Primalist – Dervish
Feel free to discuss potential min/max in comments below. It is possible not all of this is 100% accurate.


31 Dervish, 4 Vulcanist, 4 Typhoon

Level 61 – Primordial Strength/Reaper/Exhileration – Choice depends on what you want.
Level 62 – Steadfast Rejuvenation – Extra Font of Savagery Stack
Level 63 – Ursine Tenacity – 10% Movement Speed
Level 64 – Elemental Affinity – 3% damage for each element used. Stacks 2 times.
Level 65 – Spiritualism – oGCD – Causes next 5 attacks to deal X to X Ethereal Damage.


Font of Savagery – When you critically hit, increase damage and healing done by 1%. Stacks 5 times.
Zephyr – Increases your move speed by 20%. Affects 3 allies within 8m.

Cunning Abilities:
Air Cutter – 2s Cast 30m – Deals X to X Air damage. Moves 10 Fury.
Lashing Winds – Instant melee – Deals X to X Air damage. Increases damage of Aftershock by 20%. Moves 40 Fury.
Savage Twister – 12s CD Instant 30m – Deals X Air Damage over 15s. Deals more damage the closer your focus is to Harmony.

Fury Abilities:
Aftershock – Instant Melee – Consumes Tremor. Deals X to X Earth damage. Moves 20 Cunning.
Rockslide – 15s CD Instant 3-20m – Charge the enemy and deal X to X plus weapon damage to up to 5 enemies. Roots affected enemies for 1.5s. Moves 10 Cunning.
Seismic Smash – 6s CD Instant melee – Deals X to X Earth Damage. Moves 20 Cunning. Increases damage of Air Cutter by 20%
Subduction – 15s CD Instant 20m – Deals X to X Earth damage. When used on an enemy below 35% health, cooldown reduced to 6 seconds. Moves 40 Cunning.
Tectonic Spike – 15s CD Instant 20m – Deals X to X Earth damage. Moves 20 Cunning.

Fury Version – Earthfall – 30s CD Instant 30m – Channel X Earth damage per second for 3s to the enemy. Can move while channeling. Moves 100 Cunning. Requires at least 60 Fury.
Cunning Version – Whirling Dervish – 30s CD Instant 10m – Channel X Air damage every .5s for 3s to the enemy. Immune to CC. Can move while channeling. Moves 100 Fury. Requires at least 60 Cunning.

Combat Buffs:
Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent – 1min CD oGCD – Shift into elemental form, increasing damage dealt by 20%, increasing your range to 35m, and reducing your cast times to 0. Grants Full Cunning. Lasts 10s.
Shifting Wind – 1min CD oGCD – Applies Shifting Wind if the Primalist receives damage that would cause their death within 10s. Restores 50% health.

Key Mechanics:
Quick Breeze(Talent) – Reduces the cast time of Air Cutter and increases damage of Lashing Wind by 120%.
Cyclicism(Talent) – Grants a buff granting 9% damage(when hitting full Fury) and 6% crit(when hitting full Cunning).
Seismic Smash – Earth ability that increases the damage of Air Cutter by 20%.
Lashing Wind – Air ability that grants 40 fury. This is the primary air ability when maxing Fury. Increases damage of Aftershock by 20%.
Air Cutter – Air ability that grants 10 fury. This is the primary air ability when maxing Cunning.
Vorpal Salvo – Earth ability from Vulcanist that generates Fury rather than Cunning.

The goal of this spec is to alternate Earth and Air Spells while maintaining Savage Twister at harmony and keeping Whirling Dervish and Earthfall on cooldown(which should refresh Cyclicism). Earth spells trigger Quick Breeze while Air spells reduce the cooldowns of the heavy hitting earth abilities.

Single Target(31 Dervish, 4 Vulcanist, 4 Typhoon):

PA:WS = Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent
WD = Whirling Dervish
ST = Savage Twister
LW = Lashing Wind
AC = Air Cutter
SS = Seismic Smash
EF = Earthfall
FB = Fury Blast
TS = Tectonic Spike
AS = Aftershock
SD = Subduction

I lead off with Tectonic Spike>AC>AS>AC>Seismic Smash and enter 60s block

60s Rotation Block (Number represents GCD)

(1)PA:WS/WD > (4)ST > (5)LW > (6)AC > (7)AC > (8)AC > (9)SS > (10)LW > (11)AC > (12)AC > (13)AC >

(14)EF > (17)LW > (18)FB > (19)ST > (20)TS > (21)SS > (22)AC > (23)SD > (24)AC > (25)AS > (26)AC > (27)AS > (28)AC > (29)TS > (30)AS >

(31)WD > (34)ST > (35)LW > (36)AS > (37)LW > (38)FB > (39)LW > (40)TS > (41)LW > (42)AS > (43)LW >

(44)EF > (47)LW > (48)FB > (49)ST > (50)TS > (51)SS > (52)AC > (53)SD > (54)AC > (55)AS > (56)AC > (57)AS > (58)AC > (59)TS > (60)SS

*Due to macro lag/use effects, I usually skip (30)AS to keep CDs aligned and on CD*

ST Macro:
#show Tectonic Spike
cast @self Spiritualism
cast Tectonic Spike
cast Aftershock
cast Seismic Smash

#show Seismic Smash
cast Seismic Smash
cast Subduction

Separate Key Abilities:
Whirling Dervish
Savage Twister
Air Cutter
Lashing Wind
Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent

EDIT 1: Adjusted Vorpal Salvo Rotation(Thanks Jozy) and added Vorpal Salvo as a Separate Key Ability.
EDIT 2: Updated Talent Links and added a Key Mechanics section.
EDIT 3: Changed 4/4 Rotation to account for the increased length of Primal Avatar. Removed 6/2 Rotation as it has not been updated.
EDIT 4: Removed 6/2 spec as it is no longer a goto. Changed Rotation format.
EDIT 5: Edited rotation for a mistake. Changed Rotation format. Updated Macros with the ones I use now.


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