So this is likely not the top dps version of the new Defiler but it is how 61 Defiler now works.
It’s a start and hopefully the community will offer up better tweaks in the next few weeks.


DOTfiler dps….yeah it’s just like Reaver only worse, no stealth, way longer single dot button cd that doesn’t put all the dots up, hate it? love it?

The DOTfiler is a build that works by putting dots on the target which net you stacks of Greed and Rage. These two stacks buff your other abilities which consume up to 5 stacks. Through managing dot timers and buff consumption, the build achieves it’s…….numbers. See the rotation below.


At the time of writing this guide, the soul calculator hasn’t been updated.

61 Defiler:

12 Inquisitor: ( taken for the double purge. the variations net a very small change in dps though this appears to hit the hardest for me.

5-Planar study
5-Corporal Punishment
2-Agent of Affliction

3 Shaman:

3-Dauntless Courage


Armor of Devotion (+5% critical hit chance with damaging abilities)

Vengeance of the Winter Storm ( Weapon attacks deal additional water damage) Only use is to proc on the off chance that you end up using Lightning Hammer.

Link of Misery ( Claims to be a buff but is more like a tank intercept cooldown)


Avenging Shield (Used for the shield procs) ** Use Soul Collector instead for pvp**

Divine Inspiration (Used for the +5% healing and absorption as well as the +5m range to damaging abilities)

Faith’s Freedom (Sanction Heretic now applies Vex on cast)

Sinister Resolve ( +8% to dots, 5% to delayed damage, 3% to non-instant, non-channeled abilities. Greed’s Call now adds 5 stacks of Greed)

Soul Stream ( 3s channel. Damage on an enemy and heal on an ally or self)


Spam Macro

#show pain transmission
cast [shift] pain transmission
cast marrow harvest
cast sanction heretic
cast greed’s call
cast explosive rage
cast aggressive avarice
cast lightning hammer


#show bond of pain
cast marrow harvest
cast furious might
cast @self unstable transformation
cast bond of pain
cast greed’s call
cast pain transmission
cast explosive rage
cast aggressive avarice


#show unholy nexus
cast unholy nexus
cast pain transmission
cast @gtae corrupted field


#show link of misery
cast @mouseoverui link of misery


#show summon beacon of despair
cast summon beacon of despair
cancelbuff summon beacon of despair


Miserly Affliction, Greed’s Corruption, Nuke Macro until both Explosive Rage and Aggressive Avarice cast, Soul Stream, Spam Macro Shift mod x1 to cast Pain Transmission.

After this block it’s a priority to keep your dots up. Because the timers are nearly all different, you’ll have to either use Kalerts or track via the most common timer. I use Pain Transmission cd to track my dots and does the job without managing each dot on it’s own.

In general there are two sets of dots. three with short timers (18s) and three with longer timers, (two with 24 and one with 30)

So using Pain Transmission as a tracker, the dot application would look like this, in practice and after the initial nuke block.

Short dots = one PT timer
Long dots = two PT timers

Using the spam macro between timers, you would cast dots in this order

Short dots,PT, Long dots, Short dots, PT, Short dots, PT, Long dots

Repeat until Bond of Pain comes off cd


Short dots, Long dots, Spam macro x1 for Marrow Harvest, Aoe Macro until you channel Corrupted Field. Repeat.

By the time your dots fall off, most groups will be dead. If not PT+ Corrupted Field has better dps when things are nearly dead as dots take time.

Hopefully that help people out. I’m sure a better build will be posted in the future.

Take care


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!