New Mega Evolutions In Pokemon Sun And Moon [Ice Types]

Hey guys what’s going on, HDvee here! In today’s top five we’ll be looking over the ice type pokemon that need to receive mega evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon. I recently covered this topic in videos of other types of pokemon that need to get a mega evolution in sun and moon, so be sure to check out the playlist after watching this video! The support on this series has been amazing and you guys really wanted me to continue on with it and the most voted type this week was ice! If you’d like to see more videos in this series, then leave a type you’d like to see in the comment section below and if enough people want to see it, i’ll be sure to do it! Anyway like I said, today we’ll be looking into the ice type pokemon that need mega evolutions in sun and moon across all regions and generations. Mega evolutions have rapidly become one of the biggest features within the pokemon universe with everyone wanting their favourite to get one.

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, it gives gamefreak the chance to give a lot more pokemon who are in dire need for more power, a mega evolution, boosting their stats to make them more of a threat and to also make amazing designs that really favour the pokemon. With all of that being said, this is my Top five New Pokemon Mega Evolutions In Pokemon Sun and Moon ice types, let’s get started! Starting things off at number five we have mega Froslass. One of the main reasons behind this pokemon being on the list is because of glalie getting a mega evolution back in Omega ruby and alpha sapphire. I felt that froslass had a lot more potential than glalie by having a much bigger movepool whilst also being immune to fighting and normal.

Froslass is also the only pokemon with the type combination of ghost and ice, which is another pretty good reason for a mega evolution. If froslass were to mega evolve in pokemon sun and moon, I believe that a boost in it’s attack stats and speed would really help out this pokemon, and maybe even adding the ability regenerator could also be a nice little bonus. I know regenerator doesnt work to well on the weaker pokemon defensive wise, but mienshao does a decent job with it, and that pokemon is much frailer than froslass. Coming in at number four we have mega Walrein. The reason behind walrein getting a mega evolution in pokemon sun and moon is because it seems to have been slightly forgotten, even with the third gen remakes. I really like the design of Walrein and feel that it has so much potential to be a huge bulky wall with a bit of help from mega evolution. Walrein has some pretty nice well rounded stats, with a decent movepool to go with it getting access to moves such as super fang, iron head, belly drum, waterfall and body slam. If this pokemon were to mega evolve, like previously said I feel that a boost in its defences could really help walrein out in the competitive scene, seeing as it already gets the ability thick fat, mega walrein could be a staple on alot of teams! At the halfway point we have mega Mamoswine.

Now, mamoswine is a fantastic pokemon, it can be used in several ways competitively, it gets access to priority with ice shard, it can set up hazards with stealth rocks, the only thing letting it down is it’s typing and defenses. I feel that if mamoswine were to get a mega evolution in pokemon sun and pokemon moon, it should become a pure ice type. Yes it would lose its electricity immunity by losing its ground typing, but it would also lose its water and grass weakness too. Keeping the ability thick fat would also mean that fire attacks dont hurt this pokemon too much either. With all of these reasons, mamoswine could become an even bigger threat than it already is in the competitive scene. Coming in at number two we have Mega Jynx. Now, Jynx has a huge special attack stat, but god it needs some help.

Not getting an evolution when magmar and electabuzz did really held jynx back, so to make amends, i feel that it should get a mega evolution in pokemon sun and pokemon moon. Jynx is currently weak to a total of six types, being fire, rock, bug, dark, ghost and steel, and it’s physical defense stat of thirty five really doesnt do jynx any favours. Jynx needs a boost in it’s speed stat and also some points sprinkled in its defenses with an ability that would actually help it out competitively such as serene grace, no guard or natural cure. Claiming the number one spot in today’s top five is mega Lapras. I think i speak for alot of people when i say lapras just needs an evolution in general, whether that be a pre-evolution, a normal evolution, or a mega evolution, either way, our loch ness monster lookalike needs some love. Lapras gets access to a really nice movepool, some of which are ice beam, hydro pump, thunderbolt, zen headbutt, dragon dance, outrage and even freeze dry. This pokemon also has some nice well rounded stats, all of which just need a boost though to throw this fan favourite back in to the higher end of the competitive scene.

Whether your a fan of lapras or not, i think we can all agree that this pokemon needs some sort of evolution! But with that, wraps up this video. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as i did making it, looking at potential mega evolutions is always a pleasure because its really exciting looking at the possibilities! If you did enjoy the video though, please leave a like i’d really appreciate it! If you have any other ideas that you believe would make better choices to have mega evolutions in pokemon sun and moon, then please leave them in the comment section below, i’d love to hear what you guys have to say! If you’d like to see more types of these videos, I have a couple top five’s coming onto your screen in a second so be sure to give them a watch if you have the time! That’s everything from me though so thanks for watching, have a nice day and i’ll see you in the next video!

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