Revelation Online Blademaster Guide

This guide was written by Maven for Codex and shared to the community so everyone can benefit from it. Thank you to the guild 锋刃 from the Chinese server of Revelation for teaching me a lot about Blademaster during my time playing there.

Hello, I am Maven from Codex. I’ve been a long time Blademaster player (started playing it in June 2016, been a year now), having played it in China, Russia and now in Europe. In China I mainly focused on lvl69 Arena PvP as well as learning more about the game from my friends at 锋刃, while later on progressing into the 70s bracket as well. In Europe I was part of a team with region first and top 5 clears in PvE content, along with active participation in Battlegrounds and 3v3 Arena.

My current gear:

Welcome to Cardmaster.

It’s highly recommended to have two different builds, both stats and skills, as PvE BM is a lot different than PvP BM.
In PvE, Blademaster is played as more of a glass cannon class, having a lot of strength with low vigor and spirit. In PvP you pick less strength to add more survivability as well as dexterity due to the importance of critical attacks.

The way you put points in your skills is based on how useful they are to you in the content that you do as well as higher requirement of points for morphs.

PvE skill levels:

PvP skill levels:

Special Skills
Special Skills is where Blademasters get most of their damage from. These are your best abilities, invest in them and you will become god. First a quick introduction to them.

Retribution – short cast time, close range slash attack – good for comboing with Hunter’s Light after a knockdown for fast burst or execution. For PvE take red and orange, for PvP take green and orange daos. (Always prioritize the color written first)

Gladius Throw – god dámn this ability is good. Oneshots ranged dps if geared (rip swordmage and occultist) along with a yummy silence allowing an easy kill. Red and orange daos for both PvE and PvP.

Blinding Steel – can use this instead of Retribution in PvP if high level and with daos unlocked. With green and red daos it becomes insanely high and undodgeable damage (even if they move away, they keep getting hit by it). Also oneshots ranged dps if you’re very geared with all daos. Only downside is it keeps you locked in that place (cannot be cancelled).

Pentastrike – Starfall. Death to all those around you. Best skill for Blademasters, feared by all plebs around us. Green and red for PvP – red and orange for PvE.

Cyclone Burst – aoe constant pull with nice damage. Red and blue in PvE – Green and Red in PvP.

Shattering Blow – aoe knockdown with a damage buff, use this before pentastrike both in PvE and PvP. For PvE take orange and blue, for PvP take red and orange.

Extermination – situational, used in PvP for targets with low magic defense. Red and green daos. Channeled long range spell with second activation for explosion. Can deal high dmg to vanguards and blademasters.

Withering Pall – best PvE ability along pentastrike, use it when your entire party nukes the boss and you pentastrike. Does one big chunk of dmg at the end, 28% of all dmg accumulated over those 10 seconds duration. Red dao as main + any of the other colors, comes down to preference.

PvE Special Skills

PvP Special Skills
Blademaster seen in PvE is very different from the Blademaster you see in PvP. In PvE we are a high DPS class while in PvP we are a control type class with nuking potential. This difference is also clearly seen when comparing PvP and PvE cultivation point builds.

In PvE your main focus should be buffs and damage increases of skills. In PvP it’s all about cooldowns and cc immunities.

60 cultivation point PvE build (my own build):

For PvP I don’t share my build, as I think everyone should try out things themselves and see how different playstyles fit them. But I can say that the best playstyle for BM in my opinion is to mainly spec into control (small scale king).

PvE DPS rotation
It is important to upkeep all your buffs to ensure highest possible damage output, while building up your special skill resources.

My skill bar

Before using your Martial Instinct Secrets buff (T) be sure that the number in the middle of the screen (next to the two swords) is at 1200. This means you will get highest amount of crit possible from the buff.
Regarding the ability Quick Slash, you don’t need it on your skill bar as you won’t use it at all.

There are 4 buffs you need to upkeep. They are as following:

Martial Instinct Secrets – Increases your Crit chance
Merciless Strike buff (fractured/breaker state) – each stack increases your attack (need to have 5 stacks always)
Defense Penetration buff – comes from the cultivation on Martial Instinct Secrets and increases your Physical Defense Break with each stack (stack gained when you crit – also keep at 5 stacks always)
Strength Buff – this one is slightly rng and comes from using any your skills. Each stack increases your strength so you also want to keep this at 5 stacks at all times.

With Skypiercer (bind it to your left mouse button – LMB) animation cancel Merciless strike and Shadowbreaker, as well as randomly use it in between the rest of your abilities.

I assume you know the skill each icon represents so I will only write the buttons I press. If you don’t know your skills, go read and study them, then come back to this guide, since the guide won’t help you much if you don’t have general knowledge of your class.

Regarding your spin to win (Juggernaut’s sweep), you want to cancel it after 2 ticks of damage.

Now for the standard DPS rotation in PvE (always activate T at 1200 so I won’t include it):
RMB -> 3 -> E -> 1 -> RMB -> 5 -> 3 -> 1 -> E -> after this use 3 on cooldown, while every other skill is used as a filler to upkeep buffs and build special resources.
In the middle of those you can occasionally use cyclone and retribution, but make sure to build up most of your special skill resources to unleash them in one big nuke.

Your special skill rotation should be:
F6 -> F4 -> G -> F5 -> F1 -> F2/3

Important Stats
Most important stats for Blademaster is Crit increment and Crit, as well as Physical Defense Break. Those are also best for PvP with the difference of Crit Incret and Crit being more useful against ranged classes, while pDef Break is best against melee classes who have higher physical defense. In PvE a useful stat is also Special Skill Power, but I suggest going more into the stats written in red.

Blademaster is a very powerful class, as well as very gear dependent, however being mechanically skilled, it will put you above the rest regardless. For mass scale PvP you want very good gear though, else you’ll be pretty much useless. Practice makes perfect, so I suggest you go practice what you have learnt in this guide (hopefully you learnt at least a thing or two).

Sorry for those who kept asking me to make the guide, that you had to wait such a long time to see it but here it is. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

If you have any questions please post them below and I will answer them unless they are too stupid or already mentioned in the guide (is dis game p2w lol?). I’ll also probably update the guide from time to time and maybe add or change some things.

You can learn a thing or two or ask me questions live on my stream. I don’t have a streaming schedule, I just do it when I feel like it (I do post it in discord though when I do stream). Here is my stream link:

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. Do your best when playing Blademaster.

Written by Maven

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!