Pokemon Sun And Moon: Theory – Nameless/ Pallet Shipping

Bird Keeper Toby here. And Valentine’s Day is coming up. Maybe you’re with someone. Maybe you’re not. Happy Valentine’s Day, either way. And, actually, if you do find yourself single, I made a video about being single over on my vlogging channel, which I will leave a link to on the top of the description. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here for Pokemon. And, historically, my videos about romance in Pokemon, or specifically shipping, have done reasonably well on the channel. Shipping is a fascinating part of the community to me, because it’s like theorising, but just around this one specific subject of which characters do you think are gonna fall in love. Of course, I’ve done videos on Amourshipping, which was a very popular ship back in the X and Y days about Ash and Serena from the show. Today’s video, just as a special for Valentine’s Day, is actually gonna be about a Pokemon ship that’s incredibly old, but has recently resurfaced thanks to more evidence popping up in Pokemon Sun and Moon. And that is called Nameless-shipping. And whatever you think of this pairing, whatever you think of shipping in terms of Pokemon theories and that kind of thing, I ask only for your respect in the comments below.

So, let’s get into it. Nameless-shipping is the romantic pairing of the player character from Generation One games and your rival, Blue. Of course, it’s called Nameless-shipping because they can be any name. They can be Red or Green or Blue or Buttface. Cute little pet name. But the quote unquote “canon” name for these characters are Red and Blue. And, canonically, Red tends to be a boy. However, that gets a little more complicated when we look at the remakes. I’ll talk about that in a moment. But the reason it’s important to address canon first off is, when you’re talking about player characters in Pokemon, canon is kind of a very loose term. Because any name is the canon name. And, with some player characters, the choices that you make completely change your backstory. For example, May and Brendan are both canonical characters in the Pokemon world. But which one is Norman’s child and which one is Professor Birch’s child? That is entirely up to you, the player, to make the decision about. And, speaking of picking an in-game gender, Red, who shows up in Pokemon Sun and Moon, could just as easily be Leaf from the Generation One remake.

So, it’s really entirely up to you how you view the ship. The true ship isn’t between Red and Blue or Leaf and Blue. It’s between the player character and Blue, your rival. So, it’s really up to you how you view this ship. I think some people see Red is the more canonical version of the player character because he reappears in later games. For example, in Gold and Silver on the top of Mount Silver or in the Black and White World Tournament and now in Sun and Moon.

And he appears as Red and not as Leaf. And their manga counterparts, Red and Leaf, are two separate characters. But, then again, so are all of the different player characters. Even though, like I said earlier on with May and Brendan, they can take on the same role in the game. As I say, it’s all up to you. Point is we’re looking at these two characters here that are interchangeable. So, what’s the evidence that there’s some kind of romantic relationship between the player character and your rival? Stereotypically, your rival, Buttface, is just generally kind of rude to you. Smell ya later, loser. You’re not gonna be as great as me. These are the attitudes and sentiments of your rival in the Generation One games.

That said, and one of the reasons shipping is such a controversial topic when it comes to Pokemon, is a lot of these characters are pretty young. And that kind of playful rudeness is kind of what you’d expect from a younger person who doesn’t necessarily know how to express their feelings properly. It’s a very stereotypical kid thing to do. People also like this pairing because both characters have similar ambitions, trying to complete the Pokedex and become the greatest Pokemon Trainer. But, also, let’s face it, their relationship is an intense one that stretches back from way before the games even start. You grew up next door to this person. So, it’s kind of like the whole neighbour dynamic. And this is something that, again, has been referenced in other Pokemon shippings. For example, Brendan and May. We’ve got these two technically interchangeable characters who live next door to each other who are about the same age. I’m pretty sure my mum made a comment about it back when she played Omega Ruby. – Should go over and introduce yourself.

– Got a new neighbour. – We have a son just about the same age as you. Oh, here we go. – No it’s not… They’re, like, 11. It’s not… Well, it can be… I don’t know. I think, for a lot of people, some of the best evidence for this ship goes way back to the TV show. And, I know, oh my goodness. We’re crossing canons. The TV show is just a parallel of the events that happen in the game. Well, no, we certainly can’t take direct evidence. We can take a look at that story and the way it plays out, because the stories do share a lot of similarities. Especially in the dynamics between Trainers. And there is a very common shipping, called Palletshipping, between Ash and his rival Gary, who are the TV show counterparts of these characters. Well, hey, Ashy boy. There are a number of key moments on the show that support Palletshipping. There’s actually a whole Bulbapedia article page about it. I think maybe one of the ones worth highlighting more is that Brock in the show has a certain reaction to whenever the name of Professor Ivy is mentioned.

Brock goes blue and completely shuts down because he doesn’t want to talk about his rejected love from her. And, in one of the episodes, Ash does the exact same thing when Gary’s name is mentioned. Pretty interesting. Apparently, there are even more hints in the Japanese original dub that were cut out in the English version. But, anyway, that’s just that. The point is, if the characters do share those traits with their video game counterparts, then that could be used as evidence for a potential shipping between the player character and Blue.

Like I say, though, shipping is a pretty controversial one, even when it comes to the more mainstream ships. For example, in the show, Ash and Misty or Ash and Serena. And, in fact, Veronica Taylor, the voice actress for Ash Ketchum, who is also, her voice is the outro of my videos, has said publicly that she doesn’t think that Ash is really that interested in Misty because, at that age, he’s more interested in just catching Pokemon. In order to truly tell, we need to see the characters as being older. And, in the case of Ash and Gary, or, rather, their video game counterparts, we do now see them as older. And this is why, apparently, the Internet seems to be more interested in the ship lately.

It’s because Red and Blue appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon as older versions of themselves. And the speculation is that the reason they are in Alola is because they’re on their honeymoon. That’s not my theory. That’s someone else’s. But it’s out there on the Internet. And people feel very passionately about it. And I can kind of see why. For example, in the past times where we’ve seen the relationships between Red, Leaf, and Blue, there has been that child-like rudeness. Now there appears to be mutual admiration between the two characters. That rudeness appears very toned down in the dialogue of Sun and Moon. But, again, it’s all very speculative. And you really do have to pick and choose evidence from every single canon. Again, looking at the manga canon, for example, in Pokemon Adventures manga, for example, like I said earlier, some of the player characters are separated. And Leaf is separated from Red as two separate characters. And Leaf does show an interest in Blue.

Calling him cute. There’s a bunch of other things. There’s a whole group of different Bulbapedia articles you can check out on shipping. But you know this is just a fun Valentine’s special video about shipping. I don’t, in particular, support any one ship in the Pokemon world. Again, I’m more obsessed with just catching Pokemon. That said, maybe you’re into shipping. Maybe you’re not. Let me know your thoughts, respectfully and kindly, in the comments below. What do you think of this ship? Also, as a kind of subquestion to you, do you think, if gender options were available in the Generation One games, we would have seen Leaf on the top of Mount Silver, as well as Red? Maybe Leaf would be appearing in Alola at the Battle Tree. I’d love to know what you think about that. And how they’d work that dynamic in. I think that could be really cool. Anyway, I just feel like flying away now. So, soar high, Pokemon Masters.

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