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Human Defender Skill Tree

A brute of a soldier, they are often the center of a battle party due to their strengthened defense. They can also cast stun spells and excel with ranged attacks.

1. Buff that increases the damage of 1H maces. Apparently can be used on others.
2. Skill that decreases the target’s MP depending on the damage dealt.
3. Buff that increases the defense of Shields. Apparently can be used on others.
4. Party only skill. Forces the surrounding monsters to attack the caster.
5. Self Buff that increases the caster’s Vitality.
6. Skill that reduces the physical defense ability of all enemies within a certain distance.
7. Party Toggle that increases MP regeneration.
8. Attack Skill that does damage based on Strength. Also decreases movement speed.
9. Self Buff that prevents the caster from moving in exchange of an increase in damage. Only applicable to 1H Maces.
10. Party Toggle that increases HP regeneration.
11. Skill that has the user rush at the target and stun it.
12. Buff that allows the player to receive the damage that a designated party member takes instead.
13. Party Toggle that increases physical defense.
14. Skill that stuns a certain number of things within a certain distance(Area of Effect stun skill).free mmorpgs
15. Buff that puts a designated party member into invincible mode, stun condition removed(I think) and hate is reseted.
16. Party Toggle that increases Physical, Long Range, and Magic Attack power.
17. Area of effect attack skill that also pushes back the enemies.

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