A Comprehensive Guide to Oracle

Oracle is a new soul for Clerics being introduced with patch 2.7, it is a support soul with very close similarities to Bard. This guide will cover the support, DPS and healing aspects of the soul, with particular attention to the Auspex and Prognosticator preset builds.


Auspex Clicky 61 Oracle, 10 Defiler, 5 Inquisitor.

Prognosticator Clicky 61 Oracle, 12 Warden, 3 Inquisitor.

Both of these builds are available in game from the presets, the Auspex build is (at the time of writing) the highest parsing DPS version of Oracle, whilst the Prognosticator version gives very competetive DPS without having to purchase the storm legion soul pack and with some additional raid healing to round out the spec.

Other specs that can be considered would be things like 10 druid or 10 cabalist, but there are reasons why these builds are less effective to do with emblem consumption (see noteworthy passive talents), which make the above specs a better choice at this time. Some more useful situational specs that are worth considering are builds like 12 Inq/3 sent for the Purge ability and 12 Defiler/ 3 Inq to provide Tenebrious Distortion.

Abilities Oracle Abilities fall into one of several catagories – Support, Damage, Healing or Passive.

Support Abilities are the part of Oracle which most closely resembles bard and can further be broken down into 3 categories – Buffs, Debuffs, and Cooldowns.

Buffs fall again into one of 3 types – Inspirations, Boons and Favors.

Inspirations are self buffs which mirror the bard motifs, with one exception that Inspiration of Survival provides shielding rather than healing. Inspirations are automatically applied to your entire group or raid whenever you cast an Insignia spell.

Boons are straight forward raid wide stat buffs providing str/dex/int/wiz and endurance, the same as a bards fanfares.

All 3 inspirations and both boons can all be applied in a single key press once you reach lvl 51 with the Mass Bestowal Ability.

Favors are toggle skills of which only one can be active at any given time. These mirror the bards anthems and provide either 5% reduced abilitiy costs, 15% improved movement speed or an increase to armor and resists.

Debuffs come in 2 flavors and differ slightly from a bard in the way that they function, whilst acheiving the same overall effect.

Oracles use two curses to provide damage increasing debuffs on the target, called Curse of Consumption andCurse of Frailty, these only last 30s so must be refreshed regularly to sustain raid DPS, these are only single target.
Seeping Curse talent causes these two curses to spread to any other enemies within 10m of your initial target. This has the advantage that any new enemies joining the fight will be automatically debuffed, but the disadvantage that if the original target dies before the adds you will need to reapply the curses.
Finally its important to know that these two curses share the same stacking group as Archon’s Crumbling resistance and Ashen Defence, Bard’s Coda of Cowardice and Coda of Distress and Inquisitors Spiritual Deficiency. So if you are running with an Archon you shouldn’t use these curses on single target encounters as the Archon provides a 5 minute duration version.

Corroded Defence is the other debuff, and is a mirror of coda of jeopardy, but it only lasts for 15s, buffed by a further 15s for each emblem consumed when you apply it upto a max duration of 60s. This debuff causes a target to take an addition hit of physical damage whenever a play deals damage to it, with a 3s internal cooldown for each attacking player, so max 20 procs per 3s. Note that if you use this skill with either premonition or battle fury it will get a 60s duration without consuming your emblems. It also does not put you in combat if you apply it to a target pre – pull.

These buffs and debuffs make up the lion’s share of the additional damage that an oracle provides to a raid and should be regarded as high priority skills, though the curses will likely only be needed either in the absence of an archon or when there are packs of mobs to be debuffed.

Cooldown support skills take the form of 2 skills –

Resusitating Chant which is an exact copy of bards verse of joy giving all raid members a boost to thier mana/charge/power/energy.
Defend the Fallen which is similar to Orchestra of the Planes, it provides raid wide shielding in addition to a +15% damage buff for 15s. This skill above all else, should be coordinated with other support players and all DPS players to maximise raid DPS output!

Noteworthy Passive Talents

Tainted Emblems – Causes the next insignia to deal additional damage at 25% of your SP per emblem consumed.
Devouring Emblems – Causes each active emblem to increase the damage/healing of the next non emblem ability by 6%.
Tempered Emblems – Buffs up the effects of all three emblem abilities.
Empowerment – Causes Emblem of Alacrity to not be consumed by Insignias
Vital Swiftness – Reduces the GCD on all death and water skills to 1s.

It is the fact that skills like darkwater and sanction heretic, which are 2 part abilities, are not fully buffed by emblems as the emblems are consumed by the initial hit, and no longer available to buff the DoT portion, coupled with the fact that non insignia abilities consume EoI. As well as the fact that non death/water abilities have a 1,5s GCD which makes specs like 10 druid/5inq, or 10cab/5inq not very viable compared to the Auspex and Prognosticator specs detailed in this guide.

Damage Abilities and Rotation

Oracles damage abilities fall into 2 types, these are Emblems and Insignias. Emblems are instant cast nukes which buff the next non-emblem ability. Whilst Insignias are much stronger damaging abilities which benefit from the active emblems.

Emblem of Pain, EoP – Next non-emblem damaging ability applies a stack of Agony to the target, when it reaches 3 stacks it explodes dealing damage.
Emblem of Ice, EoI – Buffs your next non-emblem ability by +20% either damage or healing.
Emblem of Alacrity, EoA – Reduces the cast time of you next non-emblem ability by 2s and its mana cost by 33%

Glacial Insignia, GI – highest damage insignia, 15s CD
Wasting Insignia, WI – 2nd highest damage insignia, 15s duration damage over time.
Insignia of Blood, IoB – weakest insignia and main spam ability outside of cooldowns.

Oracle also has two cooldown abilities which can be used for DPS.
Battle fury – Applies all Emblems, resets and reduces the cooldown of all insignias to o and prevents insignias from consuming emblems for 10s
Premonition – Applies all emlems and prevents the next to non-emblems abilties from consuming emblems. Its worth noting that premonition can be used ahead of combat to pre apply emblem buffs to you.

Single Target DPS Oracle’s Rotation is very simple and is identical for both Auspex and Prognosticator since all emblems are applied by battle fury or Premonition and emblem of Alacrity is not consumed by insignia’s the rotation is basically just this line –

EoP > EoI > Insignia. + use of the 2 CD’s to spam out extra insignia’s.

So to put it all together –

Precast Premonition to apply emblems
3x Insignia
Battle fury > 11x Glacial Insignia
EoP > EoI > Insignia –> Repeat this line until Premonition or Battle fury are ready to use again.

This is the basic skeleton of the Oracles rotation into which you will need to weave support and healing skills as required.

AoE DPS is activated by toggling on Oversight this causes all emblem and insignia spells to affect upto 3 targets, and reduces their damage by 50%. The rotation is exactly the same as above with the only exception being that you can also use discerning wave instread of an insignia as it hits an unlimited number of targets infront of you for fairly good damage, though it will consume emblems so try to use it during one of the CD’s.

Healing Abilities

Oracle has very minimal actual healing within its own soul, instead it has some shielding abilities to prevent damage on group/raid members. Inspiration of survival provides a low level of shielding automatically while dps’ing and to complement that there are the following abilities –

Insignia of Protection – This is a debuff on a target which has a chance to provide an absorb shield to anyone who attacks it. Its also very useful for applying inspirations to your group or raid before initiating combat as you can precast it without agro’ing.

Discerning Wave – This is a 3s channeled ability which sends a cone shaped wave out in front of you to a range of 30m and shields every raid member that it passes on its way out. This shield stacks with both inspiration of survival and insignia of protection allowing you build up quite a healthy sized absorb on players in anticipation of incoming raid damage.

Cleansing Chant – This is a powerful AoE cleanse over time, it cleanses in an area around your target once when it is cast and then again after 3s, it also applies a very small absorb shield to anyone who it actually cleanses.

Defend the Fallen – While this skill will almost always be used a DPS cooldown it is worth noting that it does also provide alot of raid shielding, though it does not stack with discerning wave.

Glacial Mark – This is an ability which puts a buff on 10 raid members and provides them with an extra shot of healing the next time they are healed by anyone and below 50% max HP’s.

Icy Cascade – A fairly weak ST heal, but with premonition or battle fury it does become a spammable instant cast.

Healing with Prognosticator

The prognosticator build includes 12pt warden as a sub soul, providing useful AoE healing from Healing flood, Healing cataract, tidal surge and ST heals using overflowing renewal and Healing spray. However these are non-insignia healing spells and will consume all 3 emblems if they are up, so to resume DPS after using one of these you will need to reapply Emblem of Alacrity.

Putting that to one side though, these abilites allow for a strong burst of raid healing when you need it if you time it right –

Tidal Surge + Glacial Mark > Discerning Wave > Healing cataract > Premonition > Either 2 more HC’s or resume DPS’ing, if you cast a 3rd HC after premonition you will need to reapply EoA with the other 2 emblems before resuming dps.

If you really need a prolonged burst of raid healing then you can battle fury > HC spam, however this would be a large DPS loss and probably only worth considering if you are trying to replace an entire raid healer with oracle heals. (Unlikely)

Karuul Alerts

Kalert/Rotation Demo

I find it very helpful to track my Corroded Defence, Insignia of Protection, Emblems, Wasting Insignia, Battle fury and Curses using Kalerts. Particularly corroded defence and the curses as these can be supplied by various classes within a raid. So here are my alerts if you wish to use them –

Curse of Consumption – Monitors for any of the following on the target – Curse of Consumption, Crumbling Resistance, Spiritual Deficiency, Coda of Distress. Lights up if non of these are present notifying you that you need to apply it.


Curse of Frailty – Monitors for any of the following on the target – Curse of Frailty, Ashen Defence, Coda of Cowardice. Lights up if non of these are present notifying you that you need to apply it.


Corroded Defence – Monitors for any of the following on the target – Corroded Defence. Illuminate, Coda of Jeopardy, Spotter’s Call, Thorns of Ire. Lights up if non of these are present notifying you that you need to apply it.


Insignia of Protection – Watches to see if IoP is up, lights up with a 10s Warning timer before it drops off to you know you need to replace it.


Emblem buffs – Light up to show that you are buffed, Alacrity also has a timer to monitor when it will decay.






Battle Fury – 2 Alerts – First monitors the cooldown, 2nd monitors the uptime after you cast it.

KA:BF  2:aeueqeNo1TkEKgzAQ/EpfYBNtYmVPxhropQdJb0LYasSA1JKkLf6+iVBmDrPLMDNAQcF

Wasting Insignia – Lights up when Wasting Insignia has 5s left before it drops off, and stays lit up to show you its missing.



There are not very many macro’s that are useful to Oracle’s but these few are fairly helpful –

Battle Fury Macro

#show Battle Fury
cast Battle Fury
cast Glacial Insignia

Insignia Macro

#show Glacial Insignia
cast Glacial Insignia
cast Insignia of Blood

Glacial Mark Macro for Prognosticator

#show Glacial Mark
cast Tidal Surge
cast Glacial Mark

Cleansing Chant Macro

#show Cleansing Chant
cast @self Cleansing Chant


Big thanks to BCTrainers for all of his input on the specs. Thumbs up for Kervik for listening to everyones feedback and making what I think is a great soul. Finally thanks to everyone who read it all the way to the end.

Flame on.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!