Hello, I am Munchmatoast, and this is a propeller hat primalist production, we present to you….

xXxVULSTROM – Benevolant Pheonix of the Dawn – VULSTROMxXx

With the diverse and intricate range of abilities required in this spec, you wlll be able to pursue your dreams and reach the top on the meters! Be warned however, this spec is only for the best of the best players, only those that once learned stormbinger have the capacity to learn this beast of a spec.

With sophisticated algorithms and strict mathematical calculations you will be able to precisely aim for the correct timers and slay the mighty difficult beasts and creatures of the incredibly difficult Mind of Madness instance with ever increasing difficulty!!!

The spechttp://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#!…kBl2B2/Nc|_vPw

Buffs: – Apply Font of Sublimation from the Maelstrom tree, and Infusion from the Vulcanist tree.

How to play:
First place the Flashpoint Beacon, wait until you have 5 stacks of Flashpoint.

– Use Precision Bolt
– Use Conflagrate
– Use Pressurize
– Spam 1
– Either don’t stop moving, or hold down space
– Refresh the 3 after 15s whent he buffs fall off.

#show Primal Avatar: Drake
cast @self Spiritualism
cast Primal Avatar: Drake
cast Skill Shot
cast Vorpal Salvo
cast Rage spike
cast Stroke of Brilliance
cast Low Stability
cast Subsume
cast Scald

#show Summon: Flashpoint Beacon
target @self
cast @gtae Summon: Flashpoint Beacon

Enjoy doing more DPS then vulcanist or dervish. If you need to cleave, use beacon of the drake!

Soul Parses:

Here’s my current live parses:

Maelstrom – First and only parse of the day, twas an average 119k.





Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!