Top 5 NEW Items Wanted in Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Since Generation 2, held items have had an important role in Competitive Pokemon. From recovering HP with Leftovers, healing status with berries or outright boosting stats with Choice items – every generation has brought new tools to the Competitive Pokemon scene. So why shouldn’t generation 7, Sun and Moon, do the same? What’s up guys, I’m PokeaimMD, a competitive Pokemon player, and I’ll be sharing my top 5 competitive items that should be added in Pokemon Sun and Moon! Before we start, I want to give a huge shout out to Jackie for designing and illustrating the items we’ll be talking about today! Her links are down below! In X & Y we were introduced to the Assault Vest. A new item that raises a Pokemon’s Sp.Defense by 50% but only allows it to use attacking moves. Pokemon like Tornadus-Therian benefited greatly from this item, allowing them to switch in on strong attacks like Latios’ Draco Meteor and tank the hit! I always liked the Assault Vest and wished that there was an item like that for physical defense.

That’s why at #5 we have the Defense Vest. Boosting your physical defense by 50%, the Defense Vest could highly benefit Pokemon with versatile move sets like Jirachi. Jirachi has been known to run lure sets with Colbur berry and Shuca berry to tank the Knock Offs from Weavile and earthquakes from Garchomp and KO back with Iron Head and Icy Wind respectively. However, because said berries reduce the damage from super-effective hits to 50% and the Defense Vest would only reduce those hits to 67% power, it would have a ton of competition and is therefore #5 on the list. Next up we have an upgrade to an item introduced in Black & White, the Air Balloon. The Air Balloon protects the user from Ground type attacks, as well as grounded entry hazards such as spikes, sticky web and toxic spikes. When the user is hit with an attack, the Air Balloon pops. There was one hazard that the Air Balloon didn’t protect you from, Stealth Rock, and I wanted to change that. At #4 we have the Safety Balloon. The idea of this balloon is that it is made of reinforced nylon fabric…basically it’s very light and very strong. It enables you to fly much higher than the Air Balloon, allowing you to avoid Stealth Rock upon switch-in while keeping all of the Air Balloon’s original use.

Pokemon who are 4x weak to Stealth Rock like Volcarona would love this item, being able to switch in when rocks are up with no fear. Unfortunately, a lot of the Pokemon that would love this item, like Mega Charizard-Y and Mega Pinsir, already hold mega stones. That and the fact that it breaks when hit with an attack leaves the Safety Balloon at #4. Gems were another item introduced in Gen 5, Black & White. When held by a Pokemon, they strengthen the move of a certain type by 50% – so using a fighting type attack while holding a fighting gem would boost the attacks power. Gems are one-time use items and disappear after. In 5th Gen, gems were great for taking out extremely bulky opponents. A Swords Dance boosted Terrakion could knock out a fully defensive Hippowdon with fighting gem boosted Close Combat. In VGC we saw Latios using Dragon Gem boosted Draco Meteors to tear through most teams. Currently in Gen 6 we now have just one gem obtainable, the Normal Gem. Not only do we have just one gem, but its power was also reduced to 30%. With the introduction of the fairy type, dragons, who once dominated the meta, now cannot spam their strongest attacks, leaving once insanely strong Dragon Gem Draco Meteors and Outrages less powerful.

I believe this balances out Gems and with Sun and Moon I would love to see them come back. They offer a mix of flexibility and power, allowing certain Pokemon to break through others that they normally would have a hard time dealing with. Unfortunately, because of the power decrease from 50% to 30% and gems only being one-time use, they find competition from the Life Orb, which gives a 30% boost each turn at the cost of some HP. If Gems find their way to Sun and Moon with their original 50% increase, they could definitely be more than #3 on the list. Speed control is extremely important in Pokemon. From doubling a team’s speed for a few turns with Tailwind, or slowing down an opponent with Thunder Wave or Icy Wind, speed has always been an important part in Competitive Pokemon. You don’t always have to be fast to out speed, though. Generation 4, Diamond and Pearl, introduced a new type of speed control, Trick Room. For five turns, the slowest Pokemon would move first, making Trick Room a viable play style as there were plenty of strong, slow Pokemon that could abuse it. Trick Room’s main issue was that it only lasts 5 turns and the turn that you set up Trick Room counts as the first.

So, at #2 we have the Trick Room Rock. Similar to the Damp Rock increasing Rain turns, the Trick Room Rock increases the 5 turns of Trick Room to 8 when held by a Pokemon. This allows the slower, bulkier Pokemon that need to switch in to benefit from Trick Room more time to do damage, making other play styles like Offense, which generally rely on strong, fast, frail Pokemon, more complex to use. Before we go to #1, I’ll show you two items that were originally on the list, but deemed too good to actually be in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The first item is the Nullifier, a key shaped item with a powerful orb in the middle that gives the holder the Mold Breaker ability, stacked with their original ability.

Imagine a Landorus-Therian, with Mold Breaker Earthquakes to hit Rotom-Wash, still retaining Intimidate. Or a set up Pokemon that does not care about Unaware users such as Clefable and Quagsire and could hit them with boosted attacks. The second item is the Status Reflector. Similar to a pocket mirror, this item does exactly as the name implies; it reflects status and can only be used once. If Thunder Wave or Will-o’-Wisp is used on a Pokemon holding the Status Reflector, the mirror would break, bouncing back the burn or paralysis onto the Pokemon who originally used it. This mirror doesn’t only reflect status moves. If a Pokemon were to use Scald on someone holding the Status Reflector and burn it, that burn would also be bounced back onto the original Pokemon. This and the Nullifier would allow set up Pokemon to be ridiculously hard to beat! You can see why I took them off the list! For the longest time, Pokemon such as Regigigas and Slaking have been plagued by their abilities.

Blessed with great stats and movepools, these Pokemon fail to get the job done because their abilities hold them back. Slaking cannot move every other turn while Regigigas has to suffer with half its attack and speed for 5 turns. At #1 we have the Ability Suppressor. A brace the negates the ability of the Pokemon holding it. Regigigas would start a battle with its monstrous base 160 attack and nice base 100 speed, while Slaking would be free to attack every turn, not having its ability Truant holding it back.

As long as the item is held, the user’s ability will not work! This opens up great doors for Trick users as well. For example, Xatu has the Magic Guard ability which bounces back status moves and entry hazards. If Xatu is tricked an ability suppressor, Magic Guard would no longer work and you could status Xatu or set up hazards on it. This also applies to Pokemon with the ability unaware; if they were tricked they could no longer avoid boosted attacks. I’d love for this item to be in Sun and Moon as it makes Pokemon that were previously not viable due to their abilities, competitively viable, and it would open up new doors for many different strategies! Anyway, that’s all I have for you guys today! Feel free to leave a like if you did enjoy. You can subscribe for more Competitive Pokemon Content. Whether that be Sun and Moon when that comes out or just ORAS right now as well as lets plays.

Also, feel free to leave a comment on what you think or what was your favorite item or what item you would love to see in Sun and Moon. Anyway, i’m pokeaimMD and I will see you guys later. goodbye friends!

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