Hello Cleric Forum,
and welcome to my guide on 61 Cabalist, the dedicated AoE DPS spec of the Cleric class, and it’s playstyle in PvE.
Since Cabalist is being used again on some Hammerknell fights and in NMRs, and TheGrinnz’s excellent guideon the soul is now a bit outdated, I decided to make a new guide for the Cabalist in PvE.
Now I want to start by saying that I am by no means a Cabalist expert. As such I will not attempt to make a guide that is better than the one TheGrinnz made, instead I will aim at providing some insight to what Cabalist is now, in 3.2 and soon in 3.3, compared to what it used to be back then, all the while explaining, to my best knowledge, the current Cabalist playstyle. I will not go in-depth on the concepts and foundations of the soul, and everyone who is looking for that should look to the old guide, because it is really good and most of the things said there are still true.


Table of Contents
1. Soul Tree, Masteries, Buffs
2. Ability Overview and Macros
3. AoE Rotation
4. ST Rotation

Soul Tree, Masteries, Buffs

61 points into Cabalist are pretty much essential. 10 points in Shaman result in the highest full AoE damage, however for more ST-heavy scenarios like Matron Zamira, Inquisitor is added for Sanction and Vex to enhance ST, and Defiler for Rage Blight. This results in the following specs:

Maximum AoE DPS spec: (Thanks to Chetar, ecru and Gilgad for pointing this out!)…FiAEw/l8g|XJ_g
Sanction Spec:…yFiAEw/Uf|XJ_g
Sanction + Purge spec:…yFiAEw/le|XJ_g
F2P Sanction spec:…FiAEw/l8|TXJ_g

61 – Soul Collector Not very important, but minimally better than the other ones
62 – Divine Inspiration Since you don’t have a range increase from Soul Tree
63 – Meditation Essential, as it allows you to spread Darkness.
64 – Sinister Resolve Alternative would perhaps be Steady Assault or Diversify, but from my experience SR is better
65 – Soul Stream Only good for Single Target, but the other ones are useless for Cabalist so might as well get it

Sign of Asias – Your Mage-Armor-esque buff. Gives you more damage and makes Shadow’s Touch apply Darkness.

Unbounded/Condensed/Focused Obliteration – Change your abilities depending on the number of targets. You should use Unbounded for 6 or more targets, Condensed for 5 or less, and Focused for a single target.

Rage Blight – Increases your damage when you take damage yourself. Putting Blighted Greed on your tank will cause the buff to stay up almost permanently.

Armor of Devotion – Flat bonus to crit chance.

Ability Overview and Macros

Cabalist requires rather many buttons to play properly. Apart from the ST rotation, the spec shouldn’t be dumbed down by Macros, the damage loss is too big.
The only macro I use for Cabalist is this:

#show shadow’s touch
cast sanction heretic
cast tyranny of death
cast disintegration
cast marrow harvest
cast shadow’s touch
cast dark water

Thanks to Eilauria for pointing me to Marrow Harvest being worthwhile to use in Single Target.

Damage Abilities

Tyranny of Death
Delayed AoE damage burst. Can be spread with Bound Fate and makes up the vast majority of your damage.

Bound Fate
Rather weak instant AoE hit. Spreads Tyranny of Death from the primary target to all targets.

Massive AoE hit on a 15s cooldown. Triggers Tyranny of Death on all targets hit.

Unleash Oblivion
Wave-shaped AoE hit, 60s cooldown. Deals damage once when expanding and then again when contracting. Triggers Tyranny of Death on all targets hit.

Curse of Anarchy, Curse of Discord, Curse of Solitude
AoE DoTs. Casting one curse will apply all three, so you only need one on your hotbar. I chose Curse of Anarchy because i like it’s icon the most.

Well of Souls
Another AoE DoT. Also causes your other abilities to deal more damage. Has to be applied separately as it isn’t a “Curse”.

Dark Water
Instant single target ability. Applies a stack of Darkness.

Shadow’s Touch
Cast time single target ability, more damage than Dark Water. Also applies a stack of Darkness.

Stacking single target DoT. Stacks up to 3 times. Applied by Dark Water and Shadow’s Touch. Can be spread by Ravaging Darkness.

Ravaging Darkness
Rather weak AoE damage instant cast on a 30s cooldown that also restores health and mana. Most useful for its ability to spread Darkness from the primary target to all targets.

Single target DoT. Only used in ST rotation.

Sanction Heretic
Another single target DoT for your ST rotation.

Soul Stream
Come on, you know this. Powerful channeled ST damaging ability. 60s cooldown.

Control and Utility Abilities

Pulls enemies together and roots them. 60s cooldown.

Sigil of Binding
AoE Snare. 15s cooldown.

Sigil of Ruin
AoE Stun. 30s cooldown.

Sigil of Secrecy
AoE Interrupt + Debilitate. 30s cooldown.

Sigil of Woe
Single-buff AoE purge. 15s cooldown.

Sigil of Catastrophe
All sigils in one. 60s cooldown.

Resets CD on your Sigils and allows the next 3 non-Catastrophe sigils to have no cooldown. 60s cooldown.

Dark Passage
Blink + Break Free. 20s cooldown.

Reversal of Fortune
ST reflect. 30s cooldown.

Mass Reversal
AoE reflect. 45s cooldown.

Shadow breach
Stationary stealth + self heal. 60s cooldown.

Esoteric Estimations
mana regeneration channel.

AoE Rotation
AoE DPS as Cabalist revolves around three things: Spreading and triggering Tyranny of Death, maintaining curses and Well of Souls, and using Ravaging darkness every minute to spread 3 stacks of darkness.

Priority List
1. Shadow’s Touch or Dark Water to maintain 3 stacks on primary target
2. Well of Souls if not active
3. Curse of Anarchy if not active (Or any other curse…)
4. Tyranny of Death
5. Bound Fate (if not used since last using ToD)
7. Ravaging Darkness (only if 3 stacks of Darkness on main target)
6. Unleash Oblivion (only if ToD has been applied and spread)
7. Disintegration (only if ToD has been applied and spread)
8. Bound Fate

Opening Rotation
Dark Water -> Dark Water -> Dark Water -> Ravaging Darkness -> Well of Souls -> Curse of Anarchy -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate -> Unleash Oblivion -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate -> Dark Water -> Disintegration -> Well of Souls -> Curse of Anarchy -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate

This is assuming the fight doesn’t require the use of Maelstrom or any Sigils at the start.

No Ramp-up Burst Opening Rotation
To be used on quick-dying mob groups or when raid cooldowns don’t exist or are used early
Well of Souls -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate -> Curse of Anarchy -> Unleash Oblivion -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate -> Disintegration -> Tyranny of Death -> Bound Fate -> Dark Water -> Dark Water -> Dark Water -> Ravaging Darkness

ST Rotation
Single Target is pretty damn easy, but also pretty weak. You’ll be using Focused Obliteration.
Basically maintain Well of Souls, Vex and Curses, use Soul Stream when available, and otherwise spam your Shadow’s touch macro:

Priority List
1. Shadow’s Touch or Dark Water if Darkness stacks are about to fall of
2. Well of Souls if not active
3. Curse of Anarchy if not active (Or any other curse…)
4. Vex if not active
5. Soul Stream
6. Sanction Heretic
7. Tyranny of Death
8. Disintegration
9. Marrow harvest
10. Shadow’s Touch

And that is basically how to play Cabalist. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide (if you did). If you have any questions feel free to ask, or if you saw something dead wrong in this guide, do not hesitate to point it out! Most importantly, have fun!


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!