Top 5 Totem Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon

When gyms got removed from Pokemon Sun and Moon I was concerned to say the least. However, as it turned out one of my favorite things about the games were the Totem Pokemon. Battling them added all sorts of trouble especially that aura that boosted their stats. I went through all kinds of hell trying to defeat them. Just thinking about it brings pain to me. I routinely lost all my Pokemon while struggling to defeat the Totem Pokemon.

Sometimes when I was finally victorious I was left with just one Pokemon. You know what I might just suck at Pokemon. Anyway that’s now why we’re here. I’m here to list of my top 5 Totem Pokemon. Leave yours in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe today! Starting the list off I was pleasantly suprised when I was attacked by Donald Trump. Oh wait…I mean Gumshoos. Walking around the Verdant Cavern chasing Yungoos and thrashing Team Skull I ran into this goofy prick. Our battle then commenced with him summoning a bunch of Yungoos. Aka the Goons. Gumshoos, the Commander in Chief, just stood there as I wailed on his cabinet. Then I took him out. Impeach his butt! Probably the most difficult Totem Pokemon I had to face. Lurantis was all over me killing any Pokemon I dared to send out to challenge it. The first turn was where things turned ugly. That stupid Lurantis S.O.S. called a Castform who proceeded to use Sunny Day. Now not only could Synthesis heal Lurantis back up to full Hp, the leaf mantis didn’t have to charge its Solar Blade.

I lost every Pokemon on my team, but I revive spammed until I was able to outlast it. I was digging the whole reverse harem thing Salazzle had going on attacking me with a herd of Salandit. While definitely not the toughest Totem Pokemon I picked this Pokemon because of the hilarious way it was acting during Kiawe’s trial. Beside what’s better than battling a fire breathing salamander in a volcano. Girl Power! Now this trial was something out of a horror movie. I had to sit back in a placid lake bobbing back and forth on a frightened Lapras. I’ve seen this movie before. It was surreal as I was tasked with fishing. The Pokedex said something about Gyarados fearing Wishiwashi, but I was like whatever. However, when that school of fish masquerading as a submarine leap out the water I nearly crapped my pants. I love everything about Mimikyu its design, its backstory, and when it appeared as a Totem Pokemon I was thrilled.

Then that spooky set up about having to walk around what I could only assume was an abandoned supermarket. Snapping photos of ghosts which seemed fitting for a shy Pokemon like Mimikyu anyway I finally confronted it in a storage room Usually gimmicky Pokemon like this are weak, but oh my lord this thing was tough. I stupidity used a Z-Move forgetting about its Disguise ability. Later to find out that room I battled Mimikyu didn’t even exist. Chilling. Well there you have it folks my Top 5 Totem Pokemon. Leave yours in the comment section below and tell me why. And until next time. Chunk up da deuce.

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