This guide will be concerned with titan tanking and most of it’s nuances.



31 Titan is something you would call an active tank. What this means is that a lot of your mitigation does not come passively in your soul tree, but rather through abilities and procs.

I had to increase my UI size for these screenshots so bear with me

This is the standard build for general purpose. The 3rd offsoul with 0 points in it is for swapping purposes only.You can change 0 point souls in combat so what you do is swap to vulcanist when you may need a 30m ranged single-target ability (fury blast) and then swap to typhoon when you need a ranged AoE ability (Low Stability). If you do not want to swap out souls than stick with typhoon.

For the lvl 62 mastery, you can change between Totemic Power and Shepherd’s Care depending on if you need a reflect or not, just be aware that this will hurt your AoE threat.

As Leth pointed out, the 63 mastery Feline Reflexes only spreads in a 120 degree cone behind the target which makes Ursine Tenacity more viable as an option (to increase your guard range)

Link: 31 titan / 8 berserker / 0 typhoon

Stat Priority
guard to cap > endurance > dexterity > dodge > block > strength
(You could argue that dexterity is more important when under the guard cap because your base guard is determined by it)


You want to use Font of Retaliation and Titanic Spirit

How to use Abilities

Creeping Vines -This does a lot of damage and is good sustainable threat, try to maintain it on all mobs whenever tanking up to at least 3 targets. Generates 20 fury.

Essence strike – Standard spam ability, can’t use over 80 fury and also increases your dodge chance by 10% for 20s. You don’t really have to worry about maintaining this dodge buff because it’s the ability you use the most, except for AoE when you want to pay attention to it. Generates 20 fury.

Crystalline Lance – Can’t use over 60 cunning. Provides 5% block chance for 20s. Does less damage than essence strike so you do not want to prioritize this ability over essence strike except for any aoe situation or maintaining the Aftermath proc. It’s important to note that this ability has 30 meter range and that it chains to more targets which means there is a slight delay before it generates AoE threat. Has a 30% chance to have cooldown reset when blocking. The mastery increases it to 6 targets up from 3. Generates 40 cunning.

Crystalline Smash – Can’t use over 60 cunning. Gives a negligible shield. Off global cooldown so you can spam this ability provided you manage your fury/cunning bar. Deals a lot of damage and gives a lot of free threat, so ideally you want this to be used off cooldown. Generates 40 cunning.

Earthquake – Can’t be used over 60 cunning. reduces spell damage by 10% for 20s. This ability is in a weird place, it currently is dropped on the ground where your target is standing, and does AoE to mobs within that immobile circle. Triggers Aftermath. Generates 40 cunning.

Upheaval – Can’t be used over 60 cunning. This is our hardest hitting ability and generates the most instant aggro, it also stuns for 3 seconds (doesn’t stun in most dungeon and raid encounters outside of trash packs). Applies Aftermath. Generates 40 cunning.

Primal Avatar: Ram – Argueably one of the better tank reactive CDs in the game. heals you for 100% of your health, breaks all movement impairing CC, overhealing is made into an absorb, heals you for 7% of your Health every second for 15 seconds, and puts you at 100 fury. 2 min CD

Temper – 20% damage reduction on a 30 second cooldown. The short cooldown on this makes it very useful because it’s up a lot of the time.

Titan’s Fury – When invested into Shepherd’s Care mastery, this becomes a reflect. Increases damage done by 20% and generates 40 fury. This is really only useful when trying to generate aggro on the pull or a new mob.

Vitrify – 40% damage reduction 1 minute cooldown. This is your main damage reduction cooldown and can be used with or without temper to stack damage reduction. There is another function tagged onto this ability that reduces the damage everyone behind you in a 10m cone takes by 20%. This is a great raid cooldown in ideal situations, but unfortunately it’s our main damage reduction cooldown as well, which makes it’s secondary purpose almost lost in translation. Basically if you are tanking the boss currently, use this for yourself, if you are not currently tanking and it’s useful as a raid cooldown, use it for that but be aware of the effect being a cone behind you. Does not stack with Flames of Life from purifier.

Summon: Lifewarding Beacon – This is a nifty thing you throw on the ground every minute that gives a small shield to 5 people in your raid every 3 seconds. Considering you only need to put this down once a minute and forget it, this isn’t a terrible ability to keep up for some free raid shielding.

Life Bond – This is a standard tank intercept that you use on someone that is about to take a lot of damage, the catch is that whoever you use it on gets a reactionary ability that will teleport them to you that they can choose to use.

Epicenter – This is a 5 target AoE taunt around your character that also pulls the mobs in to you. Important to not the taunt is around your character model, and not your target.

Overwhelm – standard interrupt

Lifewalk – This ability is a ground targeted AoE that let’s you teleport to where you want to. Since this is a ground-targeted AoE there is a nifty macro you can use with this that I will provide in the macro section.

Essence Tap – Standard 1 target taunt.

Primal Roar – Standard 10 target taunt.

Berserker Abilities to Note

Icy Cleave – Only true spam AoE ability. Doesn’t really do much damage or generate much threat however. Generates 20 fury.

Corpsefall – When in cunning does single target damage (more than essence strike) and generates 20 fury. When in fury deals AoE damage and generates 40 cunning.

Ethereal corruption – very very strong damage over time. Since this is ethereal damage it ignores resistances. Can be spread with Morbid Slash to affect 6 total targets with the mastery Totemic Power which is important for AoE sustained threat.

Morbid Slash – Only used to spread Ethereal Corruption to more targets, will also refresh the duration of this buff on target so it’s used when tanking 1 mob as well. Generates 40 cunning.

Underworld Shards – This ability is more important than it seems because it generates the most fury of any ability we have. Since most core titan abilities generate 40 cunning and can not be used over 60 cunning this ability is key on AoE and single target for resource management. The damage is ok, but the fact it generates 60 fury is huge.

No Witnesses – This could be useful when wanting to give threat to someone else instead of yourself like a different tank or that pesky guy in raid that you hate and want the boss to smack around and teach a lesson to.

Other Abilities of note

Low Stability, Typhoon – good ranged AoE instant threat generator. Generates 20 fury.

Fury Blast, Vulcanist – decent ranged ability that you can spam. generates 40 cunning and requires 40 fury or higher to apply a damage over time.

Ancestral Force, 65 mastery located under Ascended Powers – Good healing CD or AoE threat CD.


I highly recommend using as little macros as possible since you are a tank and there isn’t much room for error. Resource management is also important in this build and you need to be able to control your primalist bar in order to do what you want. These macros are more for QoL and less for SPAM THIS TO WIN LOLOLOLOL.

You could make a long winded spam macro, but this might put certain abilities on CD at undesirable times like crystalline lance going on CD right before several mobs spawn, earthquake being laid down in a useless spot, using underworld shards too often etc.

Single-Target “spam” macro:

#show Crystalline Smash
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Essence Strike

AoE macro:
#show Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Underworld Shards
cast Icy Cleave

Lifewalk macro (this will teleport you to your target):
#show Lifewalk
cast @gtae Lifewalk

Life Bond:
#show Life Bond
cast @mouseoverui Life Bond

Life warding Beacon:
#show Summon: Lifewarding Beacon
cast @gtae Summon: Lifewarding Beacon

Threat swap macro:
#show no Witnesses
cast @mouseoverui no witnesses

Ancestral force self heal:
#show ancestral force
cast @self ancestral force
^ change to @mouseoverui to use it on a different raid member. You will also need to have it on it’s own button if you wish to use this on the pull for AoE threat.

Useful Buttons
I suggest these to be on their own key, in addition to above macros.

Creeping vines
Primal Avatar: Ram
Titan’s Fury
Essence Tap
Primal Roar
Underworld Shards
Ethereal Corruption
Morbid Slash
Low Stability/Fury Blast

Priority Rotations

Explanation of the focus bar:
When you are playing primalist, most souls use the primalist bar to flow between different sets of abilities depending on which side of the bar you are on. Titan however is not like this. You need to forgo the thoughts of fury and cunning and instead view the primalist bar as a sort of energy bar where when it’s towards the right you are out of energy, and when towards the left you are full on energy. Your “Builders” of this energy are your fury generating abilities like underworld shards, icy cleave, essence strike, titan’s fury, and creeping vine. Your “Consumers” of this energy are your cooldowns like crystalline lance, earthquake, crystalline smash, and upheaval. When you are under 40 energy (over 60 cunning) you do not have enough “energy” to use your cooldowns, and the reverse when you are over 180 energy (above 80 fury) you cannot use your builders. This is designed so that when you have not enough energy you can’t use your consumers, but when you have too much energy you need to use them and not hold onto them because they are what give you “Aftermath” which reduces your damage taken. What this means is that when you do not need to use your consumers a lot, you use your builders to get towards max energy and sit around high levels of energy so that you can burn it all when you need extra threat. You do need to keep in mind the buffs that the consumers give you and use them accordingly.


Opener: pull with a Titan’s Fury > essence strike > lifewalk > upheaval > crystalline smash > earthquake > crystalline lance > ethereal corruption > essence strike > creeping vines

1. Maintain Aftermath buff every 10 seconds with upheaval, crystalline lance, or earthquake
2. Underworld shards if over 60 cunning
3. Maintain earthquake, essence strike, and crystalline lance buffs
4. Maintain Summon: Lifewarding Beacon
5. Maintain Earthquake in a useful position
6. Use Crystalline smash on cooldown
7. Use Upheaval on cooldown (unless AoE mobs are expected before the CD would be up)
7. Maintain creeping vines
8. Ethereal Corruption applied
9. Morbid Slash to refresh Ethereal corruption when about to fall off
10. Corpsefall when in cunning
11. Essence strike for filler
(optional) 12. Fury Blast if target over 20m away


Opener: pull with Titan’s Fury > Crystalline lance > lifewalk(if needed) > Upheaval > Earthquake then follow the priority
Alternatively you can pull with Titan’s Fury > Ancestral Force > crystalline lance instead of blinking into the mob pack to generate threat from range.

A Little Tip (shout out to YobiRaion): When anticipating the need for AoE threat (when mobs spawn, you need to apply burst AoE threat, something along these lines) try to sit around or ideally above 60 fury so that you can use your AoE cooldowns in quicker succession.

1. Maintain Aftermath buff every 10 seconds with upheaval, crystalline lance, or earthquake
2. Underworld shards if over 60 cunning
3. Maintain earthquake, essence strike, and crystalline lance buffs
4. Maintain Summon: Lifewarding Beacon
7. Use Upheaval on cooldown
5. Maintain Earthquake in a useful position
6. Use Crystalline lance on cooldown and with Reverberation procs
7. Maintain creeping vines (If at least 3 targets, if more than 3 do not use this)
8. Ethereal Corruption applied
9. Morbid Slash to refresh Ethereal corruption when about to fall off
10. Corpsefall when in fury
11. Low stability if no ranged AoE snap aggro is needed soon
12. icy cleave for filler

In Conclusion:
I hope this helps a little and I will expand on this guide as time goes on and suggestions get made. This spec isn’t very complicated on the surface, and may look intimidating when viewed like this but it’s a very fun spec to play and after some dev love has the potential to be a very strong build.

As always any questions feel free to message me on any of my toons, PM me on the forums, or respond to this post.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!