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What is up guys this is John aka PokeMEN and today I will be bringing you another Pokemon Sun and Moon video and this time I’m going to be talking about the possible final evolutions of the starter Pokemon! We recently found out what the three starters will be for the Alola region and I have been dying to find out what they will end up evolving into as that will help me decide which starter to choose. As of now we really only know the names of the first stage Pokemon and their beginning typings with rowlet the grass/flying owl, litten the fire kitten, and poplio the water sea lion.

While this is a good start, it simply is not enough and that’s why I decided to do some research to find out what we can most likely expect for their final evolutions. So without further ado let’s get right into it! The first thing we need to find out is what typings the final starter evolutions will have. Luckily for us, a youtuber by the name of pdwinnal may have discovered the actual final typings for the starters. If you want to see how he did it go check out his videos which will be linked in the description, but for the purpose of this video we just need the typings themselves. If what was found turns out to be true Rowlet will be grass/ground, Litten will be a pure fire type, and popplio with be water/fighting.

Now that we have the typings we can begin to figure out what the final evolutions will be like and possibly even look like. As Rowlet will lose its flying typing and gain a ground typing it’s safe to assume that it will be based off of a burrowing owl. There was no change in Littens typing so I still believe it will turn into a ferocious tiger. Finally, with Popplio becoming a water/fighting type I could see it becoming a powerful sea lion and maybe even a little clown like. That brings us to my next point, what theme will these starters have? Throughout the generations each set of starters have had their own theme behind them. In gen one the starters were mutated reptiles that fit the games general science and genetics theme and most recently in gen six there was an RPG theme with a mage a knight and a thief class pokemon.

So what theme do the gen 7 starters have? Well I believe they have a circus theme, with rowlet being the ringmaster, litten being the tiger jumping through flaming hoops, and popplio the juggling sea lion. While I have no idea why that’s the theme they chose it does allow us to put the starters in their own roles and help us determine their stat distributions. As I was able to find common themes with the starters I was also able to find some common trends with stat distributions throughout the generations. The first thing I did was averaging out all the starter Pokemon’s base stat totals for each typing and comparing them to each other. Surprisingly they were all a bit different with Grass types averaging a 527 BST, water types averaging a 530 BST, and fire types averaging roughly a 532 BST. For the purpose of this video we are going to be fair to all of the types and use 530 BST for each typing.

With a general base stat total to work with its time to look through all of the starters and find a few general trends that will make figuring out the stat distributions a bit easier. The first thing I noticed was that every starter except for serperior had at least two stats of 100 or more and even serperior at least had two stats with 95 in them. Also, every generation after second gen had one Pokemon specialize in attack, one specialize in sp. Attack, and generally one have decent attack and speed. With the general trends out of the way its time to look into the the specific typings and begin giving the starter evolutions some stats! Beyond grass starter’s having the lowest average base stat total, they also have the highest average defense and special defense stats.

With Rowlet most likely being based off of a burrowing owl it makes sense that it follows that theme and is the more defensive Pokemon of the group. Not all grass types necessarily have 100+ in both special defense and defense, but in this generation I believe the grass type will have 110 in both defense and special defense. No grass type has ever had 100 hp so I gave rowlet a modest 80 hp stat which is right near the general average.

With Rowlet being the “ring master” it makes more sense for it to be behind the scenes rather than a powerful attacker so like the hp stat I gave it 80 in both attack and sp. Attack. Both are below the grass average, but are still decent and won’t leave it useless offensively. To finish it off Rowlet’s final form will have the leftover 70 in speed. This would allow it to be a great utility Pokemon able to be both defensive and specially defensive. Depending on the moves it gets it could also function as a cleric, a phaser, or even possibly a hazard remover.

Moving onto the fire types we see the opposite of the grass types with the highest average base stat total and the highest attack, special attack, and speed on average. We also see that every generation the fire type has had at least 100 in special attack and in the past three generations it has had 100 in three stats. I do not see gen 7 breaking that trend so litten’s final evolution will have 100 attack, 110 special attack, and 105 speed. To go along with the three 100s we have 75 HP, 70 defense, and 70 special defense. This would allow it to be a great mixed attacker able to outspeed a great deal of other Pokemon and hit it on either side offensively. Moves like will-o-wisp and U-turn will allow it to cripple opposing attackers and gain momentum respectively. Tigers are known to be ferocious and quick so I believe 100 in all of those stats is justified, but the one question I know people may have is why doesn’t it have a higher attack than special attack? The reason is that the only fire types to have a higher attack than special attack were fire fighting types and beyond infernape they had the highest attack stat of the trio in their respective generations.

Chesnaught followed this trend as a grass fighting type and I believe popplio’s final evolution will as well. We already know one 100+ base stat for popplio’s final evolution, but its time to figure out the other one. Water types have the highest hp stat on average and are the only type to have a starter with 100 in HP so this was very easy. I think it will have 100 HP and 115 attack. While most water types have a high special attack stat it didn’t make sense for the water fighting one so it will have 80 in special attack along with 80 in defense and speed. The final 75 will go into special defense which makes sense as most water types have higher defense than special defense.

This would allow it to be bulky offensive monster hitting opponents offensively with both STAB moves. Its 80 speed would allow it to outspeed walls and other bulky attackers and could even potentially be a scary set up sweeper. Those are the stats I believe the starters final evolutions will have. There is no need to speculate on potential abilities as all starters have the same first abilities and the recent hidden abilities have been new to the generation. Let me know what you think of my ideas in the comments below and feel free to share your own base stat spreads for each of the Pokemon. If you enjoyed the video leave a like and subscribe for future videos, but until next time guys peace!

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