This is a list of raid buffs and debuffs provided by the various souls in Rift. It should be comprehensive, please let me know if something is missing or inaccurate. I have left out snares (movement speed debuffs) for now as there are numerous abilities that snare and I don’t know whether they stack. This guide assumes all abilities are talented and trained to their max level. Each category is a separate stacking group, separated by lines in priority order, for example:

Power A
Power B
Power C

In this example, Power A and Power B will overwrite each other (no priority between them), and either of them will overwrite Power C.


Endurance Buff 1
Fanfare of Vigor (Rogue/Bard)
Boon of Vitality (Cleric/Oracle)

Endurance Buff 2
Shared Vigor (Mage/Archon) self aura
Neddra’s Might (Mage/Warlock)
Heroic Resolve (Cleric/Sentinel)

Stat Buff 1
Vitality of Stone (Mage/Archon) self aura, with 3/3 Strength of Stone
Bond of Power (Warrior/Beastmaster) self aura, toggled

Stat Buff 2
Resonance (Rogue/Bard) +5% Str/Dex/Int/Wis/End at 5/5
Vital Inspiration (Cleric/Oracle) +5% Str/Dex/Int/Wis/End at 5/5

Strength Buff
Fanfare of Power (Rogue/Bard)
Boon of Resurgence (Cleric/Oracle)
Focus of Body (Warrior/Paragon)

Dexterity Buff
Fanfare of Power (Rogue/Bard)
Boon of Resurgence (Cleric/Oracle)
Combat Preparation (Rogue/Bladedancer)

Wisdom Buff
Fanfare of Power (Rogue/Bard)
Boon of Resurgence (Cleric/Oracle)
Wisdom of the Ages (Cleric/Purifier)

Intelligence Buff
Fanfare of Power (Rogue/Bard)
Boon of Resurgence (Cleric/Oracle)
Flaring Intellect (Mage/Pyromancer)

Health Buff
Physical Wellness (Rogue/Riftstalker)

Armor/Resistance Buff 1
Arcane Aegis (Mage/Archon) self aura, with 3/3 Empowered Aegis
Bond of Shelter (Warrior/Beastmaster) self aura, toggled
Anthem of Glory (Rogue/Bard) self aura, toggled
Defensive Favor (Cleric/Oracle) self aura, toggled
Spiritual Protection (Cleric/Inquisitor) self aura, toggled
Heart of the Frozen Sea (Cleric/Shaman) self aura, toggled

Armor/Resistance Buff 2
Fortification Core (Rogue/Tactician)

Health/Armor/Resistance Buff
Command to Stand Ground (Warrior/Beastmaster) 5m debuff, with 2/2 Hunt Master

Movement Speed Buff
Bond of Alacrity (Warrior/Beastmaster) self aura, toggled
Anthem of Competence (Rogue/Bard) self aura, toggled, with Improved Anthem of Competence
Favor of the Current (Cleric/Oracle) self aura, toggled
Spark Shower (Mage/Archon)

Damage Buff 1
Call of Savagery (Warrior/Beastmaster) with 2/2 Hunt Master
Volcanic Bomb (Mage/Archon)

Damage Buff 2
Lava Field (Mage/Archon) with 2/2 Lava Spout
Orchestra of the Planes (Rogue/Bard)
Defend the Fallen (Cleric/Oracle)

Damage Buff 3
Flame of Life (Cleric/Purifier) 1m30s shared debuff

Damage/Crit Chance/Crit Power Buff
Enrage (Warrior/Beastmaster)

AP/SP Buff 1
Command to Attack (Warrior/Beastmaster) 5m shared debuff, with 2/2 Hunt Master
Flaring Power (Mage/Archon) 5m shared debuff, requires charge

AP/SP Buff 2
Motif of Bravery (Rogue/Bard) with Bardic Inspiration
Inspiration of Battle (Cleric/Oracle)
Granite Salvo (Mage/Archon)

Crit Chance Buff 1
Call of Blood (Warrior/Beastmaster) with 2/2 Hunt Master
Earthen Barrage (Mage/Archon) with 2/2 Earthen Shards

Crit Chance Buff 2
Focused Fire (Warrior/Tempest)

Crit Chance Buff 3
Motif of Bravery (Rogue/Bard) with Bardic Inspiration
Inspiration of Battle (Cleric/Oracle)

Cast Speed Buff 1
Primal Lucidity (Warrior/Beastmaster)
Surging Flare (Mage/Archon)

Cast Speed Buff 2
Burning Purpose (Mage/Archon) self aura
Call of the Forest (Warrior/Beastmaster) with 2/2 Hunt Master

Reduced Ability Cost
Anthem of Fervor (Rogue/Bard) self aura, toggled
Living Energy (Mage/Chloromancer) self aura, toggled
Marshaled Favor (Cleric/Oracle) self aura, toggled

Damage Proc
Static Discharge (Mage/Stormcaller) 1m debuff

Damage When Hit
Mass Charged Shield (Mage/Dominator) with 2/2 Improved Charged Shield

Reduced Damage Taken 1
Motif of Tenacity (Rogue/Bard) with Bardic Inspiration
Inspiration of the Keep (Cleric/Oracle)
Call of Stone (Warrior/Beastmaster) with 2/2 Hunt Master

Reduced Damage Taken 2
Reef Barrier (Cleric/Warden) lasts 6s at 2/2

Reduced Damage Taken 3
Ablative Coil (Rogue/Tactician) 6s channel

Reduced Damage Taken 4
Sign of Faith (Cleric/Purifier)

Reduced Damage Taken 5
Flame of Life (Cleric/Purifier) +20% reduced damage taken, 1m30s shared debuff
Life’s Rapture (Warrior/Paladin) +10% reduced damage taken, 1m30s shared debuff

Reduced Damage Taken 6
Redress (Warrior/Liberator) +7% reduced damage taken for 8s

Reduced Damage Taken 7
Ameliorate (Warrior/Liberator) +6% reduced damage taken during 4s channel, with 2/2 Rescue and Restore

Healing Received Buff 1
Command to Recover (Warrior/Beastmaster) 5m debuff, with 2/2 Hunt Master

Healing Received Buff 2
Motif of Regeneration (Rogue/Bard) with Improved Motif of Regeneration and Bardic Inspiration
Inspiration of Survival (Cleric/Oracle) with Benevolent Inspiration

Healing Received Buff 3
Redress (Warrior/Liberator) +7% healing received for 8s


Stat Debuff
Pillaging Stone (Mage/Archon)

Increased Damage Taken
Wild Growth (Mage/Chloromancer) lasts 12s, requires charge
Power Core (Rogue/Tactician) +10% Damage Taken

Increased Physical Damage Taken
Ashen Defense (Mage/Archon)
Coda of Cowardice (Rogue/Bard) requires combo points, with 2/2 Extended Grief
Curse of Frailty (Cleric/Oracle)

Increased Non-physical Damage Taken 1
Crumbling Resistance (Mage/Archon)
Coda of Distress (Rogue/Bard) requires combo points, with 2/2 Extended Grief
Spiritual Deficiency (Cleric/Inquisitor)
Curse of Consumption (Cleric/Oracle)

Increased Non-physical Damage Taken 2
Clinging Spirit (Cleric/Inquisitor) applied by Bolt of Depravity or Soul Drain
Sigil of Spirits (Cleric/Cabalist)
Tenebrious Distortion (Cleric/Defiler) applied by Marrow Harvest, spread by Unholy Nexus
Embers Bomb (Rogue/Saboteur)

Damage Proc
Spotter’s Call (Warrior/Beastmaster) with 2/2 Hunt Master
Illuminate (Mage/Archon)
Coda of Jeopardy (Rogue/Bard) requires combo points, with 2/2 Extended Grief
Thorns of Ire (Cleric/Druid)
Corroded Defense (Cleric/Oracle)

Armor Debuff
Reaping Touch (Warrior/Reaver) -3600 Armor, applied by Ravaging Strike
Mark of Inevitability (Warrior/Champion)
Lightning Fury (Rogue/Marksman)
Piercing Shot (Rogue/Ranger)
Splinter Bomb (Rogue/Saboteur)

Chance-to-be-Crit Debuff
Mark of Extermination (Warrior/Champion)
Lethal Poison (Rogue/Assassin) with 5/5 Poison Mastery
Dauntless Strike (Rogue/Bladedancer) requires combo points

Damage Debuff
Power Drain (Mage/Archon) toggled, requires charge

AP/SP Debuff 1
Waning Power (Mage/Archon) -5% AP/SP, ST, lasts 15s, 1m cooldown

AP/SP Debuff 2
Rift Disturbance (Rogue/Riftstalker)

Cast Speed Debuff
Lingering Dust (Mage/Archon)

Hit Chance Debuff
Blood Fever (Warrior/Reaver) spread with Plague Bringer
Censure (Cleric/Justicar)
Wrath of the Planes (Rogue/Riftstalker) requires combo points

Healing Received Debuff
Numbing Cold (Cleric/Shaman)
Bond of Corruption (Cleric/Defiler) spread by Unholy Nexus
Essence Link (Mage/Necromancer)
Blight (Mage/Chloromancer)
Fell Blades (Rogue/Nightblade)
Vampiric Munitions (Rogue/Marksman)
Dire Wolf’s Maul (Rogue/Ranger) -10% Healing Taken with 2/2 Master Huntsman

Healing Done Debuff
Creeping Corruption (Warrior/Reaver) -15% Healing Done

Ability Cost Debuff
Transference (Mage/Dominator)

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!