.

To check the Honor PVP / Mercenary rankings, register as a Mercenary and view the Mercenary list speak to NPC Chris Jean in the Fishing Hole:

1. Last Week’s Ranking
- Honor PVP ranking: Displays complete Honor PVP rankings from last maintenance.
- Mercenary Ranking: Displays complete Mercenary rankings from last maintenance.
- Rankings will be updated every bi-weekly maintenance.

2. Register as a Mercenary
- Type message to potential clients and click confirm.
- Message will be available in Mercenary List.
- Can only register as a Mercenary once and you message cannot be changed unless your registration expires (Your name will be wiped from the board after 50 players register after you)

3. Mercenary List
- You can view the list of registered Mercenaries on the Mercenary List
- Click on ‘Finder’ to view more detailed information on a specific Mercenary.
- Click on the ‘Request’ button within the Mercenary info screen to hire that particular Mercenary.

Credits go to Syze.

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