Hello, I am Munchmatoast, and this is another propeller hat primalist production, we present to you….

xXxVAELISH – Ninja of the Flames – VAELISHxXx

This spec is the highest DPS outside of the current maelstrom for single target boss encounters. Being full mobile with decent disconnect ability, it is simply a more enhanced version of dervish, with much higher single target and disconnect capabilities, however looses out on cleave.

The spechttp://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#!…hk8l0w/Rg|PsPg

Buffs: – Apply Font of Sublimation from the Maelstrom tree.

How to play:
First place the Flashpoint Beacon, wait until you have 5 stacks of Flashpoint.

– Opener: Squall>Subsume>Savage Twister>Pressurize>Fury Blast>Savage Blow
– CD Block: Avatar – Spam 1 until dots need to be refreshed, during this avatar phase you will hit 100 cunning for 40s of increased crit, try to reach full fury for the increased damage for 40s. During avatar and only in avatar you will use air cutter.
– Outside of CD block, maintain dots, and follow this priority:
— Savage Blow
— Pressurize
— Savage Twister
— Fury Blast
— Font procs
— Then just Earth>Lashing wind proc rotations.

Outside Avatar Spam:
#show effervescent blast
cast Effervescent Blast
cast Searing Plasma
cast Tectonic Spike
cast Aftershock
cast Subsume
cast Scald

Inside Avatar Spam:
#show Effervescent Blast
cast Effervescent Blast
cast Searing Plasma
cast Air Cutter
cast Tectonic Spike
cast Seismic Smash
cast Aftershock
cast Scald
cast Fury Blast

#show Summon: Flashpoint Beacon
target @self
cast @gtae Summon: Flashpoint Beacon

Primalist DPS Parses:

Maelstrom – First and only parse of the day, twas an average 119k.





Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!