Titan is the only tanking soul a Primalist has. It is capable of sustaining high amounts of damage. It provides good sustained self healing and shielding and has some of the best tank cooldowns in the game. It can also provide 20% damage mitigation to whole raid for 10s which is unique in this game.

Titan is an easy spec that can be used at any level. It is good for leveling and also for endgame raiding.

I suggest this spec to anyone who wants to tank.

This spec can be used with great success in all content. From leveling to endgame raiding. I use this spec even for Warfronts to control objectives and annoy enemy team.


Most useful spec for endgame raiding is this one: CLICK

If you want to pull mobs to your location and apply 5% bonus crit debuff on them with Squall ability use: CLICK

If you want to have a purge – Expulse use this: CLICK


For this spec I use 8 macros some are not necessary but they make gameplay easier.

1) Main ST dps macro:

#show Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Underworld Shards
cast Earthquake
cast Essence Strike
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Creeping Vines
cast Icy Cleave
cast Titan’s Fury

2) AoE DPS macro:

#show Crystalline Lance
cast Earthquake
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Underworld Shards
cast Low Stability
cast Icy Cleave
cast Creeping Vines
cast Titan’s Fury

3) Teleport macro (Rockslide comes with for pull spec):

#show Lifewalk
cast Rockslide
cast @gtae Lifewalk

4) Beacon macro:

#show Summon: Lifewarding Beacon
cast @gtae Summon: Lifewarding Beacon

5) Intercept macro:

#show Life Bond
cast @targettarget Life Bond

6) Self heal macro:

#show Ancestral Force
cast @self Ancestral Force
y Self heal

7) Focus interupt macro:

#show Overwhelm
cast @focus Overwhelm
y Interupted

8) Stun macro:

#show Upheaval
cast Upheaval
cast Underworld Shards
cast Essence Strike
cast Creeping Vines


Put those buffs on your bar and before the fight starts u have to buff yourself with the following buffs:

-Titanic Spirit (Titan)
-Font of Retaliation (Titan)

Rotation/how to play:

This is a tank spec and it is your job to make mobs attack you and to position them correctly. For efficient tanking you need to have properly set up action bars.

You can check my action bar setup here.

Buttons I use on keyboard are:
Q, E, R, T, F, G, 1, 2, 3, 4, shift (Q, E, R, F, 3) and middle mouse button.

Keybinds breakdown:
Q – Main ST dps macro
E – AoE DPS macro
R – Teleport macro
T – Vitrify
F – Hail Volley
G – Focus interupt macro
1 – ST taunt – Essence Tap
2 – Primal Avetar: Ram
3 – AoE taunt – Primal Roar
4 – Self heal macro
Shift + Q – Stun macro
Shift + E – Beacon macro
Shift + T – AoE pull/taunt macro
Shift + F – Torrential Rain
Shift + 3 – Intercept macro
Middle mouse button – Temper

Other abilities I have on my bars that I don’t use keybinds for:

Lifewalk – For teleporting to target ground location
Creeping Vines – for pulling adds (Ungolok, etc.)

Gameplay is very similar to any other tank specs in this game but there are few differences.

Before you pull make sure to use Icy Cleave few times to push your primalist bar to Fury and use Earthquake to get your buffs up.

When you pull use Teleport macro and it will teleport you to your targets location and use ST taunt if there is a one Boss or AoE taunt if there are more mobs.
-If there is only one Boss start using ST DPS macro and after 3 abilities used you can use AoE taunt macro to make sure boss stays on you. After you are sure you have aggro on the boss use Beacon macro and continue with ST DPS macro.
-If there are more mobs start using AoE DPS macro and if you lose aggro use Epicenter to taunt those mobs and pull them to your location. It happens quite often that you might lose aggro if there are 10+ mobs that have to be pulled. Be prepared to use correct taunts. Even ST taunt if its necessary. Use Hail Volley and Torrential Rain to deal more AoE damage.

Just like any other tank in this game you have to be very careful about your HP and predict when damage is gonna come.
-If you need to heal use Self heal macro.
-To gain 20% damage mitigation use Temper.
-If you are expecting an enormous hit use Primal Avatar: Ram and it will give you shield for 100% of your HP
-If there is gonna be sustained high damage for longer period of time use Vitrify – 40% damage reduction for 10s

If there is very high and predictable AoE damage on the whole raid make sure to be turned with your back towards the raid and use Vitrify. It will provide 20% damage reduction for 10s to anyone standing behind you. This is very useful on 3. and 4. boss iGP. After your raid gets this buff you don’t have to be turned away from raid anymore.

Intercept is a core mechanic on some fights and you have to use it when needed. I use intercept macro.

If you have to pull adds and apply 5% crit debuff or Purge – 4.boss iGP use different specs that are posted above. 8 points into dervish gives you a pull/5%crit debuff and 4 points into maelstrom gives you a purge – Expulse. For running NTE I use spec with a pull.

Just for like any other tank most important stats are Endurance and Guard. Dexterity, Strength, Block and Dodge aren’t that important (Armor and Resists come with high Endurance). Try to get to soft Guard cap for each tier as fast as possible. Soft Guard caps are:
-2400 for T1 (Rhen of Fate, Mount Sharax, Tyrant’s Forge)
-3400 for T2 (Hamerknell Fortress, Intrepid Gilded Prophecy)
-4500 for T3 (Mind of Madness, Comet of Ahnket)


-It has a really easy ST and AoE damage rotation – 1 button for each, very similar to cleric and it deals high DPS. You can minimax but that few k DPS is not really that important and 1 button rotation allows you to focus on mechanics and your HP. I prefer to raidlead with Titan so I can focus on calling out mechanics and stuff.

-20% damage reduction to whole raid from Vitrify is unique ability among tanks in this game and it can change raid setup – 3. and 4. boss iGP, maybe a boss in CoA. Cleric tank provides AoE heals to the raid but no other tank has anything similar at all.

-Perfect spec for leveling in low level dungeons – when I was leveling shields for Beacon and Crystalline Smash were huge.

-You don’t have to micromanage any resource. It doesn’t have mana or energy which means it cannot starve in any case. Only resource is primalist bar – Fury/Cunning, but it isn’t important for a tank at all. You can remove it for this spec if you don’t want to have it on your screen.

-It doesn’t require any addon but having Kalert in this game helps a lot. It allows you to track your cooldowns and it will notify you when your big cooldowns are ready again. You find Kalert addon here.


-No spec in this game provides everything you need in a raid and same goes to Titan. You cannot have a Purge and a pull/5% crit debuff at the same time. Void Knight for example has way more pulls in its kit. Rogue tank has 90% damage reduction for 5s. Cleric tank does sustained AoE heals.

It has a bit weaker AoE aggro potential. When running dungeons I often lose aggro on few mobs if there are 10+. AoE aggro seems to be better than VK but it’s nowhere close to cleric AoE hammer.


This is by FAR the most enjoyable tank spec I played in this game. I played 4 tanks: Warrior, Cleric and Primalist one. Fun order: Titan>Justicar>VK>Paladin. It is very easy and it provides what a tank should provide. Titan might turn out essential in new 10 man raid – CoA if there is a fight with huge AoE damage (hello Shroombrodude).

I hope you enjoyed this guide and let me know if I made mistakes.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!