** Disclaimer – format and some of the wording borrowed (aka copy paste/edit format) from my buddy Leth’s Dervish Guide. For those unfamiliar, “Splurt” is in reference to an EverQuest Necromancer spell that did progressively more damage over time, which is what this spec reminds me of.

Feel free to discuss potential min/max in comments below. Keep in mind also this is done on the PTS with T3 test box and runes and self buffs. No PA or stones. I had a lot of success with high crit rate due to synergy of thunderhead and font of wit. I can not wait to test or see results with max CP.

This is a primarily a melee based ST spec with the emphasis on damage over time abilities. It does have some passive cleave (Beacon and Eth Corruption) along with some disconnect. The ideal fight would be one with very little movement/disconnect since about 40% of the damage comes from two melee abilities.

I do feel a huge drawback will be not having large damaging abilities that will line up with raid CD’s to give me a higher overall delta in regards to burst damage output.

20 Dervish, 14 Vulcanist, 5 Berserker using Font of Savagery (more consistent throughput)
20 Dervish, 14 Vulcanist, 5 Berserker using Font of Wit (pray to RNG gods)

Level 61 – Primordial Strength – For extending duration of Cyclicism by 10s.
Level 62 – Totemic Power – Taken for secondary of Morbid Slash refreshing and spreading Ethereal Corruption.
Level 63 – Vulpine Cunning – Taken for secondary of reducing Stroke of Brilliance by 3s
Level 64 – Elemental Affinity – 3% damage for each element used. Stacks 2 times.
Level 65 – Spiritualism – oGCD – Causes next 5 attacks to deal X to X Ethereal Damage.


Font of Savagery – Increases your damage and healing by up to 5%.
Font of Wit – Increases your crit rating by 7%.

Cunning Abilities:
Lashing Winds – Instant melee – Deals X to X Air damage. Increases damage of Aftershock by 20%. Moves 40 Fury.
Air Cutter – 2s Cast 30m – Deals X to X Air damage. Moves 10 Fury.
Icy Cleave – Instant melee – Deals X AE Water damage split up to 8 targets. For each additional target hit the damage is increased by 10%. Moves 20 Fury.
Underworld Shards – 5s CD Instant Melee. Deals X AE Death damage split up equally among up to 8 targets. Occurs 3 times over 1s. For each additional target hit the damage is increased by 10%. Moves 40 Fury.
Precision Bolt – 1s Cast 30m – Deals X to X Earth damage. Moves 20 Fury.
Stroke of Brilliance – Instant 30m – Deals X to X Earth damage. Moves 40 Fury.

Fury Abilities:
Tectonic Spike – 15s CD Instant 20m – Deals X to X Earth damage. Moves 20 Cunning.
Aftershock – Instant Melee – Consumes Tremor. Deals X to X Earth damage. Moves 20 Cunning.
Morbid Slash – Instant Melee – Deals X Death damage. Moves to 40 Cunning.
Fury Blast – Instant Melee – Deals X to X Fire damage. If used in Fury adds an 8s DoT. Moves 40 Cunning
Conflagrate – Instant 30m – Deals X Fire damage over 15s. Increases non-physical damage taken by target 5%. Moves 20 Cunning.
Rockslide – 15s CD Instant 3-20m – Charge the enemy and deal X to X plus weapon damage to up to 5 enemies. Roots affected enemies for 1.5s. Moves 10 Cunning.
Seismic Smash – 6s CD Instant Melee – Deals X to X Earth Damage. Moves 20 Cunning. Increases damage of Air Cutter by 20%
Molten Wave – 3s Channel – Deals X to X Fire Damage per second for 3s up to 5 targets total. Applies a debuff that increases MW damage by 25% (stacks up to 3x). Each additional enemy hit reduces damage by 10%. Moves 80 Cunning.

Neutral Abilities:
Savage Twister – Instant 30m – Deals X Air Damage over 15s. Does up to double damage as you approach harmony.
Ethereal Corruption – Instant melee – Deals X Ethereal Damage over 16s.
Beacon of the Drake – 1m CD 15s duration. Instant ability summons a beacon (placeable with a @GTAE) that deals X to X Fire damage up to 8 enemies when you deal damage.

Combat Buffs:
Shifting Wind – 1min CD oGCD – Applies Shifting Wind if the Primalist receives damage that would cause their death within 10s. Restores 50% health.

Utility Abilities:
Lava Lance – 10s CD 30m – Interupt
Scirocco – 10s CD 20m – Interupt and Debilitate
Squall – 8s CD 20m – Single target pull. Places 1min 5% crit debuff on enemy..

Key Mechanics
Quick Breeze(Talent) – Reduces the cast time of Air Cutter and increases damage of Lashing Wind by 120%.
Cyclicism(Talent) – Grants a buff granting 9% damage(when hitting full Fury) and 6% crit(when hitting full Cunning).
Lashing Wind – Air ability that grants 40 fury. This is the primary air ability when maxing Fury. Increases damage of Aftershock by 20%.
Air Cutter – Air ability that grants 10 fury. This is the primary air ability when maxing Cunning.
Aftershock – Earth ability that grants 20 cunning. Usually second biggest damage contributor because of buff from Lashing Wind.
Morbid Slash – Death ability that grants 40 cunning. This is used about once every 15 seconds while working my way back to perfect Harmony. This ability in conjunction with 62 mastery Totemic Power refreshes/spreads Ethereal Corruption. Please note a slight delay from when ability is used to actual refresh. I usually use it with 2-3s left on Eth Corruption.
Fury Blast – Fire ability that grants 40 cunning and an 8s DoT if used in Fury. This is used about once every 15 seconds while working my way back to perfect Harmony.
Savage Twister – Air ability (15s DoT) that deals up to double damage if used @ Harmony.
Conflagrate – Fire ability (15s DoT) that also debuffs and increases non-physical damage taken by enemy by 5%.
Tectonic Spike – Earth ability that hits hard and gives 20 Cunning.
Precision Bolt – Earth ability 20 Fury and the buff Precise Aim for 15s (10% dmg bonus)
Stroke of Brilliance – Earth ability 40 Fury used to assist with disconnect and provide buff to make Air Cutter instant. This ability is really only going to be used if you have disconnect.

The goal of this spec is to alternate Earth and Air Spells while maintaining Savage Twister (at harmony), Conflagrate, Ethereal Corruption, and Precise Aim buff up full time. Additional damage over time is dealth from passive ability Shearing Winds (400% weapon damage on crit) and Fury Blast (8s DoT when used in Fury). Earth spells trigger Quick Breeze for damage increase on Lashing Wind. Please note even though Cyclicism is 3/3 I have found my most success just staying in Fury to Harmony and back to Fury. Bluntly I have found my rotation to be a dps loss to try and get/maintain that 6% crit buff.

Opening Rotation
(1)Ethereal Corruption>(2)Precision Bolt>(3)Conflagrate>(4)Savage Twister>(5)Lashing Wind>(6)SpamMacro>(7)Lashing Wind>(8)SpamMacro>(9)Lashing Wind>(10)SpamMacro>(11)Lashing Wind>(12)Spam Macro>(13)Morbid Slash>(14)Fury Blast>(15)Savage Twister>(16)Conflagrate>(17)Precision Bolt

Once Precision Bolt is used pick up at step 5 and continue with pattern is essentially the gist of the rotation.

SPam ST Macro:
#show Tectonic Spike
cast @self Spiritualism
cast @gtae Summon: Beacon of the Drake
cast Tectonic Spike
cast Aftershock
cast Morbid Slash
cast Stroke of Brilliance
cast Precision Bolt

Lashing Macro:
#show Lashing Wind
cast @self Spiritualism
cast Lashing Wind
cast Air Cutter

** keep in mind many will most likely not include beacon in their spam macro but choose to use it as a separate key all together. Mine is included since that is how I optimally parsed it on a ST dummy.

Separate Key Abilities:
Lashing Wind Macro
Spam Macro
Morbid Slash
Fury Blast
Savage Twister
Precision Bolt
Ethereal Corruption

PTS Parse (Font of Savagery) @ 10/18/15 – 106k Parse
PTS Parse (Font of Wit) @ 10/19/15 – 107.1k Parse

* edited on 10/20/15 added Lashing Wind macro and modified end of spam macro. Changed 63 mastery to Vulpine Cunning. These changes are to help with disconnect
* edited on 10/19/15 to add in managing Precision Bolt and using Font of Wit. Talent point changes are reflected in second Magelo link provided, with Font of Wit Parse
* edited on 10/18/15 to add in managing Precision Bolt and using Font of Savagery over Font of Wit. Talent point changes also reflected in Magelo link.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!