Preserver 3.4


The Primalist healing soul Preserver is really strong and will compete with Clerics Purifier.
You have equal abilities with some minor differences and will have a new and in my opinion fun playstyle.

In this guide i will go abit more into depth, but not as deep as i want, and from what ive learned while playing preserver so far. I will include what i believe is important to know and abilities that you mostly use as a healer, there are a few other abilities not mentioned that you might use sometimes.

31 Preserver / 4 Dervish / 4 Typhoon

Use Medic’s Crystal for tank healing.
Use Caretaker’s Crystal in Dungeons or in raids where you use a Purifier aswell.


  1. Lv61 – Primordial Strength (Exhileration does not increase range of healing abilities)
  2. Lv62 – Forest Matron (+5% increased healing & absortion)
  3. Lv63 – Ursine Tenacity (Allows Nurture and Naturalize to be channeled while moving)
  4. Lv64 – Ethereal Meditiation (Your Cultivate heals twice as rapidly)
  5. Lv65 – Natures Blessing or Ancestral Force (Natures Blessing works similair to Divine Favor and does stack with divine favor.)

Font of Savagery (5% increased healing)
– When you critically hit, your damage and healing are increased by 1% for 15s. Stacks up to 5 times.

Each time you reach Fury your healing abilities applies Resilient Growth wich is a HoT for 8 sec.
Each time you reach Cunning causes your healing abilities to apply shields.

Passive abilities:

The Coming Storm
– Healing increases the damage of your next damaging ability by 9%. Damaging increases your next Healing spell by 9%.

– Deluge provides an absorb equal to its healing value.

– When you cast Restore on an ally, you also Restore yourself.

Sudden Growth
– Your Deluge has a 100% chance to apply 5 blossoms to the target.

– When you heal with Inundate, Deluge, or Estuary, your healing is increased by 9% for the next 10 seconds.

– Overhealing an ally with 5 stacks of Blossom spreads 20% of the overhealing to 5 injured allies.

Blossom Shower
– Each stack of Blossom on an ally increases their Maximum Health by .5% and increases your healing by 1%.

Nature’s Keeper
– Channeling Nurture on an ally with 5 Blossoms deals 30% of your Naturalize’s damage to up to 5 enemies within 7m of your ally.

– Your single-target healing reduces the target’s damage taken by 6% for 15 seconds.

Healing Abilities:

– Restores X to X health. Each of your Blossoms on the target increases your next spell’s critical hit chance.Moves focus to 20 points towards Fury.

– Restores X to X health. Additionally adds up to X Absorb based on the number of Blossoms on the target.Moves Focus 30 points towards Fury.

Estuary (AE)
– Restores X to X health to up to 4 allies in a chain. Moves Focus 50 points towards Fury. Deals 10% less healing with each successive chain.

– Restores X health over 18s. Applies Hasty Blossom wich gives a buff for each blossom on your healed ally, your next ability’s casttime is reduced by .3 seconds. Moves Focus 10 points towards Cunning.

– Heals for X to X every 0.75 seconds. Healing is increased for each soul point in Preserver. Last 3s. Each tick applies one Blossom to the targeted ally. Blossoms enhance other Preserver heals. Moves Focus 10 points towards Cunning per tick.

Serenity (GTAE)
– Creates a field of life energy wich restores 7192 health over 15s to up to 5 nearbyb party or raid members.

Damaging Abilities:

– Damages target enemy for X to X every 0.75 seconds. Last 3s. Moves Focus 10 points towards Cunning per tick.

Flash Flood (AE)
– Deals X to X Water damage to up to 5 enemies around the enemy. Damaged enemies are knocked back.Moves Focus 20 points towards Fury.

Low Stability (AE)
– Deals X Air damage to up to 8 enemies in the target area. Fury Ability. Pushes Focus 20 points towards Cunning when used.

Vine Whip
– Deals X to X Life damage. Snares the enemy, reducing their movement speed by 30% for 6s. Moves Focus 30 points towards Cunning.

Utilities, Cooldowns and Buffs:

Primal Avatar: Deer Spirit
– Channel your Primal Avatar, increasing your critical hit chance with spells by 100% for 12 seconds. Applies Cultivate heal over time effects to up to 10 party or raid members. Grants full Cunning.

– Intensifies the lifeforce of an ally, reducing their damage taken by 30% for 10s. Each second for 10s, the ally heals for 25% of their missing Health.

Essence Flow
– Increases Healing of your next 3 Inundate abilities, within 30s, by 100%. While active, Inundate’s cast time is reduced to instant.

Nature’s Blessing (If used as Lv65 Mastery)
– Restores X to X Health to allies affected by the Primalist’s Nature’s Blessing whenever the Primalist casts a single target healing or heal over time ability. Cannont Trigger more often than once per 5 seconds.
– Buff the raid or party member, causing single target healing and heal over time abilities used by the Primalist to restore X to X Health. Cannot target the Primalist. requires Nature’s Blessing to casts.

Ancestral Force (If used as Lv65 Mastery)
– Restores health to the ally equal to 50% of the Primalist’s Maximum Health each second. Lasts 3s. Can move while channeling.

– Remoes all crowd control effects. Teleports forward 15 meters. Moves Focus 20 points towards Cunning.

– Charge the enemy and deal X to X plus weapon damage to up to 5 enemies. Roots affected enemies for 1.5s. Move Focus 10 points towards Cunning.

– Removes all Curses, Diseases, and Poisions. Heals the target 1% of teh Preservers’s Max Health for each debuff dispelled.

Ablution (AE)
– Removes 1 Curse, Disease, or Poision from up to 10 party or raid members.

– Removes 1 Curse, Disease, or Poision.

The playstyle is like a mixture of purifier and chloromancer. You have strong channels, instant heals and shields, aswell for dots and blossoms to keep track of.
You gain certain buffs by using certain abilities and aswell for increased healing when using damaging abilities.
Therefor you wanna squeeze in a damage abilitiy aswell in your rotation and keep an eye on the situation on what you need and where your Focus is.


  • Deluge -> Cultivate -> Inundate
  • Low Stability -> Nurture -> Cultivate -> Inundate
  • Nurture -> Cultivate -> Inundate

For situations that you know the tank or tanks will take alot of damage use Essence Flow then do Inundate on them 3 times then Estuary and you will be in Full Fury for the HoT.
If theres a long fight with alot of tank damage over a longer time use your Invigorate and apply Deluge then use Nurture.

  • For an example
  • Essence Flow -> Inundate x 3 -> Estuary
  • Deluge -> Cultivate -> Inundate
  • Low Stability -> Nurture -> Cultivate – Inundate
  • Nurture -> Cultivate – Inundate

And for situations where its required both tank healing and raid healing use your Primal Avatar then Serenity and Estuary then do Deluge on tank
and try to keep as much overhealing as possible on the tank (or target) to spread 20% of the overhealing done.

  • For an example
  • Primal Avatar -> Serenity -> Estuary
  • Deluge -> Cultivate -> Inundate
  • Low Stability – Nurture -> Cultivate -> Inundate
  • Serenity -> Nurture -> Cultivate -> Inundate


In raids you can use Nature’s Blessing on the tank/tanks and two more. At the moment it does stack with Divine Favor so you could apply it aswell to the tank/tanks if theres a Purifier there aswell.

In dungeons you can apply Nature’s Blessing to those that do damage and keep healing the tank.

If theres no damage on tanks or other stuff you can proc Hasty Blossoms and use your damaging abilities on the boss or adds depending on the situation.

Make sure to keep your stacks of Blossom up at all time to gain Hasty Blossoms (reduced cast time for 1.5sec) when using Cultivate and to spread your overhealing to injured raid or party members.

You can also proc Font of Savagery by spamming Serenity before pull.


I dont use much @mouseoverui macros so you can edit them yourself after your needs and your own setup.

– AoE Cleanse
#show Ablution
cast Ablution
raid >> AoE Cleansed!

– Restore
#show Restore
cast @mouseoverui Restore
cast @self Restore
cast Restore
raid Restored! 20sec CD!

– Serenity at yourself
#show Serenity
tar @self
cast @gtae Serenity

– Serentity at your target
#show Serenity
cast @gtae Serenity

– Combat Ress
#show Emanate Life
cast Emanate Life
raid >> Ressing %t – 5min CD!

– Nurture + LS on Focus (Boss pref)
#show Nurture
cast @focus Low Stability
cast Nurture

– Cleanse spam + MUI
#show Cleanse
cast @mouseoverui Cleanse
cast @self Cleanse
cast @group01 Cleanse
cast @group02 Cleanse
cast @group03 Cleanse
cast @group04 Cleanse
cast @group05 Cleanse
cast @group06 Cleanse
cast @group07 Cleanse
cast @group08 Cleanse
cast @group09 Cleanse
cast @group10 Cleanse
cast @group11 Cleanse
cast @group12 Cleanse
cast @group13 Cleanse
cast @group14 Cleanse
cast @group15 Cleanse
cast @group16 Cleanse
cast @group17 Cleanse
cast @group18 Cleanse
cast @group19 Cleanse
cast @group20 Cleanse
cast Cleanse

– Essence Flow (Big hit savier)
#show Essence Flow
cast Essence Flow
cast Inundate

– Spots
#show Estuary
cast @mouseoverui Estuary
cast @mouseoverui Cultivate

– Spots 2
#show Estuary
cast @mouseoverui Estuary
cast @mouseoverui Nurture

– Charge (For getting closer fast)
#show Rockslide
cast @focus Rockslide

Karuul Alert:

I play with high resolution so you might have to rescale them and position them after your own needs.

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Will update the guide if something changes, and when i have more time to write abit more deeper as i did now.
See something wrong or got something to add or discuss? Make a reply.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!