Welcome to the EZ Mode titan guide because qing for experts takes too long

What you need:
DO some PVP to get basic gears. You’ll be basically at 1200 hit in the first week, and if you are struggling have some friend walk you through nightmare saga for your starter t1 weapon.

What you don’t need:
tank gear or a brain

Does it work?
Surprisingly yes. The survivability is awesome.
31 Titan, 4 Berserker, 4 Typhoon, because Dex
The spec:


The buttons:

You’ll mostly just press 1 button. I’m sorry. It is true.

#show Overwhelm
cast [shift] Overwhelm
cast [alt] Essence Tap
cast Titan’s Fury
cast Earthquake
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Temper
cast Underworld Shards
cast Essence Strike
cast Raging Waters
cast Creeping Vines

Hold alt to activate taunt, hold shift to do the interrupt. This macro will keep all your standard buffs up, you’ll get your reflect shield every 30 seconds from mastery, and your crystalline smash shield ASAP when its off cooldown.

That’s about all you really need!
Here are some extra buttons you may want to use from time to time:
Put these on your bar to get used to them.
Summon: Lifewarding Beacon If you are pro you will remember to drop this near your healer before a boss fight maybe.
Lifewalk (teleport) i dont know where this is actually useful
AOE mechanics macro

Emergency buttons in order of severity:
Primal Avatar: Ram (full heal/shield and stay alive regen for 10 sec)
Ancestral Force macro (see below) (big self heal)
Upheaval (AOE stun) might as well save it until its useful, you could add it to the macro but that would make me cry
Vitrify (40% damage reduction)

AOE Mechanics macro:
cast [alt] Epicenter
cast [shift] Primal Roar
cast [shift] @targettarget Life Bond
cast [shift] Life Bond
cast Low Stability
cast Torrential Rain
cast Crystalline Lance

cause really, is there any situation in rift where you can’t blow your aoe taunt when trying to press your intercept button?

Ancestral Forces macro:
#show Ancestral Forces
cast [shift] Ancestral Forces
cast @self Ancestral Forces

So you can, like, control if you are trying to heal yourself or someone else

Ok so 8 buttons on your bar, I guess thats good, a couple spaces left for the self buffs.
Here are the self buffs:
Titanic Spirit
Font of Retaliation

And if you want to focus slightly more on aoe damage for a certain pull you can occasionally press Icy Cleave, so that fills your bar, you’ll probably be fine since earthquake will be up all the time.

why does it work?
it has 56% effective block, 23%dodge, a spell reflect, extremely high resists, a new 11k+ shield every 4 seconds, and lots of straight %mitigation buffs, this is just with basic 1200 hit dps gears. actually having tank gear improves the story, but unless your trying to raid seriously this spec works well

basic tanking protocol:
dont turn your back to the enemy (youll get hit harder), try to hit everything you pull with your first attack, dont body pull, use your taunt after a mob has pulled off you (not to do the pull… damn noobs), understand enemy behavior, look at your other players so you can tell if they are ready by body language (they get annoyed by frequent ready checks and also if you pull before they are ready)

kalerts: you dont need any because the 1 button you mash will keep your buffs up

what cant you do? well most primalist skills hit 8 mobs max, some other classes can hit more mobs at once
earthquake claims to hit EVERYTHING but i have not tested how much EVERYTHING that is

when in doubt, press all the buttons

Edit: Do you need to look at your fury/cunning bar?
NO, you might as well remove it from the UI cause its just kind of annoying to watch. Save that for dps. Don’t need it for preserver either.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!