NEW POKEMON In Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Hey guys, hdvee here! In todays video we’ll be taking a look at potential new pokemon that may make an appearance in pokemon sun and moon. I know i made a video similar to this a while back, but now that we know the location of generation 7, being hawaii, we have a better idea of which animals may become pokemon in the upcoming games! As well as knowing the location, there have also been small hints in released images showcasing small glimpses of pokemon, so we have quite a bit to go on! Looking at new potential pokemon is always fun, especially when so much hype surrounds the games. I will be using concept art throughout this video though, so let me just take the time now to say that all of the art used will be linked in the description below so please check it out after watching this video, seeing as the talented artist dont get nearly enough praise that they deserve.

With all of that being said though, this is my possible new pokemon in pokemon sun and moon, lets get started! Starting things off we have the Hawaiian Monk seal. The hawaiian monk seal is a highly endangered species of earless seal that is endemic to the hawaiian islands. I touched upon this animal in the starter pokemon predictions video I made awhile back, and whilst it didnt become the water starter pokemon for pokemon sun and moon, im still sticking to my gut feeling that this animal will make an appearance in the generation 7 games. Especially with the fact that it has now been confirmed there will be several islands in pokemon sun and moon, meaning a lot of crossing water, meaning many water pokemon and I believe the hawaiian monk seal would be a great fit.

Another interesting point about this animal is that the Hawaiian monk seals are adopted to be Hawaii’s state mammal, so they pretty much have to make it a pokemon. If this seal were to become a pokemon, I could see it being a bulky 2 stage evolution, similar to Quagsire. At the halfway point we have the, im definitely going to pronounce this wrong, Kaua’i cave wolf spider.

Starting things off though, its name alone is enough to strike fear into anyones minds, well, probably if you pronounce it right anyway. A really cool thing about this animal though is that is only known to occur in a few caves in a lava flow, meaning that it could join volcaronas evolution line as the only fire and bug dual type pokemon. This spider is also known to local residents as the blind spider, so I believe that it should get a handful of moves that don’t have the best accuracy such as focus blast and fire blast. If this animal were to get a pokemon form in the 7th generation, then I believe it would most likely be similar to galvantulas evolution line. Needless to say though, this animal would make an amazing addition to pokemon sun and pokemon moon, and I really hope they go with something like this. At number 2 we have the hawaiian poi dog, or the feral dog.

I’m undecided because of this picture, and these were the closest animals that I could find that look like it, and that are also linked with hawaii. This pokemon could also be an axis deer which are also found in hawaii, but I’m not too sure seeing as we only got deerling a couple generations back. The pokemon seen in the image seems to have horns on its head though, with a big fluffy tail. Regardless of which animal the designers took inspiration from, I could see it being another pokemon that you find early on in the game, most likely being a 2 stage evolution, similar to rattata and sentret. Coming in at number 1 is another animal that I mentioned in the starter predictions video, which is the hawaiian hoary bat. I’m bringing up this animal because, like the hawaiian monk seal, i’m almost positive that the designers will take inspiration from the animal for a new pokemon in generation 7 seeing as they are both endemic to the islands.

Another thing that I love about this animal is that it is isolated by 2,500 miles of ocean from land, meaning that it could potentially be a small legendary, a pseudo legendary, or we could already have it as the pokemon moon legendary seeing as the design of that pokemon has a bat like appearance. Either way, the background of this animal is really interesting and I really hope that they take inspiration from it in pokemon sun and pokemon moon. But with that, wraps up this video. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as i did making it, looking at potential new pokemon in pokemon sun and moon is really cool because it just gives the game even more hype! If you did enjoy the video though, please leave a like i’d really appreciate it! If you have any other ideas about possible pokemon, then please leave them in the comment section below, i’d love to hear what you guys have to say! If you’d like to see more types of these videos, I have a couple top 5’s coming onto your screen in a second so be sure to give them a watch if you have the time! That’s everything from me though so thanks for watching, have a nice day and i’ll see you in the next video!

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