This for the new Titan soul, the guide is all about tanking. It’s might be bigger than what I normally do, however tank requires so much more addition information.
Though warning mistakes could be present.


Best Spec:
31 Titan, 8 Berserker, 0 Typhoon


You don’t just throw taunts out, taunts are there so you pick up Npcs better.
Either using them as a new Npc has just spawned and you want it to attack you immediately or other group & raid members have pulled threat off you.
They are also used for tank swapping.Epicenter will pull enemies towards your location which do aid in tanking trash, you don’t always want to run the target if you can just yank it most of the time.

Tanking is all about dealing damage to the enemy and having that enemy lock onto you, so they do not go on a rampage through your group or raid.

For when your tanking have the enemy face away from the group or raid as they will most likely have a cleave attack that might not hurt you, but will kill the group or raid.
Few enemies don’t have a cleave attack, so best play it safe until you know they don’t.

Focus Bar
Essence Strike, Creeping Vines, Crystalline Smash cannot be used above 80 Fury and Crystalline Lance,Earthquake, Upheaval cannot be used above 60 Cunning.

Which doesn’t matter much if you use the macros provided, if you need extra Fury for you single target damage then use Creeping Vines or Titan’s Fury.

Your be using these abilities to reduce incoming damage for a short time, which could be related to a mechanic the enemy does to the Titan that is too overwhelming to be ignored or that will outright kill on the next hit.

Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 30s
Reduces incoming damage by 20% for 4s.

Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 1 minute
The Primalist takes 40% less damage for 10s.

Primal Avatar: Ram
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 2 minutes
Instant heal for 100% of you heath and removes all movement-impairing effects. Any overhealing from the effect is converted into a shield which absorbs 75% of incoming health on the Titan. For 15 seconds, heal 7% of your health every second. Grants full Fury for the duration.

Ancestral Force (Mastery)
3s Channel – Cooldown 1 minute
Restores health to the ally equal to 50% of the Primalist’s maximum health each second. Lasts 3s. Can move while channeling.


You should be working on getting better Hit gear that offers high Endurance, above all other stats.
Normally the higher Tier has greater stats than the one before it, so this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you go for better tank gear.When looking for better gear in the same Tier, keep it so that Endurance always wins out.
Then you should be trying for items that also have Block, Guard, and Dexterity.

There are no Main Hand or Off Hand weapons to tank with.
The only weapons you can get are Two Handers and Bows/Guns that give you better stats for tanking.

You don’t have to rely only Primalist tank gear.
Cape, Neck, Trinket, Rings and Essences can be from different classes.
However at the end on the day try focusing on Primalist tank gear.

Runes can come from Runecrafters or from vendors that require there zone rep to buy.
The names of crafted runes go in this order: Abiding > Fine > Detailed > Exquisite > Phenomenal, Phenomenal being the best version.

BIS Runes:
Phenomenal Rune of Endurance – Helmet
Phenomenal Rune of Endurance – Cape
Phenomenal Rune of Endurance – Shoulders
Phenomenal Hardy Rune – Chest
Phenomenal Thwarting Rune – Gloves
Phenomenal Thwarting Rune – Belt
Phenomenal Hardy Rune – Legs
Phenomenal Thwarting Rune – Feet

Phenomenal Twin-rune of Endurance – Two Handed
Phenomenal Weapon-rune of Endurance – Range
Improved Telluric Rune of Defense – Earrings
Atragarian Resolute Rune – Neck
Rhenke Resolute Rune – Trinket
Phenomenal Resolute Rune – Rings
Ghar Aegis Rune – Seal
Pelagic Resistance Rune – Focus

Greater procs of the same value don’t stack so you don’t use two of the same value, a 2nd would just increase the chance to proc by 2% on a already 80% chance.

Currently the best Focus to use is Sigil of Sanctuary which is found within Intrepid Gilded Prophecy on Hardmode.

If this is unavailable then the next best is Focus of Nightmares, which is located in the Rift Store > Equipment > Focus.

Dream Orbs
For orb stats you want Endurance stats, as always.
For all orb stats you can visit Dream Orb Stats Spreadsheet.


Tanking Caps:
Guard Soft Cap = 2,369 (10%)
Guard Hard Cap = 4,377 (12%)
Block Soft Cap = 8,138 (45%)
Block Hard Cap = 60%
Dodge Hard Cap = 10,845 (20%)Hit
This enables you to attack Npcs, without it your attacks would just miss or be resisted.

Decreases physical damage done to you.
Armor is on some of your gear and the only way to increase it is to get a higher Tier of gear, however after a while you will see diminishing returns from increasing it.
It’s best not to worry about it and let it passively increase when looking for better gear.

Reduces elemental damage done to you; basically Life, Death, Fire, Water, Earth, or Air attacks.
Resistances can only be increased by what essences you put in your Focus.
However it’s not worth the loss when compared to the Endurance you could be losing if you did stack Life, Death, Fire, Water, Earth, or Air resists instead.

This increases your health, the more health you have the longer you live or you will be able to survive through the most damaging of attacks done to you, instead of getting killed on the first attack.
Endurance is the most valued stat to have, so you should be looking to get a lot of it from every where.

This reduces the damage you take from all sources, no matter the direction, and the range of who it can affect can be increased.
It has a base range of 7 meters, which can be increased by 3 meters via a Crystal and another 3 meters with a Mastery. The tank with the highest Guard will override any other Tank’s Guard rating.
This stat will come from any gear you equip, stats that a piece might have and from some runes.
Though the stat requires that you have Titanic Spirit active in order to seen and utilize.

Blocking reduces the physical damage you take, this only happens when facing the enemy.
The reduction is at a fixed stat of 30%, you can increase this by 5% by using a the Indomitable Mastery.
While the chance of Blocking can be increased your start to see diminishing returns once above 45%.
Though the stat requires you have Titanic Spirit active in order see and utilize.

Increase you chance to miss physical attacks completely, no matter where your attacked.
Dodging an attack on boss fights will rarely happen as they do a variety of attacks both physical and elemental, and you can’t Dodge elemental damage.
Increasing Dodge chance will only be useful for when fighting large groups of enemies.
You will have diminishing returns right from the start if you increase it via gear, so it’s best to let it passively increase.

Titanic Spirit
Font of Retaliation

Level 61 – Indomitable
Level 62 – Totemic Power
Level 63 – Ursine Tenacity
Level 64 – Elemental Affinity
Level 65 – Ancestral Force

If you do have other Tanks in the raid you could change Level 62 Mastery Totemic Power to Shepherd’s Care. Though only the tank with the highest Guard should be using the Shepherd’s Care Mastery.

For the Level 63 Mastery Ursine Tenacity you could change this to Feline Reflexes so that Crystalline Lance hits 3 more targets, however you have to make sure they are behind your current target for any of the aoe to work.

Standard Rotation:
You should always start a fight by using Crystalline Lance for both single target and aoe.

Keep Crystalline Lance, Essence Strike and Earthquake active no matter what you are doing.

Using Crystalline Lance, Earthquake, Upheaval will grant Aftermath reducing you damage taken by 6% for 10s.

You can keep Crystalline Smash on cooldown, as every little helps and it provides a shield too.
Summon: Lifewarding Beacon also provides a small shield though it your choose to use it on yourself or allies.

Upheaval is perfect for trash/adds as it stuns them for 3s, so you want to keep Upheaval on cooldown.

Using Creeping Vines is optional as it’s only a dps gain, or if need to generate extra threat on the enemy.
Titan’s Fury also increases your damage, however with the Totemic Power Mastery Titan’s Fury does provide a spell reflect on use.

Abilities you need to know about:


Please note that most of the numbers shown in the tooltips will be different in-game when leveling, as these are at the abilities show in the Souls and do not have stats or a level to increase their power.

Titanic Spirit enables the Primalist to tank, meaning you can keep & generate threat on enemies so they don’t hit others after you have hit them.

Titanic Spirit –
Enables Block and Guard. Increases threat by 300%. Increases Armor by 100%. Non-Titan abilities deal 50% reduced damage and healing.

Font of Retaliation –
Each time you block, your target takes 6600 damage over 6s and you heal for 200 health over 6s. Increases your Block chance, Block mitigation, and Armor by 5% Only one Font can be active at a time. Lasts 1h.

Primal Roar requires you to be in melee range in order for the taunt to work.

Essence Tap –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 8s
Forces the enemy to attack the Primalist for 3s

Primal Roar –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 20s
Forces up to 10 nearby enemies to attack the Primalist for 3s

Epicenter –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 1 minute
Pulls up to 5 enemies to the Primalist, forcing them to attack the Primalist for 3s.

Damaging Abilities:
Earthquake creates a Shard that does not move with the Primalist so the aoe damage is fixed in that location, the buff provided will stay with the Primalist though,

Essence Strike –
Instant – 20 Fury
Deals 9700 Life damage. Reduces damage taken by 3% for 20s. Cannot be used above 80 Fury.

Creeping Vines –
Instant – 20 Fury
Deals 17500 to 18000 Life damage over 8s. Cannot be used above 80 Fury.

Crystalline Smash –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 3s – 40 Fury
Deals 10000 to 10500 Earth damage. Shields the Primalist from 3400 damage within 5s. Requires Titanic Spirit.

Crystalline Lance –
Instant – Cooldown 8s – 40 Cunning
Deals 10000 to 10500 Earth damage to the enemy, then chains to 3 nearby enemies. Deals increased damage for each enemy hit. Hitting an enemy increases your Block Chance by 5% for 20s.

Earthquake –
Instant – Cooldown 10s – 40 Cunning
Creates an Earthquake Shard that deals 14000 Earth damage over 15s to all nearby enemies. Reduces your Spell Damage taken by 10% for 20s. Cannon be used above 60 Cunning.

Upheaval –
Instant – Cooldown 40s – 40 Cunning
Deals 24000 to 24500 Earth damage to up to 5 enemies in front of the Primalist and stuns enemies hit for 3s.

Temper and Virtify do not stack on the Primalist, though Temper will override Virtify.
Using Virtify while having allies right behind you will also grant them a 20% reduction in damage.
With the Totemic Power Mastery Titan’s Fury reflects the next spell when used.

Temper –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 30s
Reduces incoming damage by 20% for 4s.

Virtify –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 1 minute
The Primalist takes 40% less damage for 10s.

Primal Avatar: Ram –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 2 minutes
Instant heal for 100% of you heath and removes all movement-impairing effects. Any overhealing from the effect is converted into a shield which absorbs 75% of incoming health on the Titan. For 15 seconds, heal 7% of your health every second. Grants full Fury for the duration.

Ancestral Force – (Mastery)
3s Channel – Cooldown 1 minute
Restores health to the ally equal to 50% of the Primalist’s maximum health each second. Lasts 3s. Can move while channeling.

Titan’s Fury –
Instant – Non Global Cooldown – Cooldown 30s – 40 Fury
Increases your damage by 20% for 5s.

Life Bond –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 30s
Shields the ally, intercepting 50% of the damage they receive, and replacing the ally’s Guard with the Primalist’s, for 6s. The Guard replacement will only occur on allies wo ho not currently have Guard enabled. An ally can only be affected by a tank soul damage intercept up to once every 2 minutes.

Overwhelm –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 10s

Summon: Lifewarding Beacon –
Summons an uncontrolled Lifewarding Beacon in the targeted area. While within 10m of the Beacon, up to 5 nearby allies again an absorb every 3s. Max one Beacon. Lasts 60s.

Lifewalk –
Instant – No Global Cooldown – Cooldown 45s
Teleports to the targeted location.

Use the Essence Strike macro to dealing single target damage to the enemy.
While keeping Crystalline Lance on cooldown.

The Earthquake macro is for dealing aoe damage to the enemy.
You will need to keep Essence Strike active.

#show Essence Strike
cast Earthquake
cast Essence Strike
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Raging Waters
cast Creeping Vines

#show Earthquake
cast Earthquake
cast Upheaval
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Low Stability
cast Underworld Shards
cast Icy Cleave

#show Ancestral Force
cast @self Ancestral Force

#show Summon: Lifewarding Beacon
target @focus
cast @gtae Summon: Lifewarding Beacon
cast @gtae Summon: Lifewarding Beacon

#show Life Bond
cast @mouseoverui Life Bond

#show Lifewalk
cast @gtae Lifewalk
cast Lifewalk

#show No Witnesses
cast @mouseoverui No Witnesses
cast @group01 No Witnesses
cast @group02 No Witnesses



* Titanic Spirit: Increased threat modifier from 200% to 300%.
* Increased threat of Essence Strike, Crystalline Lance, and Earthquake.
* Primal Avatar – Ram: Fixed an issue preventing this from increasing the caster’s maximum Absorb.
* Fixed a bug where Earthquake dealt Death damage instead of Earth damage.
* Increased Earthquake’s damage multiplier by 50%.
* Buffs from Crystalline Lance, Essence Strike, and Earthquake now last 20 seconds, up from 16s.
* Unyielding – talent: Lowered from 3% damage reduction per point down to 2% per point.
* Essence Strike: No longer gives Dodge when used, and instead gives a 3% reduction to damage taken.
* Crystalline Lance: Range increased from 20m up to 30m.
* Earthquake: Lowered cooldown from 15 seconds down to 10 seconds.
* Primalist Mastery Indomitable Indomitable (level 61) now also allows Crystalline Smash to be used on targets up to 20m away.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!