Revelation Online Spiritshaper 1v1 Overview Guide

I’ve read a lot of misinformation when it comes to Spirtshaper’s ability to 1v1 and what the matchups are like. In order to clear up some misconceptions and maybe share some of my experiences and possibly start a discussion, I decided to create this thread. Of course 1v1 is not a big part of the game and balance is skewed quite a bit, but it is a fun thing to do to personally improve yourself as a PvPer. Most of my information is from 59 cap because I did not PvP on china due to ping and gear disparity. Things open up for a lot of classes at 69, but I also believe they do for Spiritshaper as well.
Character stats

Revelation Online calculator – Druid
There is room for different cultivations, only a few are 100% necessary.

Power Rankings

30-40% winrate

Gunslinger – has insane burst damage and a lot of CC that at 59 SS can’t really deal with very easily. At least most of the time I was outgeared qutie a bit, but every match was a race to see if I could pop all their CC immunity while not dying in seconds. Their execute damage from below 50% is massive. It’s important to stay below 20m from them and move side to side to avoid their CC while pressuring them and generating enough energy.

50% winrate

Vanguard – I strongly believe with equal gear it is a tossup between VG and SS, it is important not to feed them meter so they cant chain CC you to death. generating your own meter for dps and healing is the most important part of this fight so you can combo them with snake/yeti. The fight is about stringing together your cc immunity and survival cooldowns till you can enter fox and dps again.

50-60% winrate

Blademaster – I only managed to fight 1 BM of equal or higher gear level, but the fight is very similar to VG where you string together your survival cooldowns while biding time to dps in fox and catch them without CC immunity with snake/yeti combo.

90% winrate

Swordmage – SM doesn’t have enough CC to lock you down from healing and has very little CC immunity, you can easily force their blink and iceblock and finish them with snake or yeti, they have no answer for you while in fox.

Three duels against SMs and a bonus GS clip.

0% or Stalemate:

Occultist – Too much cc with F1 Dao and swap while too much healing to out dps) I don’t think its even possible to out heal a very good Occultist’s damage unless you can avoid them, which wont happen in a duel, maybe I was just horrendously under geared in comparison to one of the top 3 might scores on the server (even though I was top 10 overall and top 2 SS in might at the time)

Spiritshaper – The duel will never end.

Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to help. Thanks for reading.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!