2.7 brought a significant change to the setup of Cabalist, making it a much more straightforward spec with a very powerful 5-target AoE mode.


Cabalist is an AoE damage soul that excels in group situations and can adapt to small or large groups, as well as contribute a decent amount to one target in its single-target mode. This build is not effective for soloing as it has very little defensive ability. For soloing consider a hybrid with Defiler, or a Druid based build. On to the build!

61 Cabalist/11 Inquisitor/4 Defiler

If you don’t have access to Defiler use Oracle or Sentinel instead for spellpower:
61 Cabalist/10 Inquisitor/5 Oracle

61 Cabalist/10 Inquisitor/5 Sentinel

61 Cabalist is now the de facto Cabalist build, as Unleash Oblivion (the 61 point ability) being changed to instant-cast and triggering Tyranny of Death has made it an important part of the build.

Defiler is superior to a subspec in Sentinel as soon as you have one stack of Rage Blight, since it is a multiplicative damage bonus. Apply Blighted Greed to the tank or Defiler if there is one to ensure full uptime of Rage Blight.

Generally I have found points in +% damage to be similar in effect to points in +% Wisdom. I have gone with the points in Wisdom in the Defiler subspec as it additionally increases your crit chance. This difference is dependent on gear levels, so optimally you may need to conduct your own testing.


Cabalist has three “stance” buffs, which affect the Obliteration abilities (Curses, Tyranny of Death, Disintegration, Bound Fate and Ravaging Darkness). Aside from their mode change, they also increase your damage by 3% (AoE only, except for Focused Obliteration) and resistances by 3%, so you should always have one active. You can only apply one at a time and they share a 5 second cooldown.

  • Unbounded Obliteration – The default mode if you don’t have an Obliteration buff, suited especially for 8 or more targets.
  • Condensed Obliteration – AoE mode suited for 5 or less targets. Causes Obliteration abilities to max at 5 targets but do more damage.
  • Focused Obliteration – Single-target mode. Causes Obliteration abilities to only affect one target but do considerably more damage; similar to the old Obliterate toggle.

Other buffs:


ST Macro

#show Shadow's Touch
cast Shadow's Touch
cast Sanction Heretic
cast Ravaging Darkness
cast Bound Fate

Multi-Silence Macro

#show Dominion
cast Dominion
cast Sigil of Secrecy

There are no other macros for the spec that are really useful. Tyranny of Death can be put in a macro since it will not override itself, however, for AoE it should always be managed separately to maximize the usage of Tyranny detonations. For single-target, Tyranny does not detonate unpredictably so it is feasible to include it in the macro, however I have left it out as there is the possibility it will lag the cast time of Shadow’s Touch (needs to be tested).

Disintegration and Unleash Oblivion should not be included in the macro; due to the timing of using both of these to detonate Tyranny, you could end up using Disintegration when Tyranny is about to time out on its own, even in the single-target rotation.

Well of Souls
Bound Fate
Unleash Oblivion

AoE and ST:
Curse of Discord
Tyranny of Death

Sigil of Spirits (increased damage)
Sigil of Woe (purge)
Sigil of Secrecy (interrupt/silence)
Sigil of Ruin (stun)
Sigil of Binding (snare)
Sigil of Catastrophe (all sigils at once!)

Ravaging Darkness
Reversal of Fortune
Mass Reversal
Esoteric Estimations
Howling Death

Note that in this spec you have exceptional purge and interrupt ability via Sigil of Secrecy (silence/interrupt) and Sigil of Woe (purge). If repeated purges or interrupts or needed, use the Sigil and then Dominion to get 3 more purges/interrupts, and Sigil of Catastrophe if you need a 5th! (Catastrophe is not affected by Dominion) You can additionally use Sigil of Ruin as an interrupt if the enemy is stunnable.

AoE Rotation
This is the meat of the spec. There are three important aspects of Cabalist AoE:

  • Bound Fate spreads Tyranny of Death if your target has it
  • Tyranny of Death exploding causes Tyranny of Death on other mobs to explode
  • Tyranny of Death can explode either when it times out, you use Disintegration/Unleash Oblivion (detonators), or the enemy dies

So the most important priority is to keep Tyranny of Death up on as many targets as possible. The basic rotation assuming no enemies die is based around the cooldown of Disintegration, 15 seconds. This is also the cooldown of Well of Souls and the duration of your curses.

The rotation is identical under Condensed Obliteration (2-5 targets) or Unbounded Obliteration (6+ targets).

[Sigil of Spirits] -> Well of Souls -> Curse of * -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate (spread) -> Disintegration -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate until Well of Souls needs to be refreshed -> start from beginning

In this rotation, your second Tyranny of Death should explode around when you reapply your Curses, assuming no enemies have died triggering it early.

Tyranny of Death

Note that Tyranny of Death can explode at any time due to a mob death. Always watch for the Tyranny of Death explosion, if it goes off you need to reapply and spread it as soon as possible, especially if another mob is about to die.

Do not use Disintegration/Unleash Oblivion to trigger Tyranny of Death if a mob is about to die or it is about to time out, because these conditions give you a “free” explosion. You can then reapply and spread Tyranny of Death with the detonator abilities still available.

You do not need to spread Tyranny of Death immediately with Bound Fate (unless to use Disintegration), since as soon as the initial target’s Tyranny of Death times out, it will explode the others as well. However if a mob is about to die make sure to prioritize spreading because this will trigger Tyranny of Death on all enemies.

If there are more than 8 enemies, you can switch to other targets after spreading Tyranny of Death and use Bound Fate again to attempt to spread it further before activating it.

Unleash Oblivion

Unleash Oblivion now detonates Tyranny of Death as well. So once a minute or as an opener, use this rotation for a burst of detonations:

Well of Souls -> Curse of * -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate (spread) -> Disintegration -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate (spread) -> Unleash Oblivion -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate -> start from beginning

Note: this rotation needs further review

Since in this rotation, your third Tyranny of Death is started later, it will push back your next Tyranny of Death/Bound Fate/Disintegration block, as you should not use Disintegration to detonate it. Use Bound Fate as filler when needed. In practice, the targets are usually mostly dead before the timing becomes an issue (throwing off Tyranny timings more as it detonates from mob deaths), and the damage done by Unleash Oblivion makes up for any inconvenience.

Well of Souls

This ability is now an important part of the rotation, in addition to a large amount of damage over time, it will increase the damage your Curses, Disintegration, and Bound Fate do to all affected targets by 10%. It does not have a cooldown but re-applying it will remove any previously active Well of Souls, so it should normally be applied every 15 seconds but it can be re-applied if new targets appear.


With the Eccentric talent, any of your curses will now apply all 3 curses at once, so you only need to put one of them on your action bar (choose your flavor!). In the AoE stances, Curse of Solitude will radiate AoE damage from your target, and Curse of Anarchy will apply to several targets. Only your initial target will receive Dark Manifesto, increasing the damage they take from you by 10%.

Like Well of Souls, your curses should be reapplied every 15 seconds or when a bunch of new targets appear (to spread Curse of Anarchy). Be sure not to refresh curses until they fully fall off, as they deal extra damage on expiration due to Sign of Asias.

Sigil of Spirits

Sigil of Spirits should be kept up at all times, unless an Inquisitor is keeping Clinging Spirits up with Soul Drain, a Defiler with Tenebrious Distortion, or a Saboteur with Embers Bomb. It is still worthwhile to open with Sigil of Spirits however. Note an Inquisitor or Defiler might overwrite your Clinging Spirits debuff on the primary target but you will still need to keep track of the debuff on the other targets unless they are using Soul Drain or Unholy Nexus.

Single-Target Rotation
With the new Obliteration abilities, the single target rotation is very similar to the AoE rotation. The primary difference is that instead of Bound Fate, you will be using Shadow’s Touch, which automatically applies or refreshes a stack of Darkness (Dark Water DoT). Because of the DoT refreshing, I do not feel it is worthwhile to use Sanction Heretic or Vex, but further testing is needed.

Use Focused Obliteration as your Obliteration buff for single target.

[Sigil of Spirits if needed] -> Well of Souls -> Curse of * -> Tyranny of Death -> Disintegration -> Tyranny of Death -> ST Macro (Shadow’s Touch) until Well of Souls or Curses need to be refreshed

Unleash Oblivion can also be used in the single target rotation in the same manner as for AoE, if AoE is allowed for the encounter, to get an extra Tyranny of Death.

Well of Souls -> Curse of * -> Tyranny of Death -> Disintegration -> Tyranny of Death -> Unleash Oblivion -> Tyranny of Death -> ST Macro (Shadow’s Touch) x3

Note that this can push back your next application of Tyranny of Death by a GCD, as you should wait until the third Tyranny detonates to reapply it for Disintegration.

Even in single-target mode, Well of Souls increases the damage of your Curses and Disintegration so it is important to keep up, as long as you are allowed to use AoE abilities.

As in the AoE modes, your Curse will apply all three Curses, but in the single-target mode they will only affect your target and do higher damage.

Darkness (Dark Water DoT) is now automatically applied/refreshed by Shadow’s Touch, so it does not need to be separately maintained by casting Dark Water.

Keep up Sigil of Spirits if there is no Inquisitor, Defiler or Saboteur.

Two Target ST

The two-target rotation is even simpler than before. Use Condensed Obliteration, do the normal AoE rotation with Well of Souls, Curses, Tyranny, and Disintegration/Unleash Oblivion, and instead of using Bound Fate as your filler (aside from using it to spread Tyranny to the other target), alternate between the two targets as you cast Shadow’s Touch, to maintain/refresh Darkness stacks on each. Note that the target you apply your Curses to will take 10% more damage due to Dark Manifesto, as well as the single-target damage of Curse of Discord itself.

It’s a new age for Cabalists; go forth and spread Tyranny!


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!