This guide will be concerned with 31 Berserker

**NOTE: the single target dps of this spec needs to be vastly improved on, doubling it would still have it behind comparable aoe dps souls.**
**NOTE: This spec’s dps is 100% reliant on usage of the 1 minute CDs and outside of them does very poor AoE dps.**
**NOTE: Video on the way when my mic works >.>**


Berserker is an AoE burst soul that revolves around proper timing and usage of it’s 1 minute cooldowns. While in fury you deal large amounts of AoE damage and while in cunning you do more single target dps.


Your lvl63 mastery does not matter.

I recommend this build for general purpose, 2 dervish because you will probably want Rockfall (the charge from dervish) as it will be the only mobility you get in this spec.
Link: 31 berserker/6typhoon/2 dervish

This will be the top DPS build, but it does not have a good way to deal with disconnects.
For this you will want to utilize low stability and cloudburst because they do quite a bit of damage. You can feel free to macro them over icy cleave in the macros below.!1kll5ky/_|_tPM


Font of Wrath
Residual Pain


Icy Cleave – Your basic spam AoE. The damage scales higher with every target you hit up to 8. Each cast reduces the cooldown on Icefall and corpsefall by 1 second. Cunning ability, generates 20 fury.

Creeping Doom – AoE damage over time that applies in a 360 radius around your character. Good for AoE and single target. Lasts 16 seconds, is a fury ability, and generates 40 cunning.

Corpsefall/Icefall – These abilities are essentially the same except one does death damage and the other is water. While in your fury bar these abilities will do AoE damage, count as fury abilities and generate 40 cunning. While in your cunning bar they are single target, are cunning abilities, and generate 20 fury. Each use reduces the cooldown of underworld shards by 2 seconds It is worth noting that in terms of AoE they deal the same damage, but in terms of single target corpsefall deals more.

Deathly Tendrils – This ability is a strong AoE burst ability that spreads from it’s initial targets. It has a 30 seconds CD, requires at least 40 fury to use, and generates 80 cunning.

Ethereal corruption – Single target 16 second damage over time that deals a very large amount of damage. With the lvl62 mastery Totemic Power, you can spread this to up to 5 additional targets by using Morbid Slash and refresh it’s duration.

Morbid Slash – Basic single target spam ability. Fury Ability that generates 40 cunning.

Underworld Shards – AoE spread ability that does a fair amount of damage. Mostly used to control your fury/cunning bar. Cunning ability that generates 60 fury.

Planar Spout – 1 minute cooldown that does a large amount of damage to 8 enemies around you every second for 10 seconds. Also increases your damage done by 15% for the duration.

Primal Avatar: Tiger – Sets you to max fury, allows you to spam icefall and corpsefall (which also lets you use more underworld shards) and applies 3 stacks of calculated action and restrained fury. Lasts 15 seconds. 1 minute cooldown

Spirits Wrath – causes your damaging attacks to deal additional ethereal damage for 10 seconds, 1 minute cooldown.

Heart Freeze – AoE silence and 5 second debilitate on a 30 second cooldown.

Whirlpool – Pulsing AoE around your target that yanks enemies in and does damage to them every second and snares them.

No Witnesses – Gives all your threat to someone else for 6 seconds. Use this when you are about to burst a crowd down on a tank or something.

Other Abilities

Low Stability, typhoon – Ranged AoE that could be useful when out of range.

Rockslide, dervish – A charge and our only form of mobility in berserker. Luckily it does AoE damage. generates 10 cunning.

Ancestral Force, 65 mastery located under ascended powers – Decent AoE burst that when used towards the end of Planar Spout’s 15% damage increase, will lengthen it’s usefulness.

How the Build Works and Macros

The way this build works is you time all of your 1 minute cooldowns with raid AoE. If it is consistent AoE you will do it at the start of the fight and on cooldown after that, but most of the time you will do a simple single target rotation until the AoE happens, and then blow up your targets.

It is important to use your 1 minute cooldowns in a very specific order. Since one of them is on the global cooldown, you can’t just macro them all together because you will waste your potential DPS. You must try to use them all within the same time-frame so that you maximize their potential. You want to use your primal avatar: Tiger first, followed by planar spout (on the global cooldown) then spirit’s wrath and lastly whirlpool.

Macros to help with this:
first use
#show Primal Avatar: Tiger
cast Primal Avatar: Tiger
cast Planar Spout

then use
#show spirit’s wrath
cast Spirit’s Wrath
cast Whirlpool

Make sure that you use the first one towards the end of a GCD so that you use planar spout as soon as possible, then use the other macro once planar spout is applied.

When planar spout is 2-1 seconds (depending on lag) from falling off, channel your Ancestral Force.

It is an overall DPS gain to apply creeping doom during this, and only to reapply ethereal corruption if it’s already on the target, but this may not be ideal because if the AoE targets die before the full duration of creeping doom, you are missing out on dps.

Save Deathly Tendrils for when you will hit as many targets as possible and for when you want to burst. Feel free to add deathly tendrils to below macro at the top if you do not wish to manage this, but I suggest you do.

This is your generic spam AoE macro
#show Icefall
cast Underworld Shards
cast Corpsefall
cast Icefall
cast Icy Cleave

You will use this whenever you are trying to AoE, but note that in order to AoE you need to remain in fury mode. To manage this you need to have icy cleave on it’s own button and use it whenever your threshold crosses into the cunning bar (unless underworld shards is available).

When trying to do single target, don’t burn your 1 minute cooldowns unless you know there won’t be AoE for 1 minute. Maintain creeping doom and ethereal corruption on your target and then use this macro in between.

#show Morbid Slash
cast Underworld Shards
cast Corpsefall
cast Icefall
cast Morbid Slash

I suggest having Morbid Slash on it’s own key so that you can use it to transition back into cunning mode if you end up in fury during single targets, and so that you can spread ethereal corruption during AoE.

No Witnesses macro:
#show no witnesses
cast @mouseoverui no witnesses

Abilities to have outside of macros

Low stability
ethereal corruption
creeping doom
morbid slash
underworld shards
ancestral force
icy cleave
Deathly Tendrils

In Conclusion

This spec has some of the best AoE burst in the game, able to reach upwards of 1.5 million in BiS gear for a few seconds. The issue is that the sustain AoE and the single target are some of the lowest values in the game among competitive AoE dps souls.

As always feel free to message me in game, on the forums, or in this post for any questions.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!