Hello, I am Munchmatoast, and this is another propeller hat primalist production, we present to you….

xXxMAELVISH – Ethereal Demon of the Night – MAELVISHxXx

This spec is devoted to PVP. It has a wide variety of utility, CC, Self healing, and reliable but also random damage. The spec could be referred to as the “Anti-paragon”, doing more damage in melee then at range, however disconnects never being an issue. Having a tab-targetting pet soak, soooo much utility I cannot stress and most of all, ALL THE DAMAGE IS ETHEREAL. Yes, ethereal, not ethereal as in ethereal beam because that’s actually physical, not ethereal.

The spechttp://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#!…0hmB2E4/R|PsPM

Buffs: – Apply Font of Sublimation from the Maelstrom tree, and Zephyr from the Dervish Tree.

How to play:
First place the Flashpoint Beacon, wait until you have 5 stacks of Flashpoint.

– Use Squall to apply 5% Lethal and pull the Target toward you.
– Use a Fury Blast to get +6% crit rate from Rising Heat in Maelstrom.
– Use Savage Twister to get some dots going and buffs going.
– Use Pressurize to get some Font procs.
– Simply spam the spam macro until you need to use CC or Utility.

This spec works like this, every time you get a crit, your crit rate increases. Every time you crit, you have a 30% chance to proc Singed Spirit which makes all of your damage for the next 8 seconds Ethereal. Now on average without support you’ll have something like 60% crit rate.

Also, every time you crit, you heal ~4k in PVP heals from Savage Excitement with no ICD. Your Pressurize gives you a 30% chance per tick to grant Font of Sublimation which makes your next Effervescent blast or Searing Plasma instant, with ethereal damage it can do upwards of 20k in pvp.

While having Singed Spirit and all your buffs up, if you hit Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent, you will be doing a LOT of ethereal damage.

The utility:
– Zephyr – Permanant 20% movespeed increase.
– Rockslide – Charge with AOE Root and applies a DoT.
– Relentless Pursuit – Charge with a 0.5s Stun.
– Squall – A pull that applies Lethal 5% crit debuff non-cleansable.
– Scirocco – An interrupt on an 8s CD. However, it will debilitate the target if you actually interrupt something, with no diminishing returns, so used correctly, a debilitate every 8s.
– Shifting Winds – 24k PVP heal if you die (Defer Death).
– Searing Plasma – Whatever you hit someone with searing plasma, it will absorb the healing they take, EG: You hit someone for 20k, the next 20k heals that go to them will be null and absorbed by searing plasma.
– Expulse – A 2 buff purge that increases your damage by 3% per buff removed.
– Savage Excitement – (Passive) Every time you crit, you will heal ~4k.
– Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent – All of your cast times are now instant for 15s.
– Subsume – 5s Stun from ranged, applies a DoT to target, DoT does additional damage if target moves.
– Flamewalker – 3s damaging channel that increases movespeed by 40%. Good for running away.
– Ancestral Force – Self healing channel.

#show Effervescent Blast
cast Effervescent Blast
cast Searing Plasma
cast Air Cutter
cast Tectonic Spike
cast Seismic Smash
cast Aftershock
cast Scald
cast Fury Blast

#show Summon: Flashpoint Beacon
target @self
cast @gtae Summon: Flashpoint Beacon

#show Ancestral Force
cast @mouseoverui Ancestral Force
cast Ancestral Force

Very easy and enjoyable pvp spec.

Here’s some warfront screenies:

None of these did I have a healer, all self heals and self damage etc.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!