Revelation Online Gunslinger Guide

Hiho Gunslingers ^^

Guess its time to post a guide before i completle leave the game. :sleeping:

Not going to tell alot about my self – some of you might have seen me ingame in battlegrounds.. if not.. well..
This is a guide for every kind of Gunslinger – its all possible to achiev so just take a look.
If you want me to update this Guide for lvl 70+ later on aswell just leave a >Like< on the first post :)

I am going to start with the stats which every Gunslinger should have or at least aim for.

PvE Stats
Crit Rate : 55-65%
Physical Def Break : 30-40%
Crit Increment : 140% – MAX 180% – you should never be able to hit this.

The Crit Rate and the Physical Def Break are the most important tho – crit inc comes from your green stats on the gear anyways but i am going to explain that later on. (Mostly in Skillbuild post)

PvP Stats
Crit Rate : 45-55%
Physical Def Break : 30%-35%
Crit Increment : 160% – MAX 180%

Gear Stats:

Def Part

Hide Spoiler
Green Stats on
Head, Chest, Pants, Gloves
should always focus on your defence – you should try to stack as much Vigor and Spirit and (Physical + Magical DEFENCE – not armor!!)
so in other words its actually pretty good to just use the Dungeoncrafted Gold Gear.Blue Stats on
Head, Chest, Pants, Gloves
if you use the Dungeon Crafted Gear you get enough good stats from those – not much more to add here

If you are p2w you can try to make a Chest with Dex on it aswell but its not realy needed to be honest so better just stick to the dungeon crafted stuff.. you gonna need your money on other things…

Purple Stats on
Head, Chest, Pants, Gloves
Not realy important to be honest – some say you should focus on getting Basic Max HP but thats almost nothing what you get there – the blue stats are a way more important.
Purple Stats are from Handmade Gear only anyways – better focus on your blue stats..!

Green Stats on
Very important! You need to get Speedy boots!! the 22 (28 if high stat) Movementspeed are VERY strong – there is no other stat which could even get close to this!

Blue Stats on
Always take the Dungeon Crafted – there is no way you can get better handmade except you get same stats just higher.. so pointless moneywasting here again if you try Handmade Gear

Purple Stats on
Well – just take the Dungeon Crafted… dont even try Handmade…

Off Part

Hide Spoiler
Green Stats on
Main Hand, Off Hand, Necklace, Rings
Crit Increment or Physical Def Break as % is the must have here – depending on your other stats – Look at the top and see what should be your goal.
on Necklace and Rings you get 1 Additional Stat which should be MINIMUM ATTACK
if you get the 11.8% crit inc rate and for example physical damage as additional Stat you can keep this aswell
if you get the 9.1% crit inc rate and for example physical damage as additional Stat you can keep it for now but still should work on rerolling (same goes for Crit inc + Spirit)on Main- and Off Hand
you will get 3 Stats so make sure you get at least the DEX together with the Crit Inc %.
the other which is good is the >Dex + Physical Def Break + Crit as High Stat only< the low stat should be rerolled.

Blue Stats on
Main Hand, Off Hand
Main Hand : Use the Dungeon Crafted. Dex + Crit + Crit Inc? thats already Godroll anyways so why would you try to take anything else?

PvE Offhand : Use a Handmade with Dex and Physical Def Break on it – if you have 1 of these attributes 3 times then you are realy lucky..! just make sure the BLUE stats are High Rolled! (White stats not that important here)
PvP Offhand : if you have the money to get 1 extra item to+13 +good venerations and playing lots of PvP you should get the Weapon from Battleground Merchants. They have fixed blue stats anyways so not much you need to do on this weapon.. The Purple buff is 4% Flat pvp damage which is unbeatable!

Some might say : well then lets go for Demonslayer PvE weapon aswell! – STOP with this thinking because if you think again about the physical def break which gets boosted by 50% in PvE. you cant make up this big loose of potential other stats just to get the 4% demonslayerbuff.
Remember we need to reach our 55%+ Crit Rate and 30% def break :)

Blue Stats on
Defence Break, Crit, Crit Increment
those are the stats you need – you should go for Handmade here because they are much stronger than anything else.
every Ring comes with 2xOff and 1xDef Stat – the Def Stat should be something like Crit REDUCTION or Defence Essence. (Crit Defence sux – bad scaling and effect is useless anyways)

Purple Stats on
Main Hand, Off Hand
Main Hand – use the Dungeon Crafted and you get the Dex buff – nothing more to add
Off Hand – 10% Damage increase – also always the same (on handmade)

Purple Stats on
MINIMUM Attack !
Max Atk is pretty useless.. thats 1 of the reasons why you need Handmade Rings
you always want to make sure you have no “lowhits” – also make sure your ring has a decent amount of Min atk as White Number :P

Earrings :

Hide Spoiler
they are something special.. but you should have both of themPvE you should go for the Scoure Dungeon Earrings (dont need to upgrade them) –> if you do make sure to get HIT on them.

PvP you should go for the Funland earrings – make sure to get the lvl 55 at least (they will be good in lvl 70+ aswell)
because of the % Damage Reduction
you should pick 1 of each and make sure to reroll the Green Stats for Physical or Magical Damage Reduction as % ! (Crit Reduction as % is also good but only if you do PvP)

Talisman :

Hide Spoiler
Make sure you get a nice blue or purple Talisman with high Blue stat Crit Increment / Physical Def Break or Minimum Atk
and 1 Additional stat which should also be Crit Increment / Physical Def Break or Minimum AtkGold Talisman with these stats would be awesome aswell but to be honest… the physical talisman are so rare you are not going to find any.

Badge + Runes :

Hide Spoiler
Make sure to pick up the Badge with
Dex, Vigor, Spirit, Defence Essence —————- NOT the 1 with str on it – its useless :!: remember we want to stack dex+vigor+spirit :!:
Runes :
PvE :
6% crit bonus
2.4% crit rate (hit -0.8)
1.8% physical def break (hi -0.8%)PvP :
6% crit bonus
2% Break Essence
1.8% physical def break (hit -0.8%)

you can stay with the PvE runes tho if you dont want to pay 1k coins to swap them all time but its worth it.

Other Charstats :

Soul Grid :

Hide Spoiler
Pretty easy to explain but hard to get for the most i guess..Step 1 :
try to get the Soul Grid done so you get the following bonus :
4% crit inc , 40 crit
80 physical def break
Chaos Crystal IV (Mid Crystal lvl 4)

Step 2 :
get your Soulgrid to full lvl 6 with :
2x Time Crystal VI
2x Sky Crystal VI
2x Moon Crystal VI
2x Sun Crystal VI
1x Death Crystal VI
1x Animus Crystal VI
1x Birth Crystal VI
1x Spectra Crystal VI

Step 3 : (lvl70+)
Prepare the Chaos Crystal to get to lvl 5!
Prepare Death Crystal lvl 8
Prepare Animus Crystal lvl 8

I cant remember the names of the Chaos Crystals (mid crystal) but you can change them any time you want so it doesnt matter – just make sure you get all bonuses with Step 2 :D
Step 2 is the most important. if you are there you can also focus on other things first.

Guild Cultivation :

Hide Spoiler
Not much to say about it except – get them up!!
this is also the only way how you get the stat > Hit < in this build (and soulgrid time crystal ofc)
crit and physical def break are self explaining i guess? those are your main attributes.
do not waste time on the first page getting up your physical damage – its almost useless and should be the last you max (even Hit is more important!)


Venerations :

Hide Spoiler
the most expensive part but once you have 3 perfect Venerations on your Gear you are going to be crazy strong.
1. Veneration has like 50% Power
2. Veneration has like 75% Power
3. Veneration has like 100% Power
this means that a Gold 1. Veneration is same strong as a Green/Blue Veneration in the 3. Slot
so make sure to get purple and gold in the last 2 Slots – the first doesnt matter that much.
only the 3. Veneration Slot can be a % Boost – which are the strongest by far 
make sure to get them!

Here some Examples for perfect Stats :

Head, Chest and Pants :
1. Veneration Slot : Vigor / Spirit / Physical Defence / Magical Defence
2. Veneration Slot : Vigor / Spirit / Physical Defence / Magical Defence
3. Veneration Slot : Physical Damage Reduction 2.4% / Magical Damage Reduction 2.4%

Hands :
1. Veneration Slot : Dex !
2. Veneration Slot : Dex !
3. Veneration Slot : Dex !
get as much Dex as you can ! or just go for the same like on head, chest and pants because triple Dex is almost impossible to get.
even if u have mana in the first slot and Slot 2+3 are purple + golden dex its worth it. just ignore the mana then 

Shoes :
1. Veneration Slot : Dex ! ————- Vigor / Spirit / Physical Defence / Magical Defence
2. Veneration Slot : Dex ! ————- Vigor / Spirit / Physical Defence / Magical Defence
3. Veneration Slot : Movement Speed   
unless you are playing PvE then you can remove the Move Speed and try to go for Triple Dex aswell :D
(if you get triple Dex you should always take it – unless its 3x green/blue.. then its useless)

Main Hand :
1. Veneration Slot : Dex ! Crit, Crit Increment
2. Veneration Slot : Dex ! Crit, Crit Increment
3. Veneration Slot : Crit Rate 2.5% / Dex !
here we go again and try to aim for as much Dex as possible

Off Hand :
1. Veneration Slot : Dex ! / Crit / Ph def Break/ Crit Inc/ Min Ph Atk
2. Veneration Slot : Dex ! / Crit / Ph def Break/ Crit Inc/ Min Ph Atk
3. Veneration Slot : Crit Increment Rate 7.6%

Necklace :
1. Veneration Slot : Crit / Ph def Break/ Crit Inc/ Min Ph Atk
2. Veneration Slot : Crit / Ph def Break/ Crit Inc/ Min Ph Atk
3. Veneration Slot : Crit Increment Rate 7.6%

Rings :
1. Veneration Slot : Crit / Ph def Break/ Crit Inc/ Min Ph Atk
2. Veneration Slot : Crit / Ph def Break/ Crit Inc/ Min Ph Atk
3. Veneration Slot : Crit Rate 2.5% / Ph def Break Rate 1.7%

Earrings : (Funland Earrings only)
1. Veneration Slot : Vigor/ Spirit/ Physial Defence/ Magical Defence/ Special Skill Damage Reduction/ Crit Reduction
2. Veneration Slot : Vigor/ Spirit/ Physial Defence/ Magical Defence/ Special Skill Damage Reduction/ Crit Reduction
3. Veneration Slot : Defence Essence / Crit Reduction RATE 1.8%/ Special Skill Damage Reduction

Defence Essence is the best in slot for the Earrings because there just no other stat which can stand up to it unless you get the Crit Reduction Rate…
Special Skill Damage Reduction is nice if you have alot of it – just check the scaling of it your self

Sooo… thats all about the stats of your Gunslinger-Gear i guess.
I know that this is not easy to get but thats the best in slot in my Opinion
After reading some of those parts you might have noticed i am stacking lots of Dex, Vigor and Spirit.
The reason behind this is pretty easy – all 10 points of each of the stats you also get 4% more Physical and Magical Armor converted into Defence!
And if you check the White Stats of your Gear you will notice that its full of ARMOR.
Also with getting higher lvl and higher lvled Gear the White Stats are going to increase so you actually boost those stats even more in the future.

PvE Stats

Hide Spoiler

those are my PvE stats.
you can see on this screenshot that i still have 34k hp even when going full damage.
you can also see that the gap between my Min and Max atk is almost not there – just 190 – and thats only because of the focus on MINIMUM ATK
with this you get a very constant damageoutput on which you can always count – you are not going to have any “lowhits”
For Dexterity make sure to try get full 10 Points all time. you can also calculate the Dexterity by using the Buffpills which boost your Dex by 13 or 19 points.
so for example when you go for 260 dex and use +19 food you are at 279 which is shet.. but if you go for like 261/ 267 it would be better because you can get alot more out of the buffs.
my statbuild is not 100% the best as you can see but it didnt realy matter for me that much.

PvP Stats

Hide Spoiler
Sorry for not having a Screenshot of my PvP build on in here :(
Vigor : Arround 150-180 make sure to get full 10 Points all time !
Spirit : Arround 150-180 make sure to get full 10 Points all time !
Dexteritiy : Actually all points which are left over. (get full 10 Points here aswell)
Strength : last points you can put here – its the by far weakest stat in my eyes.

so better reset your stats after you are done with your Venerations and got your final gear on.
With those PvP Stats you are going to be a 42k – 44khp Monster with about 80% Physical and 75% Magical Defence
and if you also went for Funland Earrings + the 2.4% Damage Reduction in your 3. Slot Venerations you are at additional 10% Physical and Magical Damage Reduction !
and your atk is still going to be crazy high because of the Defence Penetration which you have on 30% and the High Break Essence.
My Final Char had with 9x Berserk V and 3x Berserk IV Marks a Break Essence Rate arround 37% – which is INSANE. (without PvP offhand you have arround 30-32% – never rly tried cuz its pointless. the PvP offhand is realy paying off with the buffs it gets you for PvP Damage) :!:
so all in all if you count it together you are a tank beast which deals damage by using lots of Penetration and your solid Damageoutput :!:

Special Skills :

Hide Spoiler
F1 – Dead Eye Shot
Make sure to skill the Red Part to Max here (2. Prio)
Make sure to skill the Green Part to Max here (1. Prio)
Not much to say here except – its your best F skill for 1v1 fights

F2 – Rocket Barrage
You can actually ignore this skill but if you realy want to lvl it up you can go for
4x Red (5x if you have the money for 80 Red Daos.. )
3x Orange
3x Blue (2x here if you go for 5x Red)

F3 – Strafe
The most important skill in the history of Gunslingers :!:
Make sure to get full 5xPoints here – Never take them out unless you need to fk up people at Ninefold ;) 
Make sure to get full 5xPoints here aswell.
You can also swap the 5x from Life Steal to this if you have a good personal healer – if not stay with Life Steal all time!

F4 – Comet Strike
Not worth to put any points into this skill as long as it has 300 secs CD.
After the patch where the CD changes to 30 secs CD you can go for :
Make sure to get 5x Cost Reduction (1. Prio)
Make sure to get the Debuffs here to max (2. Prio)
You want to get the Costs for this skill down first because after this hits the enemy they are dead most of the time anyways (in pvp)

F5 – Ferrous Trap
This is a PvP Skill ONLY !
Make sure to get 5x Cost Reduction here (1. Prio)
Make sure to get 5x Duration increase (2. Prio)

F6 – Arcane Confinement
Pretty good skill for many situations
Make sure to get 5x Cost Reduction here (1. Prio)
Make sure to get 5x Duration increase (2. Prio)
if you dont want to pay the 80 Red Daos for the Cost Reduction to max you can also put 1x into CD reduction

F7 – Razor Puppet
PvE only skill
its low damage and actually not worth to put Daos in here.
you should put
2x into everything
Last 2 Slots you can use for the Green bonus so you get a total of 4 in there.

F8 – Juggernaut Armor
Very good skill for alot of situations !
Make sure to get 5x Damage here (1. Prio)
Make sure to get 5x Cost Reduction here (2. Prio)
You should always stick with those 2 because you rarely get the chance to stay on 1 point for longer than 30 secs anyways.
the Red slot with Duration increase is pretty useless then
You can also use this skill to escape from lots of situations (also in pve if you see a CC incoming on you)


PvE Skillset

Skilllvls :
Thunder Shell : 18
Concussion Bomb : 18
Grenade : 14
Oblivion Bomb : 18
Hellfire Salvo : 18
Helix Blade : 18
Sniper Mode : 18
Spider Turret : 1
Proximity Mine : 1
Mana Armor : 1
Death Mark : 18
Focused Fire : 18

PvE Arcane Arts <– Click this !

with this build you have the max amount of mobility – never need to drop your snipermode and still put out very good damage.

Skillrotation is pretty easy :
Focused Fire -> Helix Blades -> Death Mark -> Hellfire Salvo -> Deadeye Shot -> Oblivion Bomb

when Focused Fire and Death Mark are on cooldown or you need to safe them up for later for more burst just skip those.
Helix Blade -> Hellfire Salvo -> DeadEye Shot -> Oblivion Bomb

you should fill the pauses with Thundershell/ Concussion Bomb and Grenade. (and Spider Turret)


Arcane Arts Explained :

Hide Spoiler
Concussion Bomb :
15% dmg increase on a 3 secs spam skill which has a good Base Damage? Self Explaining i guess.

Oblivion Bomb :
10% + 15% dmg increase on your main burst single target skill with even better base damage?
25% Physical Armor Penetration on this skill ? just do the math how much of the enemys defence you ignore by using this + your 30% (45% in pve cuz of 50% boost) — in total you ignore 70% of the enemys defence by using this skill.
Defence Penetration is very important in PvE – just go to the guildbase and try your damage on the dummys which have no defence and then go to the real Mech dummys and check your damage on NPCs which actually HAVE defence :P

Hellfire Salvo :
10% + 15% dmg increase – its the best DPS skill you have together with Helix Blades
14% Cooldown Reduction – first it sounds pretty weak but if you combine this with the 10% CD Reduction of Helix its very strong
you always want to use HelixBlade and Hellfire Salvo together to get the Maximum Damage
The only Problem we have at Hellfire is that you have a short delay because of the 0.5 Secs Cast Time.
the 4% more CD reduction you get for Hellfire than for Helix makes it feel and also work alot smoother – so all in all you safe like 1.5 – 2 secs of the CD in total of your MAIN DPS SKILLS HelixBlade + Hellfire !
Also – do NEVER interrupt Hellfire Salvo unless you need to dodge something.

Helix Blade :
All Damage increases of Helix Blades are self explaining aswell i guess
same goes for the 36% armor pen – if you count your def break + this you are sitting at 81% Penetration – self explaining why you would take that right?
10% Cooldownreduction -> check explain on Hellfire Salvo – never use HelixBlades without Hellfire Salvo!
you should also check the boss movement so you can get the maximum out of your helix blades – some practice and its going to work out.

Sniper Mode :
everything self explaining.
1. Line = Damage increase
3. and 4. Line = Max Mobility
nobody needs a Slow or Dead Gunslinger.

Death Mark and Focused Fire :
the 2 strongest skills of a Gunslinger in PvE by FAR :!:
the Cooldown Reduction is needed because you want to use them as many times as you can
but you also need to know WHEN to use them…

Some Examples :
If you see a Withering Pall on the boss for example you can put Death Mark on it at the last 4 secs of the skill so you boost the total Damage of it by an Additional 15% – which is HUGE
If you see an an Ocu or any1 else calling out they used there buffskills you can put Focused Fire on your teammates to make sure they get tons of crit rate aswell.
If you see the bottle spawning in MC3*at 3. boss and your team strugle to kill the bottle? well what happeneds if you put deathmark on the bottle and then buff your team with focused fire aswell? 15% dmg increase + 1344 dmg boost on ever hit on the debuffed enemy?

i think you can see why i went for this build :
good dps with good mobility and nice group support.
this is how a Gunslinger should play.

PvP Skillset :

Skilllvls :
Thunder Shell : 17
Concussion Bomb : 18
Grenade : 14
Oblivion Bomb : 18
Hellfire Salvo : 18
Helix Blade : 18
Sniper Mode : 18
Spider Turret : 1
Proximity Mine : 14
Mana Armor : 15
Death Mark : 4
Focused Fire : 15

PvP Arcane Arts <– Click here !

this build is about beeing pretty tanky with max mobility – actually all you need in PvP.
you have tools to knock down/knock back enemys and boost your own movespeed so you can kite your enemys.
you should be able to kite any1 in this game except Ocus because the range of them is just a way 2 high.

i have tested alot of different skillbuilds – also some with skilldisables or stamina drain but they all seem to be pretty weak..
This current build here seems to be the strongest if you learn how to play with it.

ow and 1 more thing :
bann the S button from your keyboard.
you are only allowed to use A W D in pvp..


Arcane Arts Explained :

Hide Spoiler
Oblivion Bomb :
10% Dmg increase + 25% Ph Def Pen — you should know by now why we want to take this :)
50% chance to slow enemy for 50% for 4 secs – pretty good aswell
100% chance to remove 1 positive effect of the enemy – very strong aswell – just check your self which effects you can remove from your enemys :P
20% healing reduction is also good as 2 last points because you can always keep it up on the enemy
50% move speed bonus for 3 secs sounds bad for the most but its VERY strong actually combined with your Speedy Boots and your Movementspeed Veneration :!: :!:

so ye this skill is 1 of your most important skills as you might have noticed by checking all the bonuses/buffs and debuffs you get/give to your enemys :!:

Hellfire Salvo :
5% Damage boost – nice to have here
get mercurial state while this skill is active – CC immune is always nice and you can bait out enemy CC skills pretty easy with this
60% chance to knock back enemy by 2 meters every attack – this is just insane – you can even stop a vanguard mid-air and push him back again while he is jumping on you :D

Helix Blade :
10% dmg boost and making it useable during CC
guess its self explaining – you need this to get out of skills like : VG smite / BM PentaStrike / BM Tornado skill (idk the name of it) but you have to be carefull and time it right else its hard to escape and your dash gets interrupted…
Stamina block for the enemy for 3 secs is pretty nice but you want to get the 3 secs Instacast buff on your next skill !
you can use it :
1. at the start of a duel to make sure your Hellfire Salvo starts before the enemy can CC you
2. use it to snipe BMs with your F1 so they cant use Adrenaline
some practice with this skill and you gonna find alot of ways how to use it
you want to have 3 Points in this slot so you can even use it while you are CCed but still have the buff when the CC ends and continue atking :)

Sniper Mode :
same like in PvE build
except !! +3m Range on all Skills – this is pretty strong because its actually 4m (tested it all ofc) your Strafe skill also gets 3m more Range so ye its OP as fk
1. Line = Damage increase
3. and 4. Line = Max Mobility
nobody needs a Slow or Dead Gunslinger.
If you have trouble with your Hit-Rate you can take the 5% damage increase of Hellfire Salvo and put it as 3. point into Hit

Mana Armor :
30% Physical Defence of MA increased – pretty useless but you need to put 2 points in here to get the other slots…
75% increased Stamina Rec while in MA – pretty strong because most of the time you use MA you also dodge at least 1 time so your Stamina gets recovered very fast again !
12% shield of your Max HP – well just do the math – you have about 43k~ hp so the shield will be 5200~ you are at almost 50k hp while this shield is active and the best thing is that with the
20% CD Reduction and your lvl 4 Chaos Crystal your CD is just 20 secs – so in other words you get a 5.2k hp shield ALL 20 secs :!:

aaaa and 1 last thing…
Strafe is the best skill of Gunslinger because you can actually delete Raids with this skill… here a lil bonus screenshot.. count the dead bodys…
so ye you can also do AoE Damage (Juggernaut Armor is also pretty strong in pvp but with a well placed Strafe you are doing much better)

Some Last Words :
All what i wrote in this guide was tested and also used by my self..
The Gear is pretty easy to get i would say because the only “Handmade” Stuff you need is : 2x Rings and Offhand
The biggest p2w factor of this guide are the Venerations but once you have them optimized like i had them you will be the same and lvl 70+ content will be pretty good for you.
DPS on mech puppet with this build is 42k during 1 min (used 1x FocusedFire and 2x DeathMark) + good group support..!
forgot to add this earlier…

and now have fun with the Guide!
If you have any questions i am still active on discord – feel free to pm me there : Luke#9897

and now – go and shoot em all :D


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!